11 Best Gift Card Ideas For Wedding Guests

With the warmer summer months comes the beginning of the wedding season. Wedding season is a time of love, new beginnings, and just all-around great memories when you celebrate those you love. Unfortunately, as you plan a wedding, there are a lot of other things to think about! One item on that list is the gifts you have to get all your guests. Something fun and small that is distributed across everyone attending your wedding, there are countless tried-and-true options, like glasses, coasters, M&Ms, and mints. These are all good, but we want to highlight an alternative: gift cards. 

Now, gift cards are not for every wedding, but they are a fun way to personalize gifts for all your guests. We will highlight some crowd-pleasing gift cards in this article to help you decide whether or not gift cards are the right gifts for wedding guests at your wedding. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best gift cards for wedding guests. Here is a list of some of the gift card ideas you can expect as you read through this article:

  • Gift cards for clothing 
  • Gift cards for superstores
  • Gift cards for coffee

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Now that we’re on the same page let’s jump right into our list!

1. Visa

Customize a Visa Gift Card for a Personal Touch

Buy a custom Visa gift card


The best gifts are always the ones your recipient can actually use. This is a fantastic way for you to get a gift card that everyone can use. It is easy to buy Visa gift cards in bulk from Gift Card Granny. You can get the exact number you need for all your guests to go home with an awesome gift card in their pocket. They can use it for gas on the way home, on groceries that weekend, or towards something fun like a night out or a trip! 

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2. Panera

Whether they need a coffee break or a delicious lunch, Panera always has what you need

Send a Panera gift card

While you may think Panera just serves coffee, bagels, and pastries, we’re here to tell you that their menu has so much more than that! Whether your guests like getting their coffee fix early in the morning before work or would rather enjoy some of their lunchtime selections, you can’t go wrong with this gift card.

This restaurant offers soups, salads, and sandwiches that are enough to satisfy even the pickiest eater. But did you also know they offer delicious pizza and cool refreshing drinks as well? That’s right, there are all kinds of menu items beyond just coffee and donuts. Although if that’s what you want, they have some of the best in the business.

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Send a Panera gift card

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

A gift card for free coffee 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

A gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts is a superb gift card for wedding guests. If they like to pick up a coffee when out and about, then Dunkin’ is a great choice.

This is a low-risk, high-reward gift card in that you can be sure they’ll enjoy every order on your card at Dunkin’. Even if they don't usually go to Dunkin’, we think they would like the knowledge that they have a gift card for free coffee or donuts. There are so many coffee drinks and specialty donuts nowadays that a handful of free orders are always appreciated. 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 

4. Banana Republic

Grab a new jacket for the next night out on the town

Buy a Banana Republic gift card

A gift card to Banana Republic may be just what your wedding guests need to pick out a new and stylish piece of clothing. Banana Republic specializes in timeless styles that just never seem to go out of fashion. 

Everyone has their own style, and there’s all kinds of options that are sure to please them at Banana Republic. Whether they need a new jacket, the perfect pair of trousers, or just need an accessory like a belt, this store is sure to give them plenty of ways to use their gift card. 

Each season comes with a new collection, so there’s always something new to check out no matter what time of year they shop.

Buy a Banana Republic gift card

5. Kohl’s

The perfect place to update your wardrobe!

Buy a Kohl's gift card

Kohl’s is one of the best places to get a gift card because there are so many things you can redeem it with! This is a gift card for people who love to shop and refresh their wardrobe, Kohl’s has all kinds of stylish options that bring a little something extra. If they don’t need new clothes, perhaps a new pair of shoes and Kohl’s can help with that! 

Kohl’s also specializes in home goods. So if they’ve been looking for a reason to refresh their home, then they’re sure to find what they need at Kohl’s. 

Whether your employees could use a new work outfit or just want to add some cozy additions to their office, pick up a gift card at Gift Card Granny!

Buy a Kohl's gift card

6. Walmart 

This superstore is a phenomenal way to get a gift for everyone

Buy a Walmart gift card

There’s a reason why Walmart is so popular, because they seem to always have just what you’re looking for! You can get comfy pillows for your couch, new furniture, or pick up some of the latest video games; Walmart has exactly what you need. In addition, you can also spruce up your outdoor space with patio chairs, get your tires changed at their auto department, and even refill prescriptions. No matter what you need to get done, chances are you can accomplish it in a Walmart trip.

Don’t forget, most Walmarts also offer a grocery section as well, where your friends and family can pick up their next meal or stock up on their pet’s needs as well!

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7. Uber Eats

Treat your guests to a meal from Uber Eats

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Sometimes we don’t feel like going out to a restaurant and would rather just hang out at home. When you give your guests a gift card to Uber Eats, you’re giving them the chance to slow down and take a break from cooking. Getting food delivered is so easy now, which is why anyone would appreciate this type of gift card.

There are all kinds of local places as well as national chains on the Uber Eats app, so they’re sure to find exactly what they’re hungry for. Whether it’s Asian food, pizza, or healthy smoothies, Uber Eats is the easiest way to get your favorite food delivered to your door.

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8. Yankee Candle

Everyone can use a new scented candle

Buy a Yankee Candle Gift Card

Yankee Candle is high on our list of gift cards for wedding guests. Coming home and lighting a new candle fills up the whole house with a subtle and pleasant scent. They set the tone for working, thinking, or relaxing. We are certain anyone would cherish the opportunity to go out and purchase a new candle from this amazing store. Yankee Candles are pretty expensive, but they are fragrant and last a long time. Coupling the candle quality with your gift card is the perfect storm. 

Buy a Yankee Candle Gift Card

9. Barnes and Noble

A place for wedding guests to pick up their next read

Buy a Barnes and Noble gift card

We love books here at Gift Card Granny. A gift card to Barnes and Noble is a great way to show your appreciation, and a little gift card providing a discount on their next purchase is amazing. Books are expensive! There is such a diverse collection of books that there is something for everyone on their shelves! 

Buy a Barnes and Noble gift card

10. Macy’s

The perfect gift card for affordable shopping 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

Macy’s is an affordable department store that houses loads of fun and fashionable items. A Macy’s gift card for wedding guests is a fantastic way to let clothes-loving wedding guests take a shopping trip to this fantastic store. Not everyone likes to go shopping, but if you know someone who likes to keep a fresh wardrobe, then a Macy’s gift card is great! 

Clothing is a good gift card for wedding guests in general, because even if they don’t like it, everyone still needs to go clothes shopping! 

Buy a Macy’s gift card

11. Amazon

Everyone has an Amazon list in their back pocket

Buy an Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards will always be a solid gift card for wedding guests. If you aren’t sure what to get them, an Amazon gift card covers basically all of the bases. On top of that, it is very easy to convert an Amazon gift card to cash in their Amazon wallet, where it is automatically added to their next purchase. 

Amazon has an unending quantity of items across every imaginable sector. No matter the guest, a small Amazon gift card will be welcome as their party favor. This is one of the few gift cards you could use as every single party favor, as Amazon has something for everyone. 

Gift Card Granny does not offer Amazon gift cards at this time, but you can snag one at GiftYa!

These are our favorite gift cards for wedding guests!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift card on this list or picked out a combination for your guests! There will always be people of all ages at your wedding, so it is important to figure out what kind of gift cards are best for each person. You can stick with a standard card, like Amazon or Visa, to appease everyone, or you could grab some more focused gift cards you know individual guests will like. There are ample options on Gift Card Granny! 

Remember: We highlighted all the gift cards available on Gift Card Granny as of writing this article. You can earn cashback today when you pick up a gift card with us! 

From all of us at Gift Card Granny: Happy Shopping!