Why Gift Cards Are A Good Idea

As of 2015, nearly 93% of American consumers have given a gift card. With the total volume of gift cards projected to reach $160 billion in 2018, it’s clear to see that few people would argue against giving, or receiving, gift cards.

With more than two-thirds of merchants now offering gift cards, there's not much that can’t be bought. Technology has caught up with the trend, with the majority of merchants providing an eGift option.

So what are you waiting for? Do you still have reservations? If so, Gift Card Granny recommends you read the following arguments for giving gift cards this holiday season.

1. They're Desirable

gift card present
See those statistics at the beginning of this blog post? There’s a reason that number is so high. People enjoy receiving gift cards because they get to choose their own gift. Can you blame them? This is also the perfect gift for those who are notoriously picky.

2. Save Money

Too few people know you can purchase discount gift cards. Check out the cards on Gift Card Granny and you'll find all are sold for dollars off the face value. Even if you just use a card to buy groceries and other basic necessities, you can't help but save money.

3. Save on Shipping Costs

Shipping presents is expensive. Many gift card merchants will mail directly to the recipient for a minimal fee or no cost. More retailers are now sliding those cards into cute little holders, so your loved one doesn't just receive a little rectangle of plastic.

Granny Tip: If you want to avoid shipping costs or are short on time, opt for an eGift card. These are great last minute gifts that can quickly be delivered to the recipient’s email inbox.

4. Convenience

Thanks to the CARD Act, gift-card owners can use them when and how they want without worrying about burdensome fees. You can wait a year or more and not lose any money off the face value. It's also possible to check gift card balances online, so you know how much is left before shopping.

5. Giving Is Twice As Nice

Granny's Secret Deals

Granny has compiled a list of the best gift card offers including BOGO offers, coupons and freebies. Deals are updated daily with the latest offers. 

6. Gift Card Giving Guide

Between restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, it can be difficult deciding which type of gift card to give. Gift Card Granny surveyed 1,200 customers to find the most popular gift cards trends for the holiday season. Use the gift card giving guide to get helpful tips and the perfect gift card for everyone on your list.

Gift Card Giving Guide For The 2016 Holidays