Top 15 Gift Cards For Teen Boys

It is no secret that buying gifts for teen boys is almost impossible. Almost impossible. We’re here to help! There’s one gift that is always a hit with any teen: a gift card. Yes, a gift card. Gift cards are great gift ideas because they allow the person you’re gifting to buy whatever they want so they’re always sure to love it. When shopping for a teen boy it can be hard to know what to get them, what they’ll like, and if they even still like the same things they used to. Getting them a gift card eliminates all of these possibilities and ensures you’ll give them a gift they’ll love. But what gift cards should you buy? Well, we can help with that too! If you’re in need of some gift card ideas that any teen boy will love, then keep reading for our top 15 gift cards for teen boys, including: 

  • Gift cards for toys
  • Gift cards for shoes
  • Gift cards for entertainment
  • Gift cards for activities

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Now, let’s get on with the gift cards!

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1. AMC Theatres

Give your teen the experience of seeing an action packed film on the big screen! 

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

AMC Theatres is a great gift card option when you’re looking for gift card ideas for teen boys, especially if he’s a big fan of movies. AMC Theatres is always showing new movies so your teen can always find a movie they like. The great thing about getting a teen boy an AMC Theatres gift card is that he can use it whenever they want. This means that if a movie he wants to see isn’t showing yet, he can save their gift card until there’s a movie he wants to see so he’ll be sure to love it! 

 Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

2. Adidas

For the teen boy who is always active and on the go

Buy an Adidas gift card

Adidas is a sports apparel brand that is popular with people of all ages. If the teen boy is a big sports fan or loves to stay active, then an Adidas gift card is a great choice when trying to think of gift ideas for him. He can use his Adidas gift card to purchase shoes, apparel, or other accessories both in-store and online, so he is sure to find something good! 

Buy an Adidas gift card

3. Dave and Buster’s 

Give the gift of a fun night out playing games with friends 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Dave and Buster’s is a fun place to go for someone of any age, but teen boys are sure to love it! Dave and Buster’s has tons of games and activities to do. We’re sure all teen boys are sure to have a great time there whether he goes with family or friends. A Dave and Buster’s gift card can be used for food at their restaurant or to purchase gaming credits so your teen can play all the games he wants. With so much to do at Dave and Buster’s, your teen will be sure to love it! 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

4. Twitch 

For the online guru teen in your life


While Twitch is often referenced as a gaming site, it isn’t just for posting or watching videos about games. Twitch is an online entertainment site that is similar to YouTube and is continuing to grow in popularity. Teens can use a Twitch gift card to buy add ons on the site, support their favorite streamer, or even start their own channel. The possibilities with a Twitch gift card are endless and your teen is sure to love it!

5. Lego Store

A gift card for the teen boy who loves to build with his imagination  

Buy a Lego Store gift card

The Lego Store is a great gift card idea for the teen boy in your life who loves to build things. Legos are a fun toy for any teen boy who likes something with a little bit of a challenge. Lego has sets and different themed builds for people of all ages and skill sets, so even if your teen isn’t an expert builder there is a Lego set they’ll enjoy. Legos are a fun activity your teen can do alone, with friends, or even with family! The Lego Store gift card can be used in store or online! 

Buy a Lego Store gift card

6. Cabela’s

For any teen that loves to be in the great outdoors 

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

A Cabela’s gift card is the perfect gift if the teen boy in your life loves to be outdoors or always seems to be getting into a new hobby. Cabela’s has everything your teen might need to start a new hobby, go fishing, get some hiking gear, stock up for the next hunting trip, or anything else you could think of. Whether your teen boy is into kayaking on the lake or camping any chance he gets, Cabela’s has something for everyone and your teen is sure to find something he needs or might want for his next adventure! 

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

7. Finish Line 

Let your teen have their pick from new shoes to sportswear

Buy a Finish Line gift card

Finish Line is known for their wide selection of sneakers and shoes, but they also have a good variety of sports wear for you to choose from! A Finish Line gift card is great for any teen who is always active and needs new sneakers for sports or even everyday wear. A Finish Line gift card can be used at any of their stores, or if your teen can’t find anything in store the gift card can be used online as well so they can be sure to always find something they want! 

Buy a Finish Line gift card

8. RedBox

For any movie-loving teen who’d rather stay in 

Buy a RedBox gift card

RedBox is a great gift card idea for the movie-loving teen boy who would rather stay in and watch a movie than go out to a movie theater. With a RedBox gift card, your teen can choose whatever movies they want to bring home and watch. The great thing about a RedBox gift card is that it can be used anytime and never expires. This means if there isn’t a movie out that your teen wants to see at that point, they can wait to use their gift card until they see a movie they want! 

