Fun Ways to Surprise Your Friends with Gift Cards on Gift Card Granny

There is no wrong way to give out of the kindness of your own heart; friends and family members are certain to appreciate anything you do, and delighting them with gifts is definitely something they will be thankful for. Gifts can be given to those you care about for any sort of special occasion or lack thereof, be it a gift for the holidays or just because you want to show your affection to someone you love. Unexpected, totally random gifts are arguably even better than gifts you expect to receive, since your recipient will be none the wiser and all the more excited in the moment. 

Gift cards provide a fantastic way to surprise others with convenient gifts that are suited for their lifestyle. You can surprise your friends with any sort of gift you wish, but gift cards happen to be incredibly helpful shopping tools that make it easy for your recipient to buy the products and services they want. There is hardly any chance of giving a gift that goes unappreciated when you give gift cards to the recipient’s favorite merchants. 

You can make giving gift cards an even more special moment with creative and fun gift card presentation ideas. With a little bit of effort and a gift card or two, you can surprise your friends with thoughtful gifts that are both practical and nice to receive. Let’s take a look at what all you can do beyond tucking a gift card into a greeting card or stuffing one into a gift bag to make the gift giving even more impactful. 

Creative Ways to Give Just One Gift Card 

When we give gift cards to those we love, we commonly only give a single gift card to a specific merchant. As long as you know the types of retailers and brands your recipient likes, you can safely assume that your gift card will be appreciated. 

One good gift card can become so much more when you put in the effort to gift it in a unique way. Here are some ideas that work well when it comes to gifting a single gift card to someone you care about. 

1. Tumbler or acrylic cup

Though a fairly common gift giving trope, there’s nothing wrong with placing your gift card into a tasteful tumbler or acrylic cup to provide a physical memento alongside your generous gift card. Drinkware is something that can be appreciated and utilized by pretty much anyone, which means this gifting idea is universal and comes with a low risk factor. 

Your recipient will undoubtedly be excited to receive a gift card to a retailer they enjoy shopping at, and the cup will only serve to add to the excitement. They can use it in their everyday life and may continue to enjoy it even after the gift card’s funds have been long depleