Unique Gift Card Ideas for Christmas

Knowing exactly what gift card to give to someone else for Christmas is a skill not many of us were blessed with. If you find yourself struggling to come up with gift card ideas for the many important people you have in your life, know that you are far from alone. Many folks have a less than ideal time shopping for gift cards even when they know the person they are buying for very well, especially during the Christmas season. There’s something about this time of year that puts a considerable amount of pressure on people to pick out the perfect presents, ones that are better than all other times of the year. 

While finding the “perfect present” may have to exist only as a fantasy, you can get pretty darn close when you go for unique gift cards that stand out from the rest and really make an impression on your recipient. For your shopping convenience, we have curated a list of wholly unique gift cards for retailers that make quite the impression upon even the most picky of gift recipients. From online marketplaces brimming with quirky creations you won’t find anywhere else to specialty shops for a range of fun hobbies such as music and fashion, you can discover so many amazing gift card options all in one place. 

We have many different types of unique gift cards to get introduced with, and a majority can be found available on Gift Card Granny. You can expect to learn more about the following gift cards:

  • Gift cards for cakes and cookies
  • Gift cards for travel and leisure 
  • Gift cards for decor and furnishings 

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1. Spafinder

Help them book the treatment they’re long overdue for

Buy a Spafinder gift card

Give someone you care about a rejuvenating afternoon where they are pampered beyond belief at a spa of their choosing. Sound like more work than you’d like? It’s simple when you give them a Spafinder gift card and let it do the rest. 

Spafinder connects users to a vast directory of participating locations from around the world where they may use their gift card at. Browse a surplus of spas, salons, fitness and yoga studios, and even wellness retreats that you may attend at your discretion. Sit back and let the stress flow out as you receive the best massage of your lifetime, practice new yoga poses while taking in beautiful sceneries, or enjoy the blissful warmth of steam rooms that soothe you to your bones.

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2. Airbnb

Offer them a stay in the place of their dreams

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Hotels may get the job done, but they often do not deliver an immersive local experience that inserts you into the center of the commotion. When you book with Airbnb, you get a lodging experience that you won’t soon forget. 

Airbnb allows travelers to seek out vacation rentals and long-term homestays at a plethora of unique residencies at thousands of different locations around the world. Live out your dreams in a remote countryside cottage, stay warm by the fireside in a log cabin in the snowy woods, or immerse yourself in urban life in an antiquated downtown apartment rich in the area’s history. There is no limit on what kind of travel experience you can have when you find a rental that works for you with Airbnb. 

Give someone an unforgettable holiday anywhere they want with an Airbnb gift card from Gift Card Granny! 

3. Milk Bar

Get a gift that really takes the cake this Christmas

If you are considering gift card options for somebody with a prominent sweet tooth, don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill pick with no pizzazz. Give them something extraordinary with a confectionary goodie from Milk Bar and you’ll be certain to make a lasting impression. 

Milk Bar is a chain of bakery and dessert restaurants across the U.S. that ship delicious treats straight from their online shop nationwide. Milk Bar desserts take traditional American confections and add a unique twist, such as caramel apple cake, chocolate peanut butter crunch pie, and even a holiday flavored milk kit. Order all of your sugary favorites and have them delivered fresh to any destination in the country. 

Gift cards for Milk Bar are not currently offered through Gift Card Granny, but don’t let that stop you from satisfying your craving for something sweet!

4. Saks Fifth Avenue

The premier destination for designer fashion 

Buy a Saks Fifth Avenue gift card

Designer fashion can rack up quite the shopping bill. Before you drop a considerable chunk of money on a new addition to your recipient’s wardrobe that you aren’t even sure they’ll like, think about if a gift card to an upscale department store would be a wiser choice. Your recipient can score the stylish new outfit they want with something as simple as a gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Luxury fashion, designer clothing, and more is available at Saks Fifth Avenue. In terms of apparel, they sell cocktail dresses, activewear, jackets, evening gowns, bridal dresses, jeans, robes, lingerie, suits, sweaters, and more. From occasions where you want to dress to impress to those spent in the company of loved ones, Saks Fifth Avenue has plenty of magnificent clothing options that will catch your eye. 

