Gift Card Giving Guide For The Holidays

Gift cards are sure to please anyone on your holiday list. But with all the options, how do you know which type to get? We’ve surveyed 1,200 Granny customers to find the most popular gift card trends for the 2016 holiday season. Be sure to check out our nifty infographic below!

Digital Gift Cards

The popularity of electronic gift cards have grown significantly over the years. With instant (or scheduled) email delivery, customers can order eGift cards for last minute presents or schedule delivery for a future date. Gift cards are trending more digital:

  • 36% of people have purchased a gift card via an app
  • 81% of consumers surveyed have purchased a digital gift card
  • 48% of those under 36 prefer digital gift cards to plastic

Conclusion: don’t be afraid to buy digital gift cards that are delivered via email, especially for younger recipients.

Most Popular Gift Cards Of 2016

According to consumers surveyed, the following brands are the most popular gift cards for 2016:

  1. Walmart
  2. Home Depot
  3. Target
  4. Starbucks
  5. Olive Garden 

Conclusion: age and interests will ultimately decide which popular brand you purchase. Walmart, Target and Starbucks are always a safe bet.

Gift Card Promotions

Many stores offer rewards and incentives for buying gift cards. With the ability to earn points, fuel perks and other promotions, 57% of consumers surveyed said they’ve made a gift card purchase solely to earn reward points or cash.

Conclusion: be on the lookout for special bonuses when buying gift cards from local businesses and popular brands.

Receiving Unwanted Gift Cards

It’s bound to happen; you receive a gift card that you won’t use. But what do you do with it? 45% of people use the gift card for the sake of using it while 48% will re-gift the card.

Conclusion: don’t fret if you receive a gift card you’ll never use. Granny’s here to get you the best offer when you sell your gift card.

Gift Card Giving Guide For The 2016 Holidays