Gift Cards for Teachers to Help Repay the Gift of Learning!

Teachers are the backbone of society. They are who we turn to when we seek answers to questions we cannot solve on our own, entrusting our children to be in their care for their own personal development. With the aid of calculated curriculums and dedicated attitudes, these folks mold the types of individuals our children will grow to be and shape future generations for the better. 


When we constantly view our educators through these rose-colored glasses, though, society has collectively become blind-sided to the harsh, often unforgiving environments that teachers are forced to endure on a daily basis. 


The truth of the matter is that real appreciation for teachers is underwhelming at best. Among bustling schedules, ungrateful parents, outdated classroom resources, low wages, and the increasingly devalued perspective on attaining a diverse education throughout the country, being a modern day teacher appears to be a fruitless endeavor.  


Though reality may look bleak for this once beloved profession, you can still show your support by thanking your local teachers and repaying their kindness with your own! And gift cards just so happen to be one of the best kinds of appreciation you can give. 


Show how much you admire the commitment teachers have for our children’s futures by rewarding them directly. With a plethora of retailers to pick from on Gift Card Granny, you can easily help fund a teacher’s well deserved “me time,” or even contribute towards classroom enrichment activities, all while earning cashback for your purchases! 


The choices are near endless, so no need to fret over getting a gift that will end up in the trash bin. Here are some great options to start with:

  • Gift cards for classroom supplies

  • Gift cards for dining out (or in!)

  • Gift cards for personal care and wellness 


Liven the Classroom and Help Let Creativity Shine


Founded in 1973 in Chicago, Illinois, Michaels has steadily grown to be one of the largest retailers of arts, crafts, and decorative supplies across North America. With over 1,200 stores shared between the United States and Canada, Michaels is a convenient destination for all of your artsy needs. 


Creative souls need an outlet, and Michaels carries the products to help the makers accomplish their artistic goals. Classrooms are an optimal location to explore creativity and broaden minds, and it is up to the teachers of these classrooms to cultivate them into welcoming spaces that encourage freedom of expression. 


With a variety of options to peruse, any teacher will be sure to find some marvelous discoveries among the colorful aisles of Michaels. And if you don’t happen to be so artistically inclined, no need to fear – you’ll still happen upon fun little knickknacks that will brighten up your classroom and encourage young souls to explore new things. 


Though art instructors are certain to appreciate an opportunity to stock up on supplies at Michaels, any educator can benefit from indulging in the creative world. Give back to teachers and children alike by purchasing a Michaels gift card today

Joann Fabrics and Crafts

Teachers and Students Should Never Be Afraid to Express Themselves


In the same realm of creative liberty and artistic expression is Joann Fabrics, an American retailer that specializes in craft products and provides a wide selection of different types of fabrics to choose from. Started in 1943 by German immigrants, the number of Joann stores now rests at just under 900 across the country. 


Though the company began as an outlet to make fabrics more accessible to the average American, Joann has since rebranded and expanded the range of goods they carry, becoming more craft-oriented. This makes Joann stores a perfect source for your average creative needs and do-it-yourself project resources.


It is also worth mentioning that Joann often carries supplies that tend to be cheaper than the counterparts at Michaels, which is a useful piece of knowledge to have when you realize that many teachers operate on a budget. 


Children need room to explore their creative sides and they require an environment that is nurturing and inspiring to do so. Help your local teachers develop a classroom where children can get hands-on experience in the creative arts with a Joann gift card!


Give Classrooms the Supplies for Success


Nothing is more crucial for children than the resources available to them in the classroom, yet many school districts suffer from a lack of adequate funding and depend on outdated, overworn materials throughout their educational journey. Many teachers often use money out of their own pockets to provide their students products with better quality, which can put a lot of strain on their wallets. 


If you’re truly looking to help out local teachers and support the education system, then nothing could be more useful than providing them with the means they need to provide an enriching classroom environment. Staples carries exactly what teachers need to do just that. 


Ever since the company opened their first location in 1986, Staples has grown to be a major player within the American market for office supplies and technological services. With a wide selection of useful office products and school paraphernalia lining the shelves of their stores, this retailer is a wonderland for teachers and parents alike. 


Support students by gifting teachers a Staples gift card!

Office Depot

Who Said Office Supplies Couldn’t Be Stylish?

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When it comes to trendy office products to spruce up your space and appeal to your aesthetics, Office Depot is the place to be. This retailer is plentiful with practical products and supplies to help make your office a more manageable, lively space that’s enjoyable and inspires productivity. 


