Shop Costco and Sam's Club for Discount Gift Cards

Granny tip #743: Did you know that Costco and Sam’s Club sell merchant gift cards at a discounted price? From local businesses to national brands, you can save money by buying your gift cards in ‘bulk.’ I use bulk loosely since the packages can contain anywhere from 2 to 5 gift cards depending on the merchant. Either keep the entire grouping of gift cards to yourself or split them up to hand out as gifts for birthdays, the holidays or graduations.

Below are a few of my favorite deals on discount gift cards from Costco and Sam’s Club:

   4 - $25 Build-A-Bear Workshop discount gift cards: $79.99
∙   4 - $25 discount gift cards: $74.99 ($79.99 - $5.00 manufacturer’s discount until 4/3/16)
∙   2 - $50 California Pizza Kitchen discount gift cards: $79.99

Sam’s Club 
   2 - $25 Carmike Cinemas discount gift cards: $39.98
   4 - $15 iTunes discount gift cards: $56.88
   3 - $50 Disney discount gift cards: $142.98

And guess what, honey? You can get even more of a deal by purchasing your gift cards with a Costco or Sam’s Club discount gift card. Deals on top of deals!  

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