Buy a RedBox gift card

9. NBA Store 

The perfect gift for any basketball fan 

Buy an NBA Store gift card

An NBA Store gift card is perfect for any teen boy who loves the sport of basketball in general, or who has a specific basketball team they love to cheer for. With an NBA Store gift card, your teen can pick out whatever they want from the store, so you won’t have to worry about getting them a t-shirt for the wrong team, or getting them something they already have. An NBA Store gift card can be used online or at any NBA Store in person. 

Buy an NBA Store gift card

10. NFL Store

For teens more into football than basketball!

Buy an NFL Shop gift card

If we know anything about football-loving teens, it is that they love their jerseys, hats, koozies, mugs, carpets, tables… the list goes on and on. There is a special place for apparel in the heart of every sports fan. How will they walk triumphantly into school decked out in their new apparel if they don’t have a new jersey? A gift card to the NFL store is a great gift card for teen boys who are into football. They can treat themselves to something new with the help of your gift card!

Buy an NFL Shop gift card

11. Red Robin

A gift card for a casual night out with friends

Get a Red Robin gift card.

This is an amazing gift card for teen boys who are going out to eat with their friends. The food at Red Robin is perfect for a chill night. They have a menu packed with delicious burgers and all the items are affordable, perfect for teen boys spending their own money for the first time. 

Get a Red Robin gift card.

12. XBox 

For the teen who loves to game with friends

Buy an Xbox gift card

No list of gift card ideas for teen boys is complete without mentioning an XBox gift card. XBox is famous for being a great gaming system that you can get on and play with friends in real time. With the growing popularity of XBox continuing to skyrocket, an XBox gift card is perfect for any teen boy who loves to game with his friends. He can use it to purchase games or gaming accessories that he might want, and an XBox gift card can even be used on the online site as well as through the gaming console itself! 

Buy an Xbox gift card

13. Steam

A gift card for PC gamers

Buy a Steam gift card

Not everyone is a computer gamer, but if this teen boy prefers to boot up his PC to relax while playing video games now and again, this might be the gift card for them. Finding specific games for your friend is quite challenging, so let Steam do the heavy lifting. 

Steam is a video game digital distribution service that every modern video game player knows of, and for those who prefer PC gaming, Steam is practically their lifeblood. Once installed on your PC, an entire catalog consisting of thousands of video game titles becomes readily available. Video games are also pricey and giving a significant amount of money with your gift card is a fantastic way to give a gamer something they will love. 

Steam hosts various video games developed by creators from different backgrounds. Browse games produced by major studios and the other latest AAA hits or go down a more niche route and discover the magnificent world of indie gaming. No matter your preference, Steam has a video game to satisfy even the pickiest gaming enthusiast. 

14. Barnes and Noble

A home for books, games, and much more! 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card


Barnes and Noble is an excellent choice for a gift card. They have such a diverse collection of books on their shelves that readers of all ages and interests can find a book that they enjoy. 

Alongside its collection of books, Barnes and Noble have expanded its repertoire to sell a lot of games, tv and movie-related merchandise, and toys suitable for all teen boys. Only some people are readers, but a Barnes and Noble gift card can cover them too! Not every kid has a reason to go into libraries or bookstores anymore, and getting them a gift card is the perfect incentive to step foot into a Barnes and Noble and see what it is all about. 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

15. Vans

A gift card for stylish sneakers

Snag a Vans gift card

Teen boys are old enough to have their own sense of style and show a desire to get clothes of their own. A gift card to Vans from Gift Card Granny gives them the opportunity to do exactly that. 

A staple shoe brand in the punk scene, Vans manufactures comfortable shoes that capture the essence of teenage fashion to a T. Vans shoes are iconic and recognizable, a foundation of many a teen’s style. 

Snag a Vans gift card 

16. Spotify

A gift card for music galore

Buy a Spotify gift card

With millions of songs available from all kinds of genres, Spotify can match any teen with music that captures their very essence. A gift card to Spotify lets them enjoy the vaunted Spotify Premium which gets rid of their pesky ads and opens up more customization. 

Buy a Spotify gift card

These are our favorite gift cards for teen boys

Gift cards are one of our favorite gifts for teen boys because it leaves so much up to them. We hope these recommendations have helped you find the perfect gift card for a teen boy. If not, you can always reach out to their family and see what’s best! A little chat with someone who knows them well can go a long way in allowing you to cross items off your list and bring you closer to the right one. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

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From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!