Find the Perfect Gift to Thank All of the Men In Your Life This Father's Day

From dads to stepfathers to fathers-in-law, there are so many important father figures we need to celebrate. But what about grandpa? He’s been there since the beginning - cheering you on when you needed it, celebrating your accomplishments when you earned it, and loving you no matter what. What kind of gift can you give to such an important person? How can you convey how much you appreciate his role in your life?

It can be hard to pinpoint the perfect gift for grandpa, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Before you start shopping, pick up reduced-cost gift cards to get more bang for your buck. Whether you're using the gift card to purchase his Father's Day present or sending it straight to his inbox, spend less time worrying and focus on making new memories with him.

In this article, we’ll cover a variety of amazing Father’s Day gift ideas for any grandpa:

  • A golf weekend. There’s nothing that an avid golfer would love more!
  • Concert tickets. If his favorite band is coming to a city nearby, snatch up those tickets!
  • A memory book. A guided journal is the perfect way to save grandpa’s treasured memories.
  • A recipe saver. If grandpa loves to cook or bake, this is the perfect way to save his secret recipes!
  • DIY Supplies. If he’s handy around the house, help him take on a new project.
  • A weekend at the lake. It’s easier than ever to find a rental home that can fit the whole family.
  • Baseball game tickets. He can relive his glory days (or just enjoy the game).
  • A homemade scrapbook. Memories should be passed down, and a scrapbook is the perfect way to save them.

A Golf Weekend

There’s Nothing that an Avid Golfer Would Love More for Father’s Day!

grandpa golfing

Price: Varies

If your grandpa loves a good game of golf, he would love the gift of a weekend away at the greens! If he has a preferred golf course, check out the pricing for local hotels, resorts, or bed and breakfasts. Next, make sure he also has the supplies he needs - brush the dust off of his irons and make sure his bag is in good enough shape to brave the course. He’ll love a weekend away for a sport he loves, and he’ll have an even better time knowing how thoughtful you were for Father’s Day.

Concert Tickets

If His Favorite Band is Coming to a City Nearby, Snatch Up Those Tickets!

fun concert

Vendor: TicketMaster 
Price: Varies

Everybody has a special taste in music, including grandpa. If you and grandpa have a shared love of a certain band or genre, take him to a concert you know he’ll love! Just grab a ticket on Ticketmaster.

He’ll love the chance to spend some extra time with you, and he’ll get to have an evening out that he will treasure for years to come! He won’t be able to stop talking about how wonderful his Father’s Day gift was if you give him an experience he’ll never forget.

Grandfather’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild

A Guided Journal is the Perfect Way to Save Grandpa’s Treasured Memories.


Vendor: Barnes and Noble
Price: Varies

Memory books and guided journals are a great way to connect generations. With a guided journal, your grandfather can tell the story of his childhood, his retirement, and everything in between. He can detail memories of his wedding day and keep a detailed family tree of his ancestors. Even the smallest memories are important, and with this journal, your grandfather can pass on his favorite memories to you.

Really, this is a gift for you! Once your grandfather fills this book out, you can flip through it on your own and read the story of his life. This is such a special token of your grandfather’s love that you get to keep forever.

There are a variety of journals out there specially tailored to grandfathers, and are available at most bookstores and book sites. Flip through some pages before purchasing to see which book would best fit your grandfather’s personality!

A Recipe Saver

If Grandpa Loves to Cook or Bake, This is the Perfect Way to Save His Secret Recipes

recipe box

Vendor: Target
Price: $14.99

If grandpa is the family chef, a recipe box is a great gift for Father’s Day! With a recipe box, he can write down some of your family’s most treasured recipes, especially the ones he knows by heart. This will keep his love of cooking (and his secret recipes) alive for generations to come. You can find a variety of recipe saver options at Target. Recipe boxes can be made of several different materials (tin boxes, wooden boxes, cloth-covered boxes, etc), so pick the one you think grandpa would like best! This rustic metal recipe saver is sure to impress even the pickiest pap.

DIY Supplies

If he’s handy around the house, help him take on a new project.


Vendor: Lowes
Price: Varies

If grandpa likes getting his hands dirty, helping with his latest home project is a great Father’s Day gift! Whether he’s into woodworking, pottery, or just general building projects, you’ll give him the best gift - something he can do.

If you’re not totally sure what kind of DIY project he would want to take on, a gift card is a great go-to. He knows what kind of tools he needs. With a Lowe’s gift card, he’s able to pick his preferred supplies. Help grandpa make his DIY ideas a reality!

A Weekend at the Lake

It’s Easier than Ever to Find a Rental Home that Can Fit the Whole Family.

lake house

Vendor: Airbnb
Price: Varies

When was the last time you went on a vacation with your whole family? Family vacations probably abounded when you were a kid: picture frames depict you and some cousins on the beach, visiting Disney World, or traveling to other countries. These memories are ones that your grandpa cherishes, because as you (and your siblings and cousins) got older, your schedules got busier, and it became harder for the whole family to get together. Sure, you still all see each other for the holidays, but grandpa probably misses those special summer vacations with his wife, grown-up children, and grandchildren.

Now, with rental websites like Airbnb, it’s easier than ever to find a rental home that can fit your whole family for a weekend away. If grandpa likes fishing or boating, a weekend at the lake is the perfect Father’s Day getaway and celebrations! Alternatively, if there is a special vacation location that your family used to frequent, see if you can rent a home where grandpa can take a stroll down memory lane. Better yet, if there’s a rental home out there that your family rented for back-to-back years, see if you can snag the house for a week! Get some relatives to pitch in some money to help, and you have the perfect trip away that will mean the world to him.

Baseball Game Tickets

He Can Relive His Glory Days (Or Just Enjoy the Game).


Vendor: StubHub 
Price: Varies

Baseball is an American pastime and likely something that your grandpa grew up loving. Take him on a stroll down memory lane with tickets to see his favorite baseball team with tickets from StubHub. He’ll love watching the game, but more importantly, he’ll love your thoughtfulness and the time you two get to spend together. Make sure you grab your favorite baseball cap and grab one for grandpa, too!

A Homemade Scrapbook

Memories Should Be Passed Down, and a Scrapbook is the Perfect Way to Save Them.


Vendor: Michaels 
Price: $26

Michaels craft stores have all the supplies you need to create the perfect Father’s Day gift for grandpa! They have a nice selection of scrapbooks that can be customized with more pages, different designs, and your own family photos!

Finding the perfect gift for grandpa doesn’t have to be hard. You can find gift cards to match any interest, and the best part of a gift card is that grandpa has the freedom to choose his own specific gift! If you provide the inspiration, love, and support, that’s what he will remember about this Father’s Day more than anything.