Gift Card Ideas to Help Celebrate Her Special Day

Stuck in A Pinch? Don’t Want to Disappoint? These Gift Card Ideas Will Make Her Birthday One For the Books and Leave You Feeling Like a Gift Card Pro

She’s the light of your life, the fire blazing in your soul, as stunning as the northern lights, beauty incarnate, et cetera. No matter how many poetic verses you recite, there’s no amount of metaphors or analogies out there that can possibly hope to encompass a fraction of the affection you harbor for that special lady in your life. 


You truly want to give her everything under the sun just to prove how deep your love runs through your veins, and maybe if you lucked out with the winning lottery ticket you could, but then you’re faced with the ultimate question: would she like that?


It’s no use showering your sweetheart in fancy gifts and dazzling jewels if she couldn’t be bothered about them. Not every girl is going to be impressed by receiving the most expensive present you could find; no, they would much rather be gifted something from the heart. 


One of the most romantic gestures you can do is listen to her and shop for a birthday gift accordingly. Bigger is not always better, as it is the thought that will always reign supreme. And giving her the freedom of choice truly shows that, above all else, her happiness is your priority. 


With the vast selection of cards available at Gift Card Granny, you can make her birthday dreams a reality all with the simple click of a mouse. There are so many retailers to pick from, and their customizable features allow you to pick the exact amount of value each card contains, all while earning a little extra cashback for yourself (because you deserve the special treatment, too!). 


As you browse the various gift card options for her, expect to see the following ideas:

  • Gift cards for cosmetics and beauty products

  • Gift cards for travel expenses

  • Gift cards for eating out


Being Beautiful Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank


Of course we have to start out with the cosmetics paradise that is Sephora. Truly a garden of Eden for makeup lovers of all types, minus any wrath-inducing consequences. There is absolutely nothing off-limits at this retailer!


Since its beginning in 1969 in Paris, France, Sephora has prided itself on supplying the masses with a diverse collection of products aimed to enhance beauty and sustain wellness. Their shelves are packed with glamorous lipsticks, exfoliating facial scrubs, stunning polishes, and just about everything else that constitutes the world of makeup. 


From intoxicating fragrances to tools to improve your quality of personal care, Sephora checks all the boxes to meet the requirements of being a haven of health and beauty. It might as well be a makeup nirvana. 


Give the gift of beauty with a Sephora gift card! 

Sally Beauty Supply

Take Care of Your Hair


Most women want their hair to be as lively as their personalities, but beauty takes work. And money. So why not make the process easier for your dear girlfriend and help her out with the cost of those pricey hair supplies?


A gift card to Sally Beauty works the magic required to make that happen! From the moment your love enters one of these stores, she’ll be swept away into a glorious world of products catered for all of her hair, nail, and skin health needs. You might not know what’s best when it comes to reliable beauty supplies, so leave it in the hands of your girlfriend, the master of all things sensible and beautiful.


Sally Beauty has an extensive inventory of products that makes it easy to be healthy and look stunning all in one go. Crave a look that’s chic and bougie? Or are you more of the punky girl who dyes her hair neon pink and couldn’t care less about the judgemental stares from uptight snobs? Either way, Sally Beauty has everything under the sun to meet your particular needs. 


Swipe up a Sally Beauty gift card from Gift Card Granny while you have the chance!

Tiffany & Co.

Live Like Royalty

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There’s little more that is as utterly disappointing as spending hours browsing the dazzling collection of bejeweled regalia and engraved metals at a fancy jeweler’s before setting your sights on the perfect piece, only to be met with a crestfallen look of dismay when she unboxes your thoughtful gift. 


Even the thought of that scenario is making you cringe right now, isn’t it? C’mon, you don’t wanna be the partner who gives their girlfriend jewelry that doesn’t even remotely suit her tastes. So don’t be. 


No, that doesn’t mean skimp out on the jewelry altogether – go the gift card route instead. By giving her the final say in matters of accessories covered in gemstones, you’re relieving pressure from your shoulders and letting her take the reins, so no more disappointed faces for either of you!


Give your girlfriend the luxury she deserves with a gift card to Tiffany’s!


Hotels Are So Last Season

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Let’s be real, who wants to stay in an isolated, sterile hotel with lifeless rooms permeating an odor that vaguely reminds you of being stuck in a hospital? Certainly not me, and I’d argue your girlfriend isn’t too fond of that idea, either. 


So do the smart thing and skip the hotel! “But where will we stay?” says you, pondering to yourself over whether a tent pitched on the ocean shore makes for a very good getaway spot. And while that may be tempting to some folks, let’s presume your girlfriend isn’t the camping type. In that case, Airbnb to the rescue!


