The Best Gift Cards for Victims of Hurricanes

Hurricane victims deserve more than sympathy – inspire a glimmer of hope in their lives with these helpful gift card ideas

There’s nothing quite as devastating as the destruction wrought by a natural disaster like a hurricane. Communities suffer severe damage, families are forced to flee their homes, and entire worlds are swept away by the unrelenting storm. 

But even when the flooding settles and the torrents of rain fade into a benign, gray overcast blanket, the damages brought on by hurricanes remain. Thousands of people find themselves displaced, with no access to food or shelter; others suffer through the loss of loved ones, who either passed during the storm or due to persisting complications after. 

When catastrophic events like hurricanes strike, it can be hard to believe you have the ability to make any significant difference in the lives of those affected by the tragedy. However, a little act of kindness will go a very long way, and even a simple gift card can transform the outlooks of those burdened with grief. 

With Gift Card Granny, you can make a tangible effort to lessen the burdens of hurricane victims by providing financial support. We will be exploring a range of different ideas to best assist those in need, such as the following:

  • Gift cards for lodging and shelter
  • Gift cards for clothing necessities 
  • Gift cards for grocery shopping

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Now then, let’s continue with our list. 

1. Walmart

So Many Savings All in One Place

Buy a Walmart gift card

Buy Walmart Gift Cards

Hurricanes leave thousands of families in dire situations, even after their initial wreckage. The damage done by the storm doesn’t suddenly vanish after the skies clear, and what little people are left with might not be enough to carry them through the month. 

If you wish to help families in need of essential living items, consider choosing Walmart to fulfill the urgent request. 

As a multinational chain of expansive hypermarkets, Walmart combines the supermarket experience with discount department stores to transform the ease of shopping and optimize convenience. Shop for fresh produce, deli-style meats, goods baked in store, and a variety of other grocery necessities like frozen goods and dairy products for great values. 

Walmart has aisles dedicated to all types of retail commodities in their department store division, including a wide array of furniture, bedding, and home decor made to be affordable and dependable. Their racks of colorful, breathable clothing are nothing to pass up on either, with organic designs fit for men, women, teens, and young children. 

Make sure the whole family is stocked up on all the essential supplies they need to make it through these tough times with a Walmart gift card from Gift Card Granny. 

Buy a Walmart gift card

2. Marriott

A Temporary Home Away From Home 

Buy a Marriott gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online 

Hurricanes cause colossal levels of destruction, ravaging people’s homes, public infrastructure, properties, and natural environments alike. Entire cities bow to the relentless force of hurricanes, displacing many from their residencies and forcing them to seek shelter in safer domains. 

While some may be able to afford the abrupt shift in their lives, a notable portion of individuals do not have the financial means to support themselves following the damages caused from the storm. Hotels can help offer some much needed relief, though. 

Operating domestic locations in all fifty states and internationally, the Marriott hotel chain provides their guests with exemplary services and a space away from heavy stressors of life. A hotel stay won’t make every single problem vanish into thin air, but it can be a refreshing experience that helps families find a moment of respite in dire times. 

Give hurricane victims the tranquility of shelter with a Marriott gift card from Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cash back and give assistance to those in need. 

Buy a Marriott gift card

3. Famous Footwear

Where a New Pair of Shoes Doesn’t Demolish Your Savings Account

Buy a Famous Footwear gift card

Buy Famous Footware Gift Cards 

Being forced to flee your place of residence due to adverse weather conditions brought on by a hurricane is no easy feat. There’s only so much one person can afford to carry, so making room for an extra pair of shoes is a luxury many do not have the time for. 

A fresh new pair of shoes shines some hopeful light on a dark situation, reminding hurricane victims that they are much more than their current tragedy. Famous Footwear can help get people back on their feet after the worst of the storm is over with a diverse array of discount footwear selections. 

Famous Footwear is a nationwide chain of retail stores dealing in branded footwear of all shapes, sizes, and styles. They sell a range of fashionable shoes from various famous brands known for their durability and comfort at a discounted price, allowing customers to find footwear perfectly suited for their specific lifestyles without going broke in the process. From athletic sneakers and canvas shoes to sturdy boots and sleek sandals, Famous Footwear has a flavor of shoe for every man, woman, and child in need of new apparel. 

Give a stylish gift to those suffering from the aftermath of a hurricane with a gift card to Famous Footwear from Gift Card Granny, where great deals and cash back are waiting for you!

Buy a Famous Footwear gift card

4. Aldi

Unbeatable Prices Can Make a World of Difference

Buy an Aldi gift card

Buy Aldi Gift Cards 

There isn’t a single soul out there who doesn’t quite literally depend on food to survive. Every living organism needs sustenance to keep going, and having that access to food stripped away by a devastating storm puts people in dire circumstances. There’s even the risk of hurricane victims potentially starving to death if they can’t afford to replace the groceries lost in wake of the fierce tempest, a tragic result that is entirely too commonplace among the less fortunate. 

