8 Gift Cards for Preschool Teachers

Show support to your local preschool teachers with 8 gift card ideas that are almost as great as they are!

Teachers deserve much more thanks than they often get, and it’s on the parents of the oncoming generations to show respect and appreciation for all that educators do for the betterment of our youth. It’s all too easy to treat school like a taxpayer funded daycare, where adults can send their children off to for eight hours a day and escape the responsibilities of parenthood for a brief moment. But teachers are much more than glorified babysitters, and the recognition of the vital role they play in society starts at the very beginning of the education system – preschool!

That’s right, preschool. These formative years of education help shape the mold of young children from as early an age as three until they reach the optimal age for kindergarten. Though preschool is not mandatory, there are many advantages to having your child attend preschool, and its influence on young minds is hardly something to gloss over. Preschool helps children get used to the classroom environment, allows them to develop social skills, and gives them the comfort of a routine. 

Above all, preschool teachers are caring, empathetic individuals who value the enrichment of young minds. Many parents may not realize the sacrifices preschool teachers make to ensure their children receive the education and care they deserve, which is an unfortunate fact. However, there are plenty that value these instructors and appreciate all the hard work they do, which is why they want to return the kindness through a thoughtful gift. 

Gift Card Granny has many gift card options to choose from that are a great match for any educator, including preschool teachers. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Gift cards for art and classroom supplies
  • Gift cards for breakfast and caffeine 
  • Gift cards for attire and accessories

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Now then, on with the list!

1. Michaels

Where Creative Minds Can Shine

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Buy Michaels Gift Cards

Preschool is all about helping young children develop skills they will need later on in life that cannot be acquired solely from a home environment, no matter how loving or nurturing it may be. Kids need to have the opportunity to explore different aspects of their personalities, to socialize with peers who come from different walks of life, and to experiment with creativity and let their minds run free. 

Preschool teachers understand the importance of their roles and know that they must be the ones to shape these young souls with the resources they have. That’s why it’s crucial these instructors have the arts and crafts supplies their classrooms need to inspire, and there’s no place better for stocking up on the best artistic equipment out there than Michaels. 

One of the largest providers of arts and crafts materials in North America, Michaels is a dream come true for any preschool teacher. Stock up your classroom with a range of diverse crafting tools including paint, fabric, beads, stickers, papercraft, decor, seasonal finds, and so much more. Whatever artistic endeavor a young student wants to embark on, Michaels can help preschool teachers support them until they reach their goal. 

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2. Brueggar’s Bagels

Because You Should Never Skip Breakfast

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While the life of a preschool teacher may not be as chaotic and dramatic as a high school teacher who must balance the attitudes of rambunctious teenagers alongside a complicated syllabus, preschool teachers have days where everything seems to be falling apart around them too. A long night coupled with a frantic morning leaves little time for a filling breakfast, so spare your teacher a moment of prep work with breakfast at Brueggar’s Bagels, courtesy of you. 

Sometimes life is so hectic that we have no choice but to grab breakfast or lunch on the go just to avoid falling behind. Brueggar’s Bagels is a great option for educators to fall back on when they need to fill up quick. With over ten types of classic bagel flavors and a variety of excellent cream cheese spreads, Brueggar’s Bagels gives their customers the opportunity to craft customized deliciousness exactly to their specific standards. 

While bagels are their namesake, Brueggar’s Bagels has a menu packed with a plethora of hearty breakfast finds to start any morning off on the right foot. From flavored brews and refreshing beverages to filling sandwiches and delightful desserts, Brueggar’s keeps your stomach full and your head happy, giving you the energy you need to propel you through the school day. 

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3. Skechers 

Staying On Your Feet Never Felt So Good

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One often overlooked aspect of being a teacher, especially a teacher for very young individuals, is the amount of time you spend on your feet. Looking after kids is no easy task, and their internal energy reserve is about as boundless as outer space. That being said, any seasoned teacher who deals with rambunctious young souls knows how crucial a good pair of shoes is for the job. 

When it comes to efficiency and comfort, no brand does it quite like Skechers. As a retailer of athletic footwear, Skechers knows how to make a pair of shoes that will last throughout the hectic school year while supporting your feet. Skechers are built to prioritize comfort for various physical activities, from running marathons to chasing after energetic children in the classroom. 

