Can You Send an eGift Card to Yourself and Print It?

We all know gift cards come in handy in a pinch. After all, it can be difficult knowing exactly what somebody else wants to receive as a present, and gift cards offer the perfect opportunity to give a well-meaning gift to someone you care about without putting in a ton of extra effort on your routine shopping trips. 

You can purchase gift cards for a variety of shops and services, which means the gifting possibilities are near endless. Whether it’s given alongside a bouquet of other wonderful presents or is neatly concealed within a thoughtful card perfect for the occasion, a gift card is always nice to receive. 

As gift cards remain consistently popular in this digital age, it’s only natural to expect egift cards to flourish as well. Even if you have not personally been the recipient of an electronic gift card, you have likely come across your fair share of egift card options while browsing online shops and collecting offers from the various companies you give your business to. Digital gift cards are an extremely convenient way of giving that same gift card magic to folks both near and far, as they can easily be sent to whoever you choose all with the click of a button (or mouse, or screen). However, egift cards also have a slight drawback in comparison to traditional gift cards – they tend to fall flat when it comes to making an impression. 

That’s the sad truth. In fact, it just feels better to be able to give someone you care about a physical gift, even if that gift is only credit on a plastic card. Electronic gift cards, though virtually no different from traditional gift cards and gift certificates and considerably more convenient to send, come up short next to their physical counterparts. 

You’re likely wondering if that means you ought to avoid buying any digital gift cards, but remember that you can always have the best of both worlds by printing out the egift card and actually giving it to your recipient in physical form. To do that, all you need to do is email the digital gift card to yourself, download the PDF, and then send it to your personal printer for a secure paper copy. 

Sending yourself an egift card really isn’t all that hard, and it may be just what you need to do to take your gift to the next level!

Earn Cash Back on eGift Cards with Gift Card Granny

The best thing about giving a gift card to someone you care about, aside from knowing that you put a smile on their face, might as well be all the potential for savings on your purchases from retailers like Gift Card Granny. We offer our customers a chance to earn cash back on purchases of gift cards for a variety of well-known retailers and household brands, including things like entertainment, travel, apparel, restaurants, home furnishings, baby supplies, and drug stores. 

We’ve featured some of our favorite egift cards available at Gift Card Granny below, which you can send to yourself for printing purposes – hooray!

1. Old Navy 

Find your next favorite fashion pieces at this colorful retailer

Buy an Old Navy gift card

Gifting a new clothing item to someone you care about is pretty common. Recall those birthdays and holiday celebrations from your own youth; how many random articles of clothing did you receive from your dear old parents? Chances are way more than you ever expected, or even really wanted. Instead of leaving somebody else stuck in an awkward position of faux gratitude, opt for a gift card to a fashion retailer or clothing brand you know they love to shop at. 

Old Navy is a match made in heaven for fashion-forward folks of any age, from the young and energetic youth to more conservative apparel for older adults. They have a large selection of colorful and comfortable apparel that will make you feel totally like yourself whether you’re at work or just having fun. Shop for must-have attire including sweaters, swimsuits, bottoms, polos, blouses, leggings, activewear, socks, pajamas, underwear, jewelry, shoes, and loads more  accessories to finish off any outfit. 

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2. Chipotle

Add a little spice into your life with flexible meal options that work for you 

Buy a Chipotle gift card

Sometimes juggling your various work and life responsibilities between each other can be much more than just a handful. When your schedule is hectic and you find yourself scarce on time, taking time out of your day to make a nutritious lunch or dinner is practically impossible. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can skip out on a meal, which is exactly why food gift cards are an ingenious idea. 

Chipotle, for instance, is always available for those busy workers who need to fill up quick on fresh and trustworthy ingredients. Hungry customers can choose from a variety of different styles to consume their meals including burritos, tacos, and massive bowls. Chipotle offers delicious protein options like chicken, barbacoa, steak, carnitas, fajita veggies, and shredded tofu. After deciding on a protein, finish out your dish with an array of scrumptious toppings featuring Mexican cuisine staples like guacamole, queso, sour cream, corn salsa, lettuce, and more. You can also make it a total meal with a side of crunchy chips and a drink to ensure you stay full!

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3. Zappos

Step into your next favorite style with accessories to match 

Buy a Zappos gift card

When it comes to shoes, finding a pair that fits both your feet and your sense of style can be tricky. So many stores have a bland selection of adult designs, and on those rare occasions where you do stumble across a fashionable pair you only end up frustrated that they are out of your size. 