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5. World Market

Diverse tastes require gift cards with a lot of buying potential 

Buy a World Market gift card

Eccentric decorators and those who appreciate foreign tastes will certainly get their money’s worth out of a World Market gift card, where they can shop among aisles of imported goods and specialty products, including home furniture, curtains, rugs, lighting fixtures, dinnerware, food, drinks, and holiday finds. 

World Market can take any stale household with no sense of style and imbue it with charm and character. Start shaping your domain with classy art pieces and flamboyant furnishings tailored to your style in no time at all when you shop at a World Market location. 

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6. Uncommon Goods

A gift that you won’t be able to find anywhere else 

Searching for a truly remarkable gift that will make your recipient feel like they’re one-of-a-kind? An Uncommon Goods gift card is capable of delivering a custom creation that is just as special as your recipient, so you don’t have to worry about your gift being too boring or repetitive. 

If you aren’t familiar with Uncommon Goods, it is an online retailer featuring an expansive catalog of unique gifts from independent makers from all over the world. Uncommon Goods sells household products, decor, jewelry, kitchenware, apparel, accessories, personal care items, and products for kids. You can check off men, women, and children from your Christmas list when you get a gift card for Uncommon Goods. 

Check out Uncommon Goods here. Gift cards are not available through Gift Card Granny at this time. 

7. Guitar Center

This considerate gift is bound to strike a chord

Buy a Guitar Center gift card

Do you have any aspiring musicians in the family? Are any of your close friends interested in playing an instrument? Perhaps you know some folks who are quite talented at music already and want to surprise them with an impressive new piece. You can give any music lover anything they want with a Guitar Center gift card. 

Guitar Center is the perfect destination for music lovers. As the world’s largest instrument retailer, Guitar Center sells all manner of music equipment for shows, from basement performances to massive concert stages. Browse a vast catalog of popular guitars, basses, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, microphones, recording equipment, accessories, and anything else you need to bring your music to life. 

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8. Sur La Table 

Grab everything you need to cook at this kitchen store

Buy a Sur La Table gift card

You can surprise any friend or relative who loves to whip up tasty concoctions in the kitchen this Christmas with a Sur La Table gift card. When kitchenware is on your shopping list, Sur La Table undeniably delivers by offering an array of kitchen essentials to make your home complete. This retailer sells high quality cutlery, cookware, small appliances, linens, decor, bakeware, cooking knives, and more. You can also browse a variety of food products sold by Sur La Table, from baking mixes and seasonings to coffee and tea. 

For anyone who is interested in elevating their cooking skills, Sur La Table offers an impressive selection of cooking classes designed for all kinds of different occasions. There’s date night classes, holiday classes, baking classes, online classes, and even cooking classes for kids where adults and children can have fun together.

There are so many people out there who find joy in cooking that you are bound to have some on your shopping list. Grab them a Sur La Table gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back today!

9. Custom Visa Gift Card 

Get them practically anything with this gift card 

Buy a custom Visa gift card

You won’t get many complaints when you go with a Visa gift card for Christmas. Not only are Visa gift cards incredibly convenient payment tools, but they can be created to be distinct and unique when you choose to design your own custom Visa gift card to give to someone you love. 

It’s true that you can walk into a store and pick up any old Visa gift card for the holidays, but what’s so special about that? Those same default designs are getting stale pretty fast, which is why you should put in a few seconds of extra effort this Christmas to design a custom Visa gift card. With custom Visa gift cards, you have the ability to upload your own personal photo onto the card. Pay homage to special moments forever preserved in time by customizing your Visa gift card with a photo that means a lot to you, whether it is of a celebration of Christmas past or something very recent that means a lot to you. 

You can start working on your own custom Visa gift card when you use Gift Card Granny to build your creation!


Make Christmas shopping easy on yourself this year by using gift cards to your advantage. Gift cards make it easy to stay organized while you shop for presents and they make gift exchanges extremely simple for everyone involved. Finding the best gift card for your recipient can be tricky when you aren’t sure where to look, but there are so many gift cards for unique online retailers out there that are likely to impress. If you can’t find a good gift card on your own, remember that there are plenty of gift cards available at Gift Card Granny that you can earn cash back on when you buy!