Affordable Gift Cards For My Employees

When it comes to shopping for gifts for your employees, you always want to consider cost-effective options that make sense for your business and convey a genuine sense of gratitude for all that your workers do. In a perfect world, you would have no problem finding lavish personal gifts for all of your employees that reflect their interests and hobbies, but most businesses cannot afford to go quite that far. This means there has to be a gifting middleground, where you can spend less on a gift while still giving something that has value and is useful for your employees. 

Gift cards are a fair option that many employers turn to, whether they operate small businesses or are a part of large corporations employing hundreds or even thousands of workers. What makes gift cards so spectacular is their versatility and the sheer amount of them available for various brands and retailers. A gift card’s spending power is its worth, and dollars will go further at certain retailers more than others. For instance, you can buy a lot more with a $50 gift card at a discount department store than you could with a gift card of the same value at a designer boutique. 

For this list, we are going to take a look at several gift card options for affordable retailers that may be of interest to your employees. We will include gift cards of various categories in order to appeal to a wide range of gift card users. Types of gift cards you will read about in this article consist of:

  • Gift cards for food and dining 
  • Gift cards for apparel and accessories 
  • Gift cards for furniture and decor

Now then, let’s see what’s in store!

Earn Cash Back on Cheap Gift Cards with Gift Card Granny

You can make the most out of your money and cut your wallet some slack by purchasing gift cards from retailers that are built to help you save, which is exactly what Gift Card Granny does. If you are familiar with the function of cash back, then you know that spending a certain amount of money will generate a small percentage of money back to you. Gift Card Granny works to provide you with a modest selection of gift cards for local and national retailers that you can purchase and receive cash back rewards on. Gift cards for particular retailers may enable you to earn more cash back than gift cards for other ones, so it is definitely worth your time to consider all of your gift card options to maximize your savings while you shop. 

1. Visa Gift Card

A gift card without boundaries 

Buy a Visa gift card

No matter how much you end up spending on a normal retail gift card, the gift card recipient cannot use your gift to buy anything they want from any store they please. Retail gift cards are typically locked to specific merchants or brands, which separates them from traditional cash that can be used to make purchases anywhere. If you want to give a gift to your employees that grants them much more liberal spending power, then a cost-effective option may end up being a Visa gift card. 

Visa gift cards, unlike your typical retail gift card, are much more versatile in their spending capabilities and can be used at a variety of merchants for all sorts of goods and services. For this reason, Visa gift cards can be a lot more valuable than other types of gift cards, especially when you are not sure what type of gift card your recipient may appreciate receiving. 

Gift Card Granny offers Visa custom reward cards tailored for the needs of businesses. You can place bulk gift card orders of up to fifty gift cards or less than a total value of ten thousand dollars. Furthermore, you can customize your Visa gift cards with your company logo to surprise your employees with a corporate gift that is both thoughtful and functional for everyday life. 

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2. Overstock

So much of what you want for less

Buy an Overstock gift card

We are all well aware that new furniture can be quite expensive. Depending on where you like to do your shopping, getting your hands on a new sectional or dining table can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. This price difference is stark, but the contrast in quality between cheaper furniture and more expensive furniture is often profoundly obvious. Since you nor your employees are looking to go bankrupt over a new furniture piece, you can compromise on a fairly modest middleground by way of an Overstock gift card. 

Overstock provides a wide selection of closeout merchandise from other retailers looking to get rid of excess stock, meaning Overstock customers get direct access to high quality goods at discount prices. Overstock has stunning furniture pieces such as couches, dining sets, outdoor seating, home bars, armoires and wardrobes, headboards, and accent chairs. You can also shop for bedding, kitchen, bath, lighting, and home improvement products to make your household shine. 

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3. Zappos

Get your kicks in the styles that suit you

Buy a Zappos gift card

Even your most well-made pair of shoes cannot last forever, which means everyone has to go shopping for new footwear eventually. You can give your loyal employees a headstart on purchasing their next pair of shoes on their terms with the convenience of a Zappos gift card. 

