Fun Gift Card Ideas

Gift cards come in all sorts of varieties and there is practically no end to the amount of potential fun you can have with them. From dining out at extraordinary restaurants and lodging at beautiful resorts to video games and streaming services, gift cards are available for pretty much every type of product, service, or activity. 

If you are in need of inspiration for fun gift card ideas, you need not look farther than this convenient list featured on Gift Card Granny. Gift cards for the following merchants are currently available for purchase and eligible for cash back rewards. With Gift Card Granny, you will be able to save while funding your ability to have fun and enjoy the good things in life. 

Some of the fun gift cards listed below include:

  • Gift cards for digital entertainment 
  • Gift cards for apparel and accessories 
  • Gift cards for dining out and lodging 

1. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Put in a little work for your new plush pal 

Buy a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card

A gift card for Build-A-Bear Workshop may seem like the kind of present you get for children and even young teens, but it can honestly be a fitting gift for adults and older folks as well. Visitors to Build-A-Bear Workshop can enjoy a magical experience where they pick out and design a unique stuffed animal friend, which can make for an excellent toy, an adorable decoration, or a nighttime snuggle buddy.

Your creative potential is practically limitless when shopping at a Build-A-Bear Workshop location. Choose from an array of stuffed animal options such as teddy bears, cows, bunnies, dogs, frogs, aliens, and plenty of exclusive characters from different brands during limited time offerings. Once you find the right match, accessorize your new friend with stylish outfits, heartbeats, voice recordings, wigs, hats, eyewear, and tons of other sweet options. 

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2. Rainforest Cafe

Get the premium jungle experience minus the jungle

Buy a Rainforest Cafe gift card

Have you ever wanted to combine tasty cuisine with a tropical dining environment? You can get exactly that when you sit down for a plate at any Rainforest Cafe location. This jungle-themed restaurant chain will transport you to a breathtaking setting filled with lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and dynamic dishes that can all be enjoyed within a unique ecosystem. 

Several Rainforest Cafe locations can be found scattered across the United States in places such as the Mall of America, Atlantic City, Disney Springs, Niagara Falls, and Las Vegas. Families will have a thrilling time dining at any Rainforest Cafe near them, relishing both the extensive food menu and the tropical atmosphere. The Rainforest Cafe presents the perfect meal setting for trips and vacations. 

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3. Candy Crush

Solve puzzles and get a sugar rush with this sweet game

Buy a Candy Crush gift card

Practically everyone plays one game or another on their smartphone. From folks devoted to card games to those who prefer the excitement of puzzle solving games, there are countless mobile video games out there. Candy Crush just so happens to be one of the most popular free-to-play apps out there, and with its addictive nature it isn’t much of a surprise to see why. 

This bright-colored mobile game is something that can be appreciated by both adults and children with its family-friendly atmosphere. Candy Crush is not overly complicated in its puzzles, yet it offers challenges that can be fun and stimulating to overcome. Powerups can be used to help the player beat difficult levels, and real purchases can aid the player even more. 

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4. Spotify

Listen to the music you want to on your terms 

Buy a Spotify gift card

Spotify allows you to take fun with you anywhere you go by giving you access to a massive digital music library filled with millions of songs. Find musical artists and bands across all genres including pop, electronic, hip-hop, rock, and indie. Build custom playlists filled with songs that match a certain mood or theme to help set the ideal tone for any activity. 

A Spotify gift card is a great convenience for anybody who prefers unfiltered, ad-free access to the music they love. You can always depend on Spotify to provide you with an unrivaled music streaming experience, and you never have to lose access to your favorite songs when you store them in your digital library. 

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5. Cinemark

Going to the movie theater never gets old 

Buy a Cinemark gift card

Any day is a great day to go to the movies with friends and family members you love to spend time with. There are so many movie theater chains playing all of the latest releases, and each theater chain has its own fun experiences to offer movie goers like yourself. You can unlock a truly cinematic movie experience with a gift card to Cinemark. 

There are hundreds of Cinemark movie theaters spread throughout the U.S. and beyond, giving you reliable access to recent movie releases from both big name and smaller studios. Cinemarks plays movies of across all genres, from sci-fi and psychological thrillers to romantic dramas and historical period pieces. Pair any movie viewing with fresh popcorn, crisp soda, movie theater candy, or even a slice of pizza with Cinemark concessions. 

