Trending Gifts for Girls

When you become a parent, one of the many responsibilities you take on is designated gift-finder for your child. What seems like one of the easier tasks of parenthood suddenly becomes a lot more difficult when your child fails to mention that their pal is having a birthday party on Saturday. Instead of taking a panicked trip to the store and grabbing the first few items that look remotely gift-like, try out some of these gift suggestions.

Sequin Backpack

Vendor: The Children's Place
Price: $39.95

The owner of a sequin backpack is able to change its design with one sweep of the hand. They come in many different sparkling colors, any of which would be sure to dazzle the recipient. While they can easily be bought online, if you don’t have time to wait for shipping, it’s likely that you can find one at your local department store. This material isn’t only available in backpack form — there are pencil cases, pillows, and stuffed animals that also have these color-changing sequins if you’re looking for a smaller gift.

A Stylish Phone Grip and Stand

Vendor: Walmart
Price: $9.97

A phone grip fits onto the back of her phone to keep her from dropping it and prop it up so that she can watch videos more easily. She could also use it to get out her fidgets and hopefully pay better attention in class. Because there are so many different designs, your child can help you choose one that fits the recipient’s personality. These little devices are available everywhere — the dollar store, department stores, and online.

A Power Bank

Vendor: Kohl's
Price: $24.99

Speaking of phone accessories, powerr banks also make for a great gift that she can use during family vacation, on a school trip, or if there’s ever a power outage. These come in many different shapes and sizes — you could go sleek and minimalist, or you could get one shaped like a unicorn or a watermelon. It all depends on what the recipient would most enjoy. Like the phone grip, these guys can be found pretty much anywhere.

A Gift Card

A gift card is always a safe bet, and it’s easy to customize your choice to the specific interests of the recipient. Get her dinner at her favorite restaurant, a day of shopping, or a new video game. You can find gift cards for hundreds of brands right here on Gift Card Granny, and you can purchase them instantly as a digital gift card.

A Party Game

Vendor: Target
Price: Varies

Make the recipient’s party even more fun by giving her a game that all the attendees can enjoy. Popular board games include Telestrations, Madam President, Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, and Uno. These are all available online, if not in your local department store.


Vendor: Best Buy
Price: $19.99

Tamagotchis are back, and better than ever. Though a multitude of phone apps have popped up using the same concept, none of them can quite capture the same sense of responsibility that comes along with caring for this little pixelated creature. Before she faces the actual responsibility of owning a pet, let her experience the surprising difficulty of caring for a Tama. It’ll be fun — while it lasts, at least.

Perler Beads Kit

Vendor: Michael's
Price: $24.99

Even if the recipient isn’t particularly crafty, she can still have fun with these beads. Although time-consuming, they’re easy and fun to arrange, and she can get creative with it and make whatever image she wants. A kit comes with both the beads and the board, making it easy to start creating right away. Once she’s done, she can ask a parent for help ironing, then she’ll have an art piece that she can easily hang on a keychain, or just display in her room.

Coloring Book

Vendor: Barnes & Noble
Price: Varies

As the recent popularity of adult coloring books has shown us, coloring books are a classic activity that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. To ensure that your recipient will love her coloring book, get her one that matches with her interests. For a Disney lover, get a Moana coloring book, or for a book fan, go with a Harry Potter theme. You could also get some colored pencils or markers to go along with the book.

Tie Dye Kit

Vendor: Joann
Price: $29.99

Tie dye can be an easy and fun way to experiment with fashion and get into the world of DIY — perfect for a young girl! Tie dye kits provide directions and make the experience as mess-free as possible, so her parents will thank you. Make sure to send along some white shirts so that she can start experimenting right away.

Nail Polish

Vendor: Target
Price: $5.49

Part of the fun of being a young girl is experimenting with your look, so give her some new funky nail polishes that she can use to follow one of the many nail painting tutorials online. Nail polish is easy enough to find at the drugstore, and you can choose a color that suits the recipient’s personality, whether it be sparkly and pastel, or dark and intense.


Vendor: Claire's
Price: Varies

Jewelry can be a fun way to jazz up any outfit, and she’ll appreciate you adding to her arsenal. If you really want to make it personal, you could give her a charm bracelet although that generally takes more time. Mood jewelry is always fun, but more simple and elegant pieces can make for long-lasting gifts. Before you get her those fun, ice cream-shaped earrings, though, make sure that she has her ears pierced.


Vendor: Hot Topic
Price: Varies

There are so, so many cute designs of pins out there, so this can easily be a very personalized gift. This way, her backpack can be truly hers. It’s a great avenue for self-expression, especially if she has to wear a school uniform, and it can bring her one step closer to being the “cool kid” that you already know she is. There are many different designs and characters to choose from like this pin set from Hot Topic.

Room Decor

Vendor: Pottery Barn Kids
Price: Varies

String lights are all the rage in college dorm rooms, but why not let young ladies in on the fun? These trendy lights can give her room a relaxing atmosphere and let her feel like the space is a haven from the outside world. Since they’re so popular, they’re easy to find and come in a variety of designs and colors.

There’s no reason your child’s gift should be a flop — most of these gifts can be found at stores within your own neighborhood, and it should be easy enough to pick them up while you’re out and about. Instead of panicking, have fun picking out a gift that will suit this young lady. Giving a gift can be just as fun as receiving, after all.