Sell Your Gift Card for Cash

Gift cards are generally good gifts suitable for all kinds of occasions. Their simple design and monetary value make gift cards a preferable travel companion, taking away the hassle of cash and contributing to a more organized space. Gift cards are redeemable at a variety of renowned retailers for various products and services; whether it’s for dining out, home improvement, buying new clothes, or booking a last-minute vacation, there is no limit on what gift cards are capable of. 

Now that we’ve acknowledged how amazing gift cards can be, let’s address the fact that every disgruntled gift card recipient who receives a gift card for a retailer they never shop at must accept the reality of money gone to waste. If you find yourself or someone you know in a position akin to this, hold off on despairing too soon – there’s ways you can still come out on top by selling your unused gift cards for cash. 

You heard that right: you can sell unwanted gift cards for sweet, sweet moolah, and it isn’t all that difficult either!

There are many reputable websites out there that allow you to sell gift cards and turn them into instant cash; furthermore, gift cards you no longer want may be exchanged for more desirable gift cards to retailers you frequently shop at. No matter which option you choose, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be walking away satisfied and happy. 

Where Should I Sell My Gift Cards?

Any legitimate online retailer that offers money for your unwanted gift cards is generally okay, but it pays off to do a little research beforehand to make sure you are getting the best possible deals. 

Raise is an online marketplace for folks seeking to get rid of their gift cards and store credits through selling them to other consumers. Raise allows users to list new or partially used gift cards for thousands of brands, freely designate the selling price, and then receive your funds through a direct deposit or money service like PayPal. For individuals looking to purchase gift cards at a discount, Raise has tons of listings from sellers who are simply looking to get rid of the unneeded funds and charge for less than the gift card is actually worth. 

CardCash has the largest inventory of discounted gift cards available from any online site and has, since its inception, helped save customers over fifty million dollars from their favorite retail brands. Customers can exchange their gift cards for cash via ACH, check, or online money payment services. When unwanted gift cards are traded for other gift cards, customers can get paid up to a whopping 11% more. For folks just browsing the numerous gift cards available for purchase CardCash has options for thousands of popular brands that consumers love. 

Does Gift Card Granny Give Cash For Unwanted Gift Cards?

Businesses need to evolve in order to suit the demands of consumers and, unfortunately, Gift Card Granny no longer provides cash in return for gift cards. However, customers can still take advantage of discounts on gift cards for popular retailers at Gift Card Granny through immediate cash back. Rather than relying on the sale of an old gift card you know you aren’t going to use, save on future gift card purchases when you pick from any of the brands available at Gift Card Granny. 

Get discounts on Gift Card Granny when you buy from your favorite brands by earning cash back. Once you rack up enough, you can either purchase a gift card for a retailer that interests you or receive a cash payout. Check out all of the gift card options for purchase on our website

Continue reading to learn more about some of our featured gift cards.

1. Express

Get the latest fashion trends in the blink of an eye 

Buy an Express gift card

If your closet is in desperate need of a restock, Express is one retailer that you must check out. This fashion retailer has been supplying customers with the latest clothing trends for young men and women since they first opened their doors back in 1980, from the casual and laid back designs to formal dress and business attire. 

The entire fashion catalog at Express is available to view online, allowing customers to find exactly what they are looking for before they even leave the house. Express also makes pick-up simple by allowing customers to reserve their selection online, eliminating the need for in-store running around. 

Express offers a full subsection devoted to suits for men, from styles like modern tech suits to modern chico suits. Dress pants, blazers, and jackets are also sold individually for folks who want to style their own suit. Women can find a variety of cute tops and dresses for a range of occasions, from spring celebrations to weddings. 

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2. World Market

Affordable and imported household products to help inspire home decorators 

Buy a World Market gift card

Shopping at this specialty retailer is always worth it if you’re someone who lives for imported and exotic goods. Whether it’s furniture, decor, apparel, curtains, rugs, food, or a whole lot of other miscellaneous items, World Market is where you can find some of the most interesting and unique products around. 