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6. Aquarium 

Create a memorable dining experience at this peculiar restaurant chain

Buy an Aquarium gift card

You can always bet on having a fun dining experience that stands out from all the rest when you sit down for a meal at Aquarium. This aquatic-themed fine dining restaurant chain gives customers the chance to dine in an environment that makes you feel like you’re sitting under the sea. Ambient lighting, massive tanks filled with exotic marine life, and delicious cuisine come together to bring patrons an unparalleled restaurant experience where they can enjoy their surroundings just as much as their meal.

There are currently four Aquarium restaurant locations doing business within the U.S. Visit the two Aquarium locations in Texas at Houston or Kemah, the Aquarium in Denver, Colorado, or their location in Nashville, Tennessee. Wherever you decide to dine, you can rest assured that you’ll be immersed in an engaging atmosphere brimming with beautiful nautical life, which adds the perfect backdrop to dining on culinary delicacies like seafood specialties, pasta dishes, and decadent desserts. 

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7. Mountain Hardwear 

Technical outdoor gear that will keep you secure 

Buy a Mountain Hardwear gift card

Everyone’s definition of fun is different, and while some folks may get enough pleasure from a leisurely walk in the park, others opt for more intense thrills from premium outdoor sports. Mountain Hardwear is a sportswear company that caters to individuals who like bold and daring activities. Mountaineering experts and enthusiasts can support their every need when it comes to a range of outdoor lifestyle ventures with gear from Mountain Hardwear. 

Anyone into backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding, hiking, or related pastimes spent exploring the great outdoors can find dependable, high quality equipment to help get them through even the most extreme conditions. Mountain Hardwear also offers plenty of clothing items and accessories for both men and women adventurers, from lightweight jackets and fleece tops to snow pants and sun hats. 

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8. San Luis Resort

Take time to pamper yourself while away 

Buy a San Luis gift card

Depending on the type of lifestyle you like to lead, an escape from the neighborhood you live in can be some of the best kind of fun around. You can discover a small section of paradise the next time you vacation with a gift card for the San Luis Resort, an unparalleled lodging destination that places travelers in the center of all the fun. 

The San Luis Resort is located in the coastal city of Galveston, which borders the Gulf Coast of Texas. Visitors of the San Luis Resort will receive a luxurious stay with lavish accommodations, curated packages, personalized services, and enchanting views of the open ocean. The spa at San Luis Resort is particularly enticing with services such as aromatic facials, therapeutic massages, pedicures, and restorative body treatments. There are also several different restaurants located at the resort that all have a unique culinary experience to offer customers, from classic comfort foods and bar bites to steak and seafood. 

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9. Harley-Davidson 

Give your passions the fuel they need to thrive

Buy a Harley-Davidson gift card

Do you have any motorcycle riders in your life? Be they a parent, aunt, uncle, sibling, or distant cousin you only see once in a blue moon, it’s still important to indulge their hobby with an appropriate gift card. And what’s better than a gift card for one of the most beloved motorcycle manufacturers in the country – Harley-Davidson.  

There’s a lot that motorcycle lovers can do when they shop with a Harley-Davidson gift card. Official Harley-Davidson products and services from retail locations can be purchased using funds on a Harley-Davidson gift card. If motorcycle parts aren’t on your shopping list, you can still get your worth out of a Harley-Davidson gift card by using it to pay for riding courses, tours at the Harley-Davidson Museum, and for factory tours where you can watch exceptional individuals use their skills to create magnificent machines. 

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10. Google Play

One gift card is your gateway to tons of digital fun

Buy a Google Play gift card

A gift card for Google Play is just the right amount of versatility alongside its functionality. Almost everybody can get something out of a Google Play gift card that personally works for them, from using the funds to make in-app purchases on pay-to-win mobile games to unlocking hidden app features and downloading content that is otherwise locked behind paywalls.

Anyone who plays games on their mobile phones is likely aware of video games that allow users to purchase in-game content that makes gameplay easier. The cost of services like these ones are covered when using a Google Play gift card. You can choose from anything on the Google Play Store on Android devices, including books, movies, news, subscriptions, and much more. It’s a fantastic tool to have in a world that revolves around the latest technology, and it packs a lot of potential for fun. 

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How a gift card is used is ultimately up to you. If you want to have fun with your gift card, it’s important to make a genuine effort to have a good time with the people you love being around. Our list of fun gift card ideas will point you in the right direction when it comes to finding gift cards that match what you’re looking for. You can have a great time doing what makes you happy and spend less time worrying about the small things.