Vanilla Visa Activation

Do you have a Vanilla gift card? The information below discusses FAQs including gift card activation, where your card can be used and how to check the balance.

How To Activate My Vanilla Gift Card

Do I have news for you; Vanilla gift cards are automatically activated when purchased. Easy peasy! As a helpful tip, you may want to jot down the gift card number on a sheet of paper in case its lost or stolen.

How To Check My Vanilla Gift Card Balance

On the back of your card is a toll-free number which provides step-by-step directions to find your gift card balance.

Where Can I Use A Vanilla Gift Card

Vanilla Visa gift cards can be used anywhere within the United States that accepts Visa debit cards. If you want to shop online you’ll need to sign into your account and assign the card a zip code.

Can I Withdrawal Cash With My Vanilla Gift Card

No; you cannot use your Vanilla gift card to receive cash back or make a withdrawal from an ATM.