Zappos is an online retail company that specializes in the sale of footwear and other fashionable clothing items. Zappos stock plenty of shoe styles for men, women, and children to make any outfit come together. Browse a shoe catalog filled with sneakers, boots, loafers, oxfords, sandals, heels, clogs, mules, slippers, work boots, and tons more from the footwear brands you love. Other clothing and accessory items available at Zappos include sweaters, jumpsuits, dresses, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, handbags, watches, wallets, and backpacks. 

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4. Grubhub

Good food delivered at your command

Buy a Grubhub gift card

When considering the many types of affordable gift cards you could surprise your employees with, gift cards for cheap food delivery services should always be a contender. There may be different delivery options available depending on where your employees live, but if Grubhub operates in your area, then a Grubhub gift card can’t be beat. 

Grubhub gift cards are wonderful dining options for a variety of folks and do not limit their users to one specific type of cuisine. With Grubhub, users can browse the menus of numerous local restaurants and nearby eateries and get their favorite meals delivered to their front door. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts are all available to order on Grubhub and they will fit perfectly into anyone’s busy schedule. 

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5. Big Lots

Where being a big deal isn’t so expensive 

Buy a Big Lots gift card

A Big Lots gift card is a great gift for employees who prefer to have a lot of variety while they shop, but are not interested in spending an excessive amount of money on home goods as you typically would at upscale retailers. Big Lots operates specifically as a discount retailer, offering customers bargain prices on furniture, home decor, mattresses, personal care, pet supplies, and even groceries. 

While you may not expect to find quality products at discount retailers like Big Lots, once you browse their selection and see the charming designs they have available, you definitely won’t be so picky. Anyone who appreciates a good deal is certain to look forward to a shopping trip to their local Big Lots, which is why a Big Lots gift card can be the perfect present for many shoppers. 

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6. Total Wine and More

Affordable beverages to guarantee a good time

Buy a Total Wine and More gift card

If you think that cheap gifts and good wine don’t go together, you will be pleased to know about gift cards for Total Wine and More. With both retail locations and an online shop, Total Wine and More provides its customers with access to thousands of bottles of wine, beers, seltzers, and spirits of all kinds at some of the best prices on the market. Their exceptional selection and dedicated service makes shopping at Total Wine and More an unforgettable experience that will leave you only wanting more in the future. 

There are many folks who like to unwind with a decadent bottle of wine or crisp can of beer every now and then, and many of your employees are likely inclined to as well. A Total Wine and More gift card gives them their next evening beverage on you and is certain to be a gift they can appreciate. 

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7. Darden Restaurants 

Eat out at some of your favorite restaurants in town

Buy a Darden Restaurants gift card

A good gift card option when you are shopping for a plethora of employees, all with different needs and tastes, is a card that can be used at several different places. Darden Restaurant gift cards are good at many national restaurant chains found across the United States, giving users the chance to explore multiple dining experiences with many delicious types of cuisine that are suited to their preferences. 

The Darden Restaurants dining company operates over one thousand restaurant locations and offers its customers a full-service, premier dining experience at every venue. There are many restaurant brands owned and operated by Darden that you may recognize, including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, and Seasons 52. From flavorful pasta dishes and refreshing salads to exquisite seafood and hearty steak dinners, Darden Restaurants will never fail to leave you feeling full and satisfied with your purchase. 

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8. StubHub

Never miss out on the events that you love

Buy a StubHub gift card

If you are looking for a cheap way to give your employees a good time with their friends and family, then a StubHub gift card could be just what you need. You can earn a decent amount of cash back for yourself while connecting your gift card recipients to discounted tickets for concerts, festivals, and shows being sold by other consumers who want to get them off of their hands. 

StubHub connects users to thousands of tickets to all kinds of events, even the ones that claim to be sold out. If you missed your chance to purchase tickets from an official vendor, you may still have luck securing your seats when you check StubHub for spare tickets. Whether it is for a sporting event, the theater, a musical artist you admire, or any other type of live entertainment, StubHub can come through in a pinch. 

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Even if you are shopping for gift cards on a budget, you can still make sure that your employees receive a gift that is thoughtful and suited for their needs. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to show your employees that you appreciate all the hard work that they do for the company, and shopping for gift cards with Gift Card Granny is one way to ensure savings while you come out on top!