Take a step away from those outdated department store finds and browse a massive online catalog of footwear at Zappos. What other shoe stores lack in terms of variety, Zappos has in excess for men, women, and kids. This retailer carries shoes of all types including sneakers and athleticwear, heels, clogs, boots, sandals, flats, Oxfords, slippers, loafers, and adaptive shoes for adults. 

Zappos also sells a range of apparel and accessories to further elevate your sense of style; shop for dresses, shorts, rompers, underwear, eyewear, bags, hats, wallets, and more. Earn cash back on a Zappos gift card when you use Gift Card Granny! 

4. TripGift

This service makes giving the gift to anywhere easier than ever

Buy a TripGift gift card

You can really make a difference with your electronic gift when you use TripGift, an online service that transforms the way we find great deals on travel and booking expenses. 

Sight-seeing in beautiful cities and exotic regions of the world can be quite the financial undertaking, but TripGift makes it easy to give those you care about the chance to live out their own adventure in a thrilling new environment. TripGift travel gift cards are useful for booking flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, airport transfers, tours, and even online learning courses to broaden your cultural knowledge before you leave for your trip. 

Visit alluring destinations like Thailand, Rome, Dubai, Singapore, Maldives, Paris, and more with a TripGift gift card from Gift Card Granny! It’s certainly bound to leave a lasting impression on any gift recipient. 

5. Barnes & Noble

Life is a lot more enjoyable with a book by your side

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

When you walk into your local bookstore with the intent of purchasing a gift for someone you know who is a reader, it becomes clear quite quickly that there are a lot of books to choose from. Like, an absurd amount; how can you hope to pick a good one? 

Enter Barnes & Noble, the largest retailer of books and related merchandise in the nation. With thousands of different titles in stock and a range of exciting genres to explore, readers of every creed will be certain to find a book that catches their reading eye. Alongside great book, Barnes & Noble keeps board games, toys, and collectible merchandise for a variety of pop culture phenomena. 

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6. Airbnb 

Find your home away from home 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Travel is always a fun-filled experience, though some hotels can be a little lackluster and fail to capture the atmosphere you were hoping for on your vacay. Step into a stylish abode during your next trip with an Airbnb gift card.

Reminiscent of traditional bed-and-breakfasts, Airbnb offers a stay akin to booking a hotel room with a much more unique flare. From vacation rentals to prolonged lodging situations, Airbnb allows guests to stay in a variety of interesting homes in all kinds of areas, from the incessantly urban to the tranquil, rural countryside. Find housing affairs that cater to your specific needs and never worry about having your privacy disturbed by hotel staff. 

Gift Card Granny offers cash back on Airbnb gift cards

7. Apollo Box

Discover the unlimited potential of products from this virtual marketplace

Buy an Apollo Box gift card

Finding a gift that has meaning and is appreciated by the recipient is easier said than done. Gift cards aren’t the most intimate gifts out there, but a gift card to Apollo Box can be the perfect remedy to this tricky situation. 

Apollo Box is an online marketplace filled with unique, one-of-a-kind products from vendors across the world. You can browse normal household items for everyday use, bold artistic creations that hold your attention captive, and mountains of other amazing products to enhance your living space. There’s no shortage of products available for direct purchase at Apollo Box, so let your recipient pick their own gift and never lose faith in your gift-giving capabilities again. 

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8. Dunkin’

Sip on something tasty for your daily dose of energy 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

This American coffee chain can be found throughout the nation, and with its booming coffee empire and grip on our modern culture, Dunkin’ is your go-to source for fast caffeine and sweet treats. 

You can enjoy a variety of delicious beverages at your local Dunkin’. There’s lattes, cold brew, iced coffee, fruity refreshers, and an array of tempting syrups and sauces to experiment with. Whether you prefer your cup bitter and strong or so sweet it’ll make you prone to a toothache, Dunkin’ has a brew for you. Pair your beverage with a filling breakfast sandwich or a donut for an even better experience!

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Gift Card Granny offers a wide variety of great egift cards perfect for all of your gifting needs. No matter what category you’re looking for, we’re bound to have a gift card that piques your interest and earns you a decent percentage of cash back. And remember, if you want to give someone a physical egift card, all you need to do is send it to your own email address and print it from there. 

It’s really that easy, so you can do your shopping in peace!