A Guide to Creating Custom Easter Baskets

Easter is fast approaching. So we’re going to show how to create custom Easter baskets, where you consider the recipient’s personality and hobbies. This way, each basket is thoughtful and unique and something they want. We provide an array of choices for everyone in your family, and these are easy to make. 

1. Gift Card Easter Basket

First things first — a gift card Easter basket! Easter is a fantastic time to gather up a couple of gift cards that you know they will like all in one and celebrate Easter with fun future outings. Each card's specific store is up to you, but we’ve got hundreds of retailers on Gift Card Granny and you can earn cash back while you shop! There’s no right or wrong amount of gift cards to give in the Easter basket, and you can fill out the space with something fun like candy and other consumables suited to their taste. 

2. Toddler Easter Basket

This may be the first Easter basket your child remembers, so make it a fun one. Line a wicker basket with a cloth so your child doesn’t poke themself. Fill the basket with Easter-inspired or bunny-themed books such as Pat the Bunny or a Peter Rabbit board book. Add in some musical and shakable plastic eggs to play along with some new blocks. Hide a few stuffed animals in there, including a bunny and a lamb. Finish the basket with toddler-approved snacks, such as Gerber Puffs or goldfish crackers.

3. Dump Truck Easter Basket

This idea is perfect for toddlers and preschool-aged boys (certified lovers of dump trucks). You can fill the dump truck with boy-themed toys and candy. Start with a few Legos or blocks. Kids love dumping things out. Add in a new ball, a Frisbee, and some sidewalk chalk in the shape of Easter eggs. Finish with his favorite candy, including a large chocolate bunny, and some jelly beans. You can use a gift card to Dollar Tree or Dollar General to build this basket affordably and still get your young son lots of goodies for Easter.

4. Crafty Easter Basket

This is perfect for crafty kids. All you need is a simple plastic basket, some painter’s tape and chalkboard spray paint. Again, you can find cheap plastic Easter baskets at a dollar store. Cover the basket handle and the basket edges so they don’t get sprayed. Spray a light first coat, adding more as they dry. You’ll probably need up to four coats. After the final coat, let your basket dry for 24 hours. Fill it with some fun arts and craft supplies, such as construction paper, watercolors, markers, colored pencils, stickers, glitter pipe cleaners, and sidewalk chalk eggs. Hide some of her favorite candy throughout the basket.

5. Sports Helmet Basket for Boys

Is your preteen boy all about football? Maybe he’s into hockey or he’s into riding ATV’s with his dad. This is the perfect holiday to gift him his own helmet and fill it with goodies. If he’s a football fanatic, gift him a football in the helmet too. If he’s into hockey, surprise him with some hockey pucks. If he loves to go riding with dad, tuck in a pair of new sunglasses.  Add some trading cards and a gift card to a sporting goods store to buy more gear for his new hobby. Supplement the helmet with a stuffed animal, his favorite flavored water, and some candy

6. Baking-Themed Easter Basket

Baking traditions are passed down to the younger generations in many a family, and kids spending time baking with their grandparents is often a fond memory for their whole lives. Start that tradition this Easter with a baking-themed basket. Build your Easter basket base out of a colorful mixing bowl. Fill it with the Easter basket grass and baking utensils, such as measuring spoons, wooden mixing spoons, and a silicone baking mat. Add some silicone baking cups, some colorful sprinkles, and a homemade cookie mix layered in a mason jar with instructions tied on with a pastel ribbon. For the finishing touch, add a children’s cookbook. There are fun themed cookbooks perfect for every kid. Adding a Visa or Mastercard gift card would be a great bonus because they could replenish everything wherever it's convenient for them.

7. Gardening Easter Basket

This is the perfect themed Easter basket that works for any age. If your child is interested in gardening, present him one of these and hope she’ll develop her green thumb and help you in the garden even more. Use a plant potter as a base and stuff it with gardening tools, a watering can, and an apron. Add a foam pad for her knees. Finish the basket off with some seeds for flowers or to start a vegetable garden.

8. Rain Boot Easter Basket

Do your children need new rain boots for spring? Use a new pair as the Easter basket base and fill it with Easter basket grass, a new umbrella, and lots of different candy. Include some marshmallow Peeps, spring M&M’s, chocolate bunnies, and plastic eggs full of jelly beans.

