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12 of the Best Graduation Gift Ideas

May 7, 2021
Graduation season is approaching for both college and high school graduates. While cash, checks, and gift cards are always appreciated, there are ways to make your graduation gifts more meaningful to the graduate. Consider your personal relationship to graduate. Are they a family member like a niece or nephew, or a younger sibling or cousin? You have plenty of options from creating some …

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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day During Quarantine

April 16, 2021
Mother’s Day is different this year. While some protocols are loosening up, many of us are still separated from our moms. We’ve tried to think of some fun and creative ideas that will honor mom and remain mainly contactless unless you all live in the same house. This year, many moms are feeling overwhelmed so we’re including things like wine subscriptions, meal subscriptions, and …

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The 14 Best Gifts for Boys of All Ages

April 9, 2021
Are you looking for the perfect gift for a special boy in your life? Sometimes it’s hard to find a fun and unique present that he will truly enjoy. And no, he doesn’t want any more shirts or socks. And boys love video games, but you want boys' toys that entice them to do more than sit in front of a TV screen. So, …

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A Guide to Creating Custom Easter Baskets

March 26, 2021
Easter is less than three weeks away. Because of the pandemic, many of us may have a tough time buying the “perfect,” Easter basket for the children or teens in our lives. I’m going to show how to create custom Easter baskets, where you consider the recipient’s personality and hobbies. This way, each basket is thoughtful and unique and something they want. We provide an …

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Must-Have Dorm Items for Freshmen

November 12, 2020
Help prepare your darling freshman for the next big step in their lives with these helpful gifts. 1. Shower tote A shower tote is probably the #1 must-have for every college student. Most dorms have communal bathrooms, and unless you’re one of the lucky ones who scores a private bathroom, you’re going to want a shower caddy to …

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