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16 November Sales And Veterans Day Deals You Can’t Miss In 2018

November 9, 2018
Make the most of your budget with these these 16 sales and deals for Veterans Day. We've found the best savings on furniture, home décor, clothing and appliances. Also included is a collection of special offers for veterans and military personnel. From all of us at Gift Card Granny, thank you for your service! Deals And Freebies For Veterans …

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Veterans Day Freebies

November 9, 2018
Many companies, businesses and retailers show their gratitude to those who have served in the military by offering freebies and discounts on Veterans Day. Veterans and active duty can receive free or discounted meals, appetizers, desserts and more. Not to mention a free haircut and oil change. Most of the freebies listed below require proof of military service. Some examples include: Military …

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Can You Use A Visa Gift Card On Amazon

November 4, 2018
There’s $3.27 left on your Visa gift card. Are you scratching your head wondering how many packs of gum you can purchase? Put down the calculator; we’ve got news for you. Did you know that you can use your Visa gift card on Amazon? All you have to do is follow the simple steps below. How To Use A Visa …

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100+ Student Discounts

November 4, 2018
Ah, the privileges of being a student. Things like sleeping until noon, days off in the middle of the week, and hanging with friends every day aren't missed until they're gone. It's a mix of stressful studying and partying pleasure that ends up as an experience to remember for the rest of your life. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than …

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How To Get An Apple Military Discount

November 3, 2018
Take a minute and think of how many Apple products you own. Don’t forget about the unused iPad sitting in your electronics drawer. Or what about the Apple TV in the spare room? The average American household has an average of 2.6 Apple products according to CNBC’s All America Economic Survey. Seems nuts, doesn’t it? Apple products …

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