The traditional bed and breakfast business is dead and in its shadow has grown the infamous Airbnb. If you’ve never heard of Airbnb before now, there’s a good chance you’ve been living under a rock, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. All you need to know is that Airbnb provides lodging for when you need a little vacay, but can’t quite get into the hotel scene, all while giving you an experience that is ten million times more intimate than commercial chains and resorts. 


Take your vacation to the next level with an Airbnb gift card!

Spa Finder

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish


Ah, the spa. A tranquil space reserved for relaxation, mindfulness, and dedicated selfcare that leaves you feeling like a whole new you. Can’t you feel the comfortable heat and soothing hands just thinking about it? 


Well, don’t sit there daydreaming about the spa all day when you could be there! Transport your girl to a haven of pleasure isolated from the daily hassle and stress that encompasses so many aspects of contemporary life. Depending on what spa she chooses, she can receive a range of different services intended to relax and revitalize her spirit. Full body massages, manicures, steam rooms – so much potential to unlock with one simple card!  


Make the right move with a Spa Finder gift card from Gift Card Granny. You know she could use a break, and if you’re lucky enough she’ll let you tag along for the ride. 

Michael Kors

High Fashion That Suits You 

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Everyone knows that you’re girlfriend has a good sense of style – her glamorous outfits and designer handbags turn this statement into indisputable fact. And since she has a much better knack for navigating the inside of a closet than you do, it’s best to leave the shopping in her hands.


Finding the right accessories can be a chore, even with so many options readily available in-person and online. Convenience is nice, but it can also be overwhelming and prevent you from finding the perfect purse amidst a haystack of other fashionable goods. 


Lighten the load with a Michael Kors gift card from Gift Card Granny! As one of the most recognizable designer brands on the market, Michael Kors offers an array of luxury products to make you feel like a VIP. 

Olive Garden

It’s More Than the Breadsticks

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We all dream of a romantic night out with our partner where we can dine by dim candlelight and remain undisturbed within a serene restaurant ambience, free from the trivial concerns that life so often pushes upon us. Wouldn’t it be simply divine if, for just one night, you could relax and indulge in finer things without daily worries weighing you down? 


Though you may not have the budget for the finest filet mignon at that expensive restaurant you’ve been eyeing up for the past month, there’s no reason you can’t celebrate your birthday in style. Olive Garden is the perfect middleground for staying within your budget while getting to enjoy a delicious meal of Italian goodness. Whether you’re in the mood for stuffed mushrooms, shrimp scampi, or parmesan breaded lasagna, Olive Garden will certainly satisfy your mouth and wallet. 


And who could forget the generous portion sizes? Be ready to enter pasta heaven, because you’ll have plenty of leftovers to keep you company later in the week. It’s a dream come true for lovers of all things Italian. 


Don’t keep her waiting – get a gift card for Olive Garden from Gift Card Granny today and fill her birthday with the cuisine she craves!

The Cheesecake Factory

Care For A Slice?


Cheese? Cake? Say no more. Seriously. 


There’s little better than having your birthday dinner at a restaurant with a massive menu and portions that call for takeout boxes, which is exactly why you should consider the Cheesecake Factory as the perfect present for your girl. 


Remember all the times she told you she wasn’t hungry, yet ended up devouring half of your meal thirty minutes later? There’s no need to worry about that happening at the Cheesecake Factory, where the menu is as thick as a book and the delicious dishes are practically endless! She’ll be sure to find something that will please her taste buds and give you the chance to enjoy your own meal, free from invasive hands. 


Give her a romantic night out without fretting over your next credit card statement with a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory!

Custom Visa Card

Endless Potential, Endless Joy

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Perhaps a touch less personal than some of the other gift cards that can be catered to specific desires, a custom Visa gift card offers limitless possibilities in its ability to be spent on nearly anything. 


Don’t be confined to one specific store or brand – get a card that can be used anywhere, anytime. Having a lot of different gift cards for various stores makes for a bulky wallet and confusion over remaining balances, but you can avoid the commotion by having everything all on one card. 


A custom Visa gift card is a great option for when you want to give her variety!



Congrats, you made it to the end! Now you really don’t have an excuse for buying your girlfriend a lame present this year, so don’t try to weasel your way out of it. Treat her like the queen she is with an amazing gift that requires no excess amount of effort given by you, only to then be shot down dead in the moment.


With so many fine options available on Gift Card Granny, you can skip the long lines at the local department store and do the birthday shopping from the comfort of your home. Breathe a sigh of relief and bask in the satisfaction of knowing that your girlfriend is going to love getting her present this year.