Gift Cards for Teens: 7 Gift Card Ideas For Special Teens in Your Life

Finding the perfect gift for that special teen in your life can be a difficult and daunting task. With so many new trends developing every day, it can be hard to keep up with which ones your teen is into and which ones they aren’t. Even harder? Staying up to date with their newest hobbies and interests. Teen years are all about discovering your interests and getting in touch with yourself to start developing your identity. So it’s only natural that your teen will be interested in so many different things (some longer than others). 

But where does that leave you when you’re trying to figure out a gift to give them? Whether it’s a birthday gift, a graduation gift, or just a gift to celebrate their hard work at school, deciding what to get them is the trickiest part. But have no fear, because there’s always one option you can get them that is sure to be a hit every time: a gift card. When all else fails, get your teen a gift card so they can pick out whatever they want! 

In this article, we’re going to look at 12 gift card ideas that are perfect for that teen in your life! Here are some of the gift card ideas you can expect as you read:

  • Gift cards for the movie-loving teen
  • Gift cards for the gamer teen in your life
  • Gift cards for the teen who loves music
  • Gift cards for the fashionista teen

Before we get into our top gift card ideas for teens, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about where you can find these gift cards. Gift Card Granny is an online site with thousands of retailers and options to choose from when it comes to picking out a gift card. On Gift Card Granny’s site, you can search and buy gift cards all on the same website from the comfort of your home! And the biggest benefit to using Gift Card Granny to search and buy your gift cards? You can save money and earn cashback when you purchase a gift card from GCG! 

So what’re you waiting for? Now that you know the awesome benefits of GCG, let’s get into some ideas for gift cards that are perfect for your favorite teen! 

1. AMC Theatres

What teen doesn’t love an excuse to go to the movies with their friends?

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

AMC Theatres is the perfect option to start this list, because who doesn’t remember going to the movies with their friends growing up? Getting a group of friends together to go see your favorite film is the perfect gift to give any teen of any age. Not only does this give them the option to use their gift to hang out with friends, but they can also go see that movie they’ve been wanting to see for a while now! 

Another great thing about a movie gift card is that your teen can use it to purchase anything from the concession before the movie! Because let’s face it, who goes to see a movie without popcorn? An AMC Theatres gift card is a great way for your teen to make some memories with friends. 

Buy an AMC Theatres gift card

2. Vans 

Give your teen the gift of some cool new shoes with a Vans gift card! 

Vans shoes are popular for a reason; there are tons of options to choose from and they’re a great way to really let your personality shine through in your clothing choices. Vans shoes let your teen express themselves creatively because they can choose the style that fits them and really showcases their own personal style. Not sure what shoes best fit their personality? Giving a Vans gift card allows your teen to pick out the shoes they like best!

If your teen isn’t that into shoes, Vans also has a selection of clothing and accessory options to choose from so that any teen can find something they like. Vans may be known for their classic sneaker vibe, but they have much more to offer and are the perfect gift card gift for any teen! 

3. DoorDash

Treat your teen to their favorite meal with a DoorDash gift card!

Buy a DoorDash gift card

It’s no secret that teens love food. And since they’re growing young adults who need the energy, why shouldn't they love what they eat? Giving your teen a DoorDash gift card is a perfect idea, especially if your teen doesn’t have a license yet, because it allows them to get their favorite meals delivered to them. This is great during the Summer or when your teen is working because they won’t have to worry about packing a lunch. 

DoorDash is also a great gift card idea because they also offer you the ability to order from certain convenience stores. This is great not only for your teen if they need or want something delivered, but if they don’t have a license and need something from the store you can rest easy knowing they can get it! 

Buy a DoorDash gift card  

4. Xbox 

An Xbox gift card is perfect for that gamer teen in your life!

Buy an Xbox gift card

If your special teen is an avid gamer, then an Xbox gift card might just be the perfect gift! You might not know much about gaming yourself (or maybe you’re also a gamer), but if your teen loves to spend time on Xbox with their friends then why not support them in their hobby? An Xbox gift card allows them to purchase whatever new game or game accessory they want or might need while they play. 

An Xbox gift card is also a great gift for teens who want to start getting into the gaming world or just started gaming. You might not know what kinds of games they’re interested in, and they might not either, but a gift card allows them to explore different game options to find one they love. Plus, they can use it on XBox’s site to purchase any gaming accessories they want!

Buy an Xbox gift card from Gift Card Granny today and let your teen know you support their gaming hobby. 

Buy an Xbox gift card

5. Dave and Busters 

A gift card for a night full of games

 Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

Dave and Busters is a great place for teens to hang out and have fun! With dozens and dozens of games to choose from, your teen can spend hours having fun with their friends (or family if you’re lucky enough to get an invite). A Dave and Busters gift card is a great gift idea for teens who love to make memories with friends and family. With so many games and prize options, your teen is guaranteed to have a fun time and make some awesome memories they'll cherish! 

Not only does Dave and Busters offer a fun gaming experience, but they also offer some delicious food options as well. Most Dave and Busters also have a dinner and credit deal so you can eat some yummy food and get some free gaming credits all at the same time. A Dave and busters gift card is a great gift to give to any teen who loves to play games and spend time with friends! 

Give the gift of some fun memories and grab a Dave and Busters gift card from GCG today. And don’t forget you can save with cashback at the same time! 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

6. Barnes and Noble 

Treat your book-loving teen to a Barnes and Noble shopping spree! 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Barnes and Noble is the place to go for all things books. From tons of new reads to reading accessories, Barnes and Noble is a book lover's dream. So if you have a bookworm of a teen, then a Barnes and Noble gift card is the perfect gift to help support their love of literature. Whether your teen is into romance, thriller, mystery, or comics, Barnes and Noble has so many books to choose from that your teen will love! And a major plus is that if they don’t see something in the store, they can use their gift card online too. 

Not only can your bookworm use their new gift card for their next new read, but they can also purchase any book accessory they want as well. Barnes and Noble gift cards can also be used toward purchases of ebooks and other merchandise that your young reader might want or need! So if there’s something they want from the bookstore but you can’t remember what, then a Barnes and Noble gift card is the way to go. 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

7. Spotify Music 

Give the gift of music with a Spotify Music gift card for your teen! 

Buy a Spotify gift card

If you have a teen who is obsessed with music, then a Spotify Music gift card is the sure way to win them over and will have them naming it the best gift ever! Spotify is a great app and site for all things music. From rock and roll to country, to everything in between, Spotify has so much music to pick from. And the best part? After using Spotify, they’ll suggest music and artists based on your preferences so it’s a great way for teens to explore and discover new music and explore the kind of music they might like. Giving a Spotify gift card can help your teen get a premium membership to Spotify so they can access all the music they want! 

If your teen isn’t a superfan of music, then that’s okay too. Podcasts are an up-and-coming thing in today’s world, and there’s basically a podcast for everything. From murder mysteries to self-help podcasts, your teen is sure to relate to and love one of them. Spotify has plenty of podcast choices to choose from that your teen will have so many options that they’re bound to find one they love! 

Buy a Spotify gift card

8. Burger King

A gift card for a quick meal

Buy a Burger King gift card

Fast food is a big winner for teens. Teens love to eat. In terms of food gift cards for teens, we love Burger Kings, Mcdonalds, Wendy's, and Chick-Fil-as. These are great stops for any day with friends. If they don’t have a driver’s license and aren’t at the age where their friends are driving it is important to know what opportunities they have to spend a gift card. 

If the teen is out with their family, it is unlikely that they will spend the gift card. They are teens! Try to find somewhere that gives them the ability to spend it instead of forgetting about it, and we think that Burger King, or another fast food restaurant, is a good place to do that! 

Buy a Burger King gift card

9. Applebees

A classic high school hang out

Get an Applebees gift card

Applebees is a classic, chill restaurant where friends can go to enjoy a nice, affordable meal. This is a great place to meet up after sports practice, games, or any after-school activity when they leave with a full stomach. This is a great gift card for teens because they are always going out to eat with their friends. Just be ready to drive them over if they don’t have their license! 

This is one of our top picks for food gift cards for teens because they can go and enjoy a meal and a drink that is entirely covered by a classic $25 gift card. With that, they can leave with their pockets just as full as when they arrived. Friends can meet up at Applebees to enjoy a great night of catching up with bottomless appetizers and not have to worry about getting their favorite soda pop or a desert if they are feeling it! 

Get an Applebees gift card

10. Audible

Not all reading has to be done with a book in hand! 

While we love readers, not every teen is interested in sitting down for hours with a book in hand. Audible is a fantastic substitute for old-fashioned reading as it lets teens enjoy some spectacular stories while up and moving. They could pop in some headphones while they are doing their chores, on the way to school, or while they drift off to sleep. 

11. Pacsun

A gift card for clothes

There is an abundance of clothing stores for teens these days and it’s no wonder that a lot of teens love going clothes shopping! If you are getting a gift card for teens, a store like Pacsun is a spectacular gift card to give. They have a lot of fun styles and clothes for teens, and it is likely that the parents will appreciate having a gift card to lessen the costs by a bit. 

12. Apple Store & iTunes

A gift card for all things Apple

Buy an Apple gift card

If they have an Apple device, they will love an Apple Store & iTunes gift card. Teens can use the gift card to download games, apps, music, tv shows, and movies. All of the media they love is available at their fingertips (and for less too with the help of your gift card). There are so many little purchases on the App Store, but even spending $.99 on a mobile game could be too much for some teens, especially if they don’t have any way to connect an account to the store. If that’s the case, then gift cards like this are the only way for them to purchase anything on the App Store.

Buy an Apple gift card

Give your teen the perfect gift with a gift card from GCG! 

Sometimes the perfect gift you can give a teen is the ability to explore and express themselves. What better way to do this than with a gift card to a place you know they love so they can choose their own gift? And even better? Earn some cashback while you do this! 

Didn’t find a gift card you think your teen will absolutely love? Click here to check out Gift Card Granny’s other gift card options and ideas! And don’t forget to keep checking GCG’s site if you still don’t find something you like, because more gift cards are constantly being updated!