World Market is an emporium of various specialty items that will take your home design skills to the next level. From elegant and spacious rugs and faux potted plants to kitchen tools and cookware essentials, World Market has a product for every room in the house. And don’t forget to give your pantry some exotic love with imported food and grocery staples including candies, chocolates, seasonings, jams, coffee, tea, craft beer, wine, and many more appetizing options for a variety of diets and lifestyles. 

Shop an eclectic and loveable assortment of products and designs when you buy a World Market gift card from Gift Card Granny, plus earn easy cash back!  

3. Staples

Get the latest office supplies and electronics to keep your business booming

Buy a Staples gift card

Whether you’re an office worker or simply need to stock up on supplies at home, Staples is a great retailer for all things office-related. Shop for printing paper, ballpoint pens, notebooks, laptops, chromebooks, computer desks, label makers, flash drives, and so much more. 

Staples keeps your office up with the times by providing you a wide array of electronics to make running your business a piece of cake. They offer numerous services including tech, printing, marketing, shredding, podcasting, and even online notary services. If you’re on the lookout for good deals, Staples offers plenty of limited-time offers, weekly ads, and coupons that are definitely worth looking into, along with a clearance section. 

Check out Gift Card Granny to save with cash back on a Staples gift card!

4. Taco Bell

Be bold with your fast food selection with this fiery chain

Buy a Taco Bell gift card

Fast food is certainly convenient when you don’t have time to make lunch or dinner, but it gets even better when you have a gift card for your favorite fast food joint. A Taco Bell gift card is just the thing to satisfy those relentless cravings for tacos, burritos, nachos, and all that spicy goodness. 

Customers can choose from signature Taco Bell menu items that are packed with flavor, such as double steak grilled cheese burritos or gooey chicken chipotle melts, or go fully customized with a variety of made-to-order items. They also have delicious sides like cheesy potatoes, pintos and cheese, and cinnamon twists for dessert. 

Earn cash back on a Taco Bell gift card from Gift Card Granny!

5. Dunkin’

This coffee joint has been keeping Americans energized for generations

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

There’s no shortage of coffeehouses and chains specializing in this iconic caffeinated beverage, which means you can afford to be a little picky with who you buy your coffee from. Dunkin’ has been a prevalent part of American culture for many decades and has only seen an upward surge in terms of popularity as the years have gone by, making it a contender for the most beloved coffee chain in the nation. 

Dunkin’ may have got its start by pairing traditional hot coffee with delicious in-house baked donuts, but it has now evolved to be a top destination for crafted coffee beverages, tasty breakfast items, and more pastries than ever before. From iced coffee and cold brew to signature lattes and fluffy cappuccinos, to sickeningly sweet or bitter and black, Dunkin’ has a brew and a bite fit for everyone. 

Sip like there’s no tomorrow with a Dunkin’ gift card from Gift Card Granny!

6. Tidal

Listen to all of your favorite songs from wherever you are 

Buy a Tidal gift card

Streaming has overtaken the music industry in stride. Vinyl record, mixtapes, and CDs still exist and may be bought from a variety of retailers, but music streaming services are quickly becoming the biggest money-makers out there for current artists by providing consumers with an easy, hassle-free way of listening to all your favorite songs. 

Tidal is one of many subscription-based streaming services that allows users to listen to millions of songs from old and new artists alike. Alongside high-quality music video streaming, curated playlists, and intriguing podcasts, Tidal has infinite hours on audio content for your endless entertainment. Users can also download songs and listen offline, which is a major plus when the WiFi won’t connect. 

Earn cash back on a Tidal gift card from Gift Card Granny!

7. Twitch 

Access streams by your favorite creators for hours of entertainment

Buy a Twitch gift card

Another popular form of streaming-based entertainment consists of live streams through services like Twitch. Launched in 2011, Twitch now reigns as one of the biggest video live streaming services on the market, providing users with direct access to creative content from their favorite users at anytime, day or night. 

Twitch primarily features content related to video games and allows gamers to watch other content creators live stream the latest in video game releases. While non-gamers may not see much appeal in watching other folks broadcast their video game skills online, Twitch is evidently popular among the masses, with over fifteen million users tuning in every day. eSports content and music streaming is also rampant on the website, along with various other forms of video-based entertainment. 

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