Classrooms should be bright, energetic places that make learning fun. Children don’t want to stare at white walls devoid of life, nor do they want their imaginations limited by your standard no. 2 pencil that only writes in shades of grey. They need to be surrounded by color and creativity, inspiring them to develop their own individual personalities. That’s what truly makes school a worthwhile place to be!


As great as many teachers are, they do not have an infinite amount of resources to help enrich their students and enable them to achieve their full potential. This is where parents like you can step in and make a difference for the better.  


Help children bloom by gifting your local teachers an Office Depot gift card

LongHorn Steakhouse

We All Deserve a Fancy Dinner Every Now and Then


There is no greater joy than spending time with loved ones, and when you add food to the mix, well, you might as well call that heaven. Think of all the deliciously wonderful dinners you’ve had with friends and family over the years at different restaurants, trying new cuisine and basking in the ambience of the space.


If even the thought of it brings a yearning desire to your heart, know that it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone needs a chance to get out of the house and celebrate the little moments with those they hold dear, and teachers are certainly no exception!


LongHorn Steakhouse captures the ideal environment for dining out with their casual atmosphere and high-quality meat selections. With nearly 600 locations spread throughout the country, you’re never far from your next appetizing plate. 


Treat your favorite teacher to a steak dinner with a gift card to LongHorn Steakhouse so that they can have a night – and meal – to remember!

Uber Eats

Even Teachers Need a Night In

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It’s no secret that a good meal can perk up your spirits and brighten your day; after all, food is something that speaks to our hearts, health, and stomach. As much as that is true, it can oftentimes be difficult to enjoy your food when you’re rushing around to meet deadlines and hardly have time for yourself. 


A convenient solution to these busy schedules is delivery, and what better way to find your favorites than by browning the various selections that Uber Eats has to offer? Whether you’re at home or held up in your office doesn’t matter a bit – you can still get mouthwatering food delivered straight to your door!


Eating the same old cafeteria food can get boring real fast, and sometimes packing a lunch can be more trouble than it’s worth when you’re energy is depleted from being overworked. Whenever that’s the case, ordering takeout is the way to go.


Treat a teacher to their next favorite meal and purchase an Uber Eats gift card today! 

Spa Finder

Unwind, Relax, and Revitalize 


Sometimes, all we really need is a personal day filled with spiritually nourishing activities to replenish both your mind and body. For teachers, the stress of their daily duties makes this an even greater need. 


A day at the spa can be the perfect remedy to help alleviate the pains of burn out, giving overworked teachers some well-deserved personal time where they can relax in pampered serenity, free from their busy school lives. 


With Spafinder, you don’t need to worry about the hassle that comes with selecting the perfect spa that meets your needs and your budget. Spafinder allows you to peruse a wide array of options in your area and specify the services you are seeking, so you’re bound to find the right fit, no matter how particular you might be. 


A Spafinder gift card truly shows your teachers that you care about their well being!

Harmon Face Values

Let the Spa Come to You


You shouldn’t forgo health and wellness simply because you can’t find the time for a day trip to your favorite spa, and the same is true for teachers. Who says you can’t have your own personal spa day at home, though? 


Harmon Face Values can make that dream come true by providing you with a fantastic variety of products to make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine, all without ever leaving the comfort of your house!


From exquisite soaps to cleansing body scrubs, you’ll be amazed at all the different options you can choose from to help you relax and restore your energy. Beat burnout and forget about the expensive spa bill all in one go. 


Show your teachers you care with a Harmon Face Values gift card!

Custom Visa Gift Card

Any Teacher Will Love This


Yes, yes, decisions are hard. Buying a gift for a teacher you personally aren’t too familiar with is a challenge. That’s where we turn to the magic of custom gift cards. 


By purchasing a custom Visa Gift Card, you can take the stress out of shopping and give teachers the freedom to choose exactly what they want, when they want! That could mean anything from a tropical getaway, stylish new furniture to make their living room pop, or helping them line their shelves with a few new books. The sky’s the limit!


If this sounds like the right move, don’t wait – pick up your custom Visa Gift Card with Gift Card Granny and watch the smile blossom across their face!


Make your teachers day and relish in the fact that you’re benefiting so many children in the process!


We can all agree that gift giving can be hard, but the next time you’re faced with the sudden panic of “oh my gosh I have no idea what to get my kid’s teacher” all you have to do is sit back and remember this list.


There’s no more room for excuses or excessive worrying! Rest assured that any teacher will be grateful for your generosity and be delighted to know that you are thinking of them during these stressful times. 


Go you for being an amazing parent who values education and the future of our children!