Available in a range of trendy styles and a rainbow of colorful options, Skechers has thousands of different shoe choices to complement any outfit. Even business casual attire can be paired with shoes from Skechers without looking out of place, so teachers never have to worry about breaking dress code to prioritize comfortable footwear. 

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4. Vera Bradley 

Who Said Organization Can’t Be Fashionable?

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Managing a classroom of small children requires a lot of effort and energy on the behalf of the teacher. It’s also worth mentioning that, for many preschool age children, their teacher might be their first genuine encounter with an adult who isn’t a relative or close friend of the family. With this in mind, it’s important for preschool teachers to be approachable, friendly, and an overall positive influence for young minds. 

Since kids are generally cautious around new people, they may not automatically feel comfortable interacting with their instructor, but that can all change with an outgoing style and personality. Quilted bags and backpacks from Vera Bradley are unabashedly colorful and eye-catching, two traits that appeal to young children. By donning a floral patterned pink tote, any preschool teacher is bound to make a positive impression on students, encouraging interaction and conversation. 

Vera Bradley bags are also as practical as they are fashionable. All teachers need to stay organized, even ones that manage classrooms full of four-year-olds, but it’s easy to forget things in the glossy morning haze. From crossbodies and laptop bags to work backpacks and functional accessories, Vera Bradley has a variety of baggage options to make managing work a little less chaotic. 

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5. Blick Art Materials

Great Prices for Great Art Supplies

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Any teacher of young children knows how important self-expression is for developing minds, and there’s no greater way for children to express their creative urges in the traditional classroom than with dependable art supplies that allow imagination to run free. 

Blick Art Materials offers a wide selection of premium art tools at the best prices. With a catalog consisting of thousands of art supplies, teachers can stock up their classrooms with a variety of useful equipment without running around to a dozen different stores. From drawing tools and acrylic paint sets to canvas and clay, Blick Art Materials has everything an aspiring artist needs to grow. 

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6. Lego Store

Inspire the Minds of the Next Generation

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Preschool gives children the opportunity to discover fun and interesting new experiences with others around their age. They have an entire classroom environment to explore, along with tons of new toys to experiment with that they may not have access to at home. These toys can be vital to developing important skills and encouraging creativity among young minds, especially when it comes to playing with Legos. 

The Lego brand is one of the most famous toy companies in the entire world and has been in operation since 1932. Lego primarily manufactures and sells plastic construction toys intended for children of all ages, from preschoolers to tweens in middle school. Lego offers a broad range of playsets and figurines that are age-appropriate, durable, and give children access to the tools they need to explore their creative side in a safe setting. 

Incorporating a Lego set or two into the classroom is a great move by any preschool teacher who wants to give their students resources that are both fun and practical. A child’s potential is unleashed from the first moment they pick up a plastic brick and start building, paving the way for a future of creative problem-solving. 

So long as young kids are supervised, there’s no reason to keep them from engaging with a Lego playset and letting their imaginations run free. Pick up a Lego Store gift card from Gift Card Granny and start inspiring the next generation! 

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7. Peet’s Coffee

Craft Coffee That Can’t Be Beat

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As an educator, staying alert and focused is a defining aspect of the profession. Teachers need to be on top of their game each and every day if they wish to inspire young minds and act as supportive role models, and a majority of them depend on caffeine to keep them afloat during a bustling work day. 

While a cup of coffee from the gas station might be enough to get the job done, there’s no quality or satisfaction to be gained from drinking a cheap brew like that. However, a trusted brand like Peet’s Coffee goes above and beyond to deliver an unforgettable sip with each cup. With a variety of bold, flavorful roasts sourced from around the world, Peet’s Coffee is the superior choice that will never disappoint. 

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8. Custom Mastercard

Always a Good Choice

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Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

Support any and all needs a preschool teacher may have with a gift card that can be used to purchase pretty much anything! 

No matter which store you go to or what brands you shop for, a custom Mastercard can be used anywhere and is not limited to any specific retailer. Teachers need a lot of equipment, so help them get everything on their list with a custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny.  

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Teaching is no easy career, and even a classroom full of toddlers can be as stressful as one filled with teenagers. Preschool teachers deserve support from their community and the parents of their students, and gift cards are a great way to do exactly that. Gift Card Granny has plenty of amazing options that are sure to make any preschool teacher’s day!