Gift Cards For Trips

Are you or someone you know thinking of taking a trip in the near future? Whether going by yourself or bringing family and friends, travel is something that requires a fair bit of planning and cash to do. But as long as you have the willpower to pull through with it, travel can end up being an experience that stands out above all the rest. 

If you want to give a fantastic travel experience to  anyone who’s planning a future trip, you can make a positive impact by surprising them with any of the gift cards included in this article. From helping to cover hotel expenses to air plane tickets and cruise reservations, there are so many different ways you can offer someone assistance when they are paying for a trip. 

Some of the types of gift cards you’ll read about in this article include:

  • Gift cards for hotels and resorts
  • Gift cards for airlines 
  • Gift cards for ride services 

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1. Southwest Airlines

Travel never has to be tricky when you fly Southwest

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

Gift cards for airlines are always a welcome sight when planning your next big trip. Unless traveling to a nearby destination, flying is pretty much an essential part of travel when you go anywhere. Any type of airline gift card would be appreciated by someone who plans on booking a flight, but if your travel preferences include flexibility and low-cost fares for a range of domestic flights then a Southwest Airlines gift card may be the best bet for you. 

For standard economy flyers, it really doesn’t get much better than Southwest Airlines. Enjoy a generous baggage allowance, goodies and snacks on longer flights, and more comfortable seats compared to competing airlines at similar price points. Southwest Airlines is an affordable and pleasant flying option when it comes to traveling to various destinations around the nation. A gift card to Southwest Airlines can take a considerable chunk out of the total price of the tickets, helping travelers save on necessary expenses.

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2. Airbnb 

Where you stay can make your trip that much more enjoyable 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

You can make any trip a thousand times more interesting and engaging when you find a booking through Airbnb. Filled with thousands of unique, outstanding, and stunning rentals, Airbnb gives customers a way to book a stay in any area of their choice in a completely new type of way. Kiss goodbye to sterile hotel hallways and say hello to the charming countryside cottage or stately city loft that makes you feel like a movie star. 

Airbnb connects customers with property owners directly so that business can be conducted in a timely and efficient manner. You don’t have to wait around or deal with any unnecessary hotel accommodations that get thrown on at the last minute, you just have to pick your dates and browse the available rentals in your destination. Beachfront houses, cozy cabins in the forest, gorgeous lakehouses, adorable tiny homes, and many more options are up for rent now on Airbnb. 

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Browse options for cheap hotel rooms and additional discounts

Buy a gift card

The cost of hotel rooms matters a lot when you’re considering the budget of your trip. Rather than spend unnecessary hours comparing rates of different hotels in the area of your choice, let do the heavy lifting for you by showing you tons of hotel offers and last minute discounts. It’s a great way to snag a deal on a hotel room that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. makes it easy for users to search and compare costs on hotel rooms, view limited time offers, and read unbiased reviews from those who have booked with the hotels before. Thousands of offers for different hotels around the world are currently available for users to take advantage of. 

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4. Sheetz

Keep your car and your body going with the fuel you need

Buy a Sheetz gift card

Taking a local trip with your car? You need gas no matter how far the distance, and fuel certainly doesn’t come cheap these days. Fill up your tank with the help of a Sheetz gift card and you can get a whole lot more than gas for your trip. Sheetz gas stations operate as convenience stores and coffee shops and offer a variety of custom food, handcrafted beverages, and other convenience store items. 

Sheetz is a brand native to Pennsylvania and operates locations throughout a total of six states, including Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. For travelers with hundreds of miles of road ahead of them, Sheetz offers the perfect stop to pick up made-to-order food, freshly baked goods, caffeinated beverages, and discounts on other essential road trip items. 

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5. Westgate Resorts

Experience a luxurious stay on your trip at this premier resort

Buy a Westgate Resort gift card

Interested in taking your vacation up a level in a luxurious setting that makes you feel as pampered as royalty? You can get as close to feeling the embrace of luxury as ever before when you book a stay at Westgate Resorts. With locations in premier travel destinations and accommodations for the whole family, Westgate Resorts can help provide you with a vacation unlike any other. 

It is the goal of Westgate Resorts to give each guest a vacation experience that blows their expectations away. Every Westgate Resort location has superior service, world-class amenities, and offers sights you won’t soon forget. You can find Westgate Resorts in various attractive vacation spots across the United States, including Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Las Vegas, Cocoa Beach, and Mesa, Arizona. 

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6. Best Western

A hotel brand with a legacy that values customer affordability 

Buy a Best Western gift card

Booking a hotel somewhere new can be an anxiety-inducing affair. There is a lot of risk that comes with staying in a new place, and unfamiliar hotel chains can be daunting to work with. For a hotel company that puts values and comfort above all else, Best Western is undoubtedly one of the better chains to book with on account of their exceptional accommodations and reasonable price points. 

Best Western is always attracting customers with outstanding discounts and offers that you just can’t miss out on. Military and government discounts, savings with AAA, and special rates for AARP members are parts of what makes Best Western part of the best. Book hotel rooms in gorgeous cities across the United States and Canada, including Anaheim, Montreal, Boston, New Orleans, Nashville, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, and Miami. 

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7. Camping World

A retailer specializing in RV-related products and services

Buy a Camping World gift card

If trips to you or anyone else you know tend to involve long rides in the RV, know you aren’t alone. There are plenty of folks out there with a love for the RV lifestyle, and retailers like Camping World are around to supply them with the gear they need to live out their travel dreams. 

Camping World is a store for RVs, camping equipment, and general outdoor gear and accessories. Camping World also offers repair services through their RV department to ensure your RV stays in top shape. When it comes to shopping for RV-related services, it doesn’t get better than Camping World. Any trip you decide to take with your RV will benefit from a chance to gear up with a Camping World gift card. 

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8. Lyft

Take a moment to enjoy the ride with services from Lyft 

Buy a Lyft gift card

Unless where you’re going is within walking distance, you’re going to need some kind of transportation to your destination. If the trip you took included plane rides or ships, you likely don’t have your car with you to drive places. That’s okay – you have a reliable way to request rides from local drivers with you anytime of the day with Lyft.

Lyft allows users to find rides in areas where services are offered. You can easily view drivers that are near you and look at the estimated wait times to gauge an accurate timeframe for when you would get to your destination. Making plans and getting where you need to go are super simple when you use services from Lyft. It’s definitely a resource that helps out when you’re out of other options. 

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9. Celebrity Cruises

Buy a Celebrity Cruises gift card

If you want to take a beautiful overseas trip on a cruise line that doesn’t pull their punches when it comes to outstanding experiences, then booking with Celebrity Cruises is the right move for you. This award-winning luxury cruise line offers a premium cruise trip with attentive service and fine dining on board every single voyage. 

Celebrity Cruises has a range of itineraries to explore, including cruises for Alaska, the Caribbean, Greece, Italy, France, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the Bahamas. Sailing with Celebrity Cruises provides sophisticated ambiance, complementary onboard spas, and a high crew-to-passenger ratio to ensure everyone has their needs met. Themed cruises are also offered by Celebrity Cruises with options like Christmas and New Year’s Eve cruises, culinary cruises, and music cruises. 

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Fund your next trip or help out someone you care about with these great gift card ideas. Life is a lot more fun when you don’t spend time worrying over the cost of things, and gift cards can help out in a huge way. We hope this list of gift cards for trips has options that are right for you!