With the cost of living on the rise, everything from dependable transportation to housing is witnessing a dramatic increase in price and, unfortunately, supermarkets aren’t exempt from the new price tag either. That’s why it’s truly great that grocery stores like Aldi exist, where compassion reigns as a top priority through unbeatable values. 

Aldi makes staying fed even during times of crisis feasible by providing quality food products at lower than average price points. Shop for basic necessities like toilet paper and cleaning items while filling your shopping cart with a plethora of tasty, nutritional Aldi finds including specialty foods, locally grown produce, easy snacks, and convenient frozen meals. It’s easy to see why Aldi has become a household favorite, especially for those whose budgets don’t allow for more frivolous spending. 

While you can’t find Aldi on Gift Card Granny quiet yet, try checking back at a later date to see awesome new additions to our catalog of grocery retailers. 

Buy an Aldi gift card

5. Speedway

A Full Tank Makes Life a Little More Easy

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Those fortunate enough to still retain access to a working vehicle after experiencing the effects of a hurricane still have hardships of their own to deal with during the fallout. Cars are effective methods of transportation, but they require fuel to operate, and gas isn’t notorious for being the cheapest commodity nowadays. 

Speedway can help families fill up the tank at several locations throughout the country. Doubling as a convenience store and gas station chain, Speedway provides a range of goods from snacks and beverages to frozen foods and premade meals, perfect for having a bite while on the go. 

Compared to major gas station competitors, the price of fuel at Speedway is typically offered at a lower price in their effort to provide affordable fuel without forfeiting quality. This makes Speedway a fantastic option for drivers who need to save on every penny they can. 

There’s a Speedway gift card waiting for you on Gift Card Granny, so pick one up and earn some cash back while you lend a helping hand. 

Buy a Speedway gift card

6. Chewy

Don’t Forget About the Furry Ones

Buy a Chewy gift card

 Buy Chewy Gift Cards

Pets might not be the first worry on your mind when you take in the full scope of destruction brought on by a violent hurricane, but they are certainly prominent points of anxiety for pet owners. 

When people barely have the means to provide for their families, they definitely won’t be able to properly take care of their beloved animals either. Retailers like Chewy can help by delivering essential pet supplies to suffering families, allowing them to get food, life-saving medicine, and other important items. 

Chewy sells a range of pet products for all kinds of animals including cats, dogs, reptiles, and birds. All pet owners deserve to have the means to ensure their pets stay healthy and fed, even in times of immense hardship. With Chewy, buyers can stock up on the food their pets needs to survive and spare themselves the worry of not being able to take care of them. 

Unfortunately, Chewy is not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. Check back soon to see which great retailers will join our catalog next. 

Buy a Chewy gift card

7. Stein Mart 

Clothing Accessible to All

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Buy Gift Cards Online

The average person usually has a modest assortment of clothes stashed away in closets, wardrobes, and dressers around the house, gradually accumulated throughout the years via intermittent shopping trips. There’s hundreds – possibly even thousands – of dollars worth of clothes in your house at this very moment, neatly tucked away and patiently waiting until their next use. 

It would be unfortunate to lose every clothing item you own in an unexpected tragedy, leaving you with virtually nothing to dress yourself with aside from the shirt on your back. If this sounds like a nightmare situation to you, imagine how heartbreaking it is for families caught up in the horrid aftermath of a hurricane.

For these individuals, being without essential attire is their reality. With so much stress packed onto their plates already, the last thing they should be worrying about is how they are going to afford to clothe themselves. Offering the gift of new garments from Stein Mart can help lessen these burdens. With a seemingly endless inventory of discount apparel for men and women, Stein Mart can help get families back on their feet without draining their bank accounts in the process. 

Pick up a gift card to Stein Mart from Gift Card Granny to ensure hurricane victims have the clothing they need to make it through these strenuous circumstances. 

Buy a Stein Mart gift card

8. Custom Visa Card

Leave the Decision in Their Hands

Buy a Visa gift card

Buy Visa Gift Cards

If you’ve never had the misfortune of suffering through a natural disaster and the prolonged agony it gives rise to as a result, then you might feel a bit out of place and possibly even a tad uneasy browsing appropriate gift cards for hurricane victims. After all, what good could a couple bucks from a stranger do to mitigate the violent effects of a hurricane? 

Gift cards can make quite a world of difference to those individuals displaced in the weeks or even months that follow a hurricane’s destruction. While you personally may not know how to best offer assistance, rest assured that gift cards are always appreciated by those who receive them. 

Can’t decide if clothes, shelter, or food should be prioritized? You don’t have to limit the life-saving resources gift cards can provide with a card that works basically anywhere, for anything. 

A custom Visa gift card from Gift Card Granny allows your recipient to purchase the items they need most, without any brand or retail limitations. Earn easy cash back and help out those in need at the same time!

Buy a Visa gift card

No matter how you choose to offer assistance to hurricane victims in the aftermath of a tragedy, know that your selfless gesture of kindness will be greatly appreciated to those affected. A gift card might seem a touch out of place in such strenuous circumstances, but monetary support is never unwarranted. Help those in need with Gift Card Granny today!