9. Make-up Themed Easter Basket

What young teenage girl wouldn’t love a make-up-themed Easter basket? You can create your Easter basket out of the make-up bag as your base. Fill it with goodies such as lip gloss, nail polish, and scented lotions. Nail polish strips, like Color Street are trendy nowadays so consider adding a few shades of those or some decorative nail art. Add some chocolate and decorative fun socks. As the finishing touch, add a gift card to a beauty and make-up store, such as Ulta Beauty or Sephora.

10. Movie Themed Easter Basket

Almost everyone loves movies and would appreciate a movie-themed basket from your teenager to your parents. Try to get an old-fashioned popcorn tub and use that as your base. Fill it with packages of microwave popcorn, candy bars, and M&M’s. If you know the movies on the recipient's wish list, include some new DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Otherwise, stick in some gift cards to Hulu, where they can rent the latest film and enjoy the movie-watching experience right from home.

11. Girlfriends Easter Basket

Purchase a high-quality square wicker basket and decorate the basket by adding a simple bouquet and some baby’s breath. You can decide if you want these to be fresh or silk flowers. Fill it with goodies that your best friend or sister would want to relax. Include a scented candle, relaxing bath salts, and luxurious body lotion. Remember to add at least a few gourmet chocolate bunnies. Add her favorite magazine and consider including a Barnes and Noble gift card so she can buy a yearly subscription. For an extra indulgence, give her a Massage LUXE gift card so she can ease all her stress away with a relaxing massage

12. Coffee Lovers and Chocolate Easter Basket

This is the perfect basket to give a friend that needs both coffee and chocolate to survive. Begin with an oversized coffee mug and fill it with single servings of hot chocolate, K-cups of her favorite coffee, and fine gourmet chocolates. Include some samples of her favorite creamer in there too. Beyond that, fill this “basket,” with delicious chocolate goodness with candy, various hot chocolate, and rich mocha coffee singles. Add a gift card to Caribou Coffee or another coffee shop.

13. Tool Kit Easter Basket for Guys

Making an Easter basket for your husband? How about a new toolkit filled with tools and gadgets? Craftsman makes soft and hard tool kits that work perfectly as your base. See what tools he needs right now and add those, such as a new set of sockets, a set of screwdrivers, or a box of drill bits. It’s always a great idea to include a new tape measure and safety goggles as well. Have fun with the rest of his basket by including lots of his favorite candy and tuck in a gift card to Home Depot so he can purchase more tools.

14. Pets Easter Basket

You don’t want to forget your pet this Easter. Find a sturdy container and fill it with a new water bowl, a new brush, and of course, a new bone to chew. Add some new toys, including a new rope to play tug-of-war with and some new balls to play fetch with. Don’t forget your pet’s favorite treats since he should have goodies on Easter too. Having a gift card to Pet Smart or another pet store will make building this basket even easier for you.

I hope this list got your creative juices flowing, and that you’re inspired to make some unique Easter baskets this year that everyone in your family will love. There is no reason that just the kids should get candy. These allow teens and adults to get fun treats too. These are simple to simple and with the help of Giftcard Granny, these are stress-free to make too.

15. Edible Easter Basket

The trick to any edible Easter basket is the rice crispy treat bowl, where you pile all your candy and goodies! If you want to go all-in, fill it with sweets, cookies, and other baked goods. Twizzlers make great handles, but for a little more structural integrity, you can use twine or plastic to ensure you don’t lose the whole basket in transit. This will wow your kids, friends, and family if you’re willing to do extra work this Easter season.

16. Mason Jar Easter Basket

The Mason Jar Easter basket is an exciting take on the classic easter basket. Mason jars are versatile and they leave you with a great space to fill up with whatever you choose! Our favorite is mini easter eggs, but the world is your oyster. Note: We do not recommend filling it up with oysters. 


17. Crocheted Easter Basket

This next Easter basket is perfect for creatives. If you already know how to crochet, this basket will be a fun and easy project! You can follow this link for the pattern of a crocheted Easter basket and you’ll have the basket ready in no time! You can fill it with your choice of candy, gift cards, and little bits of crafting.  

18. Succulent Easter Basket

Last but not least is our succulent Easter basket! This is our favorite choice for young adults. A few more succulents in anyone’s life is a win. A nice, wicker basket with a few small potted plants and small candies in between is sure to put a smile on the face of any young adult. 

These are our favorite Easter baskets

We hope this list got your creative juices flowing and that you’re inspired to make some unique Easter baskets this year that everyone in your family will love. There is no reason that just the kids should get candy. With the help of Gift Card Granny, they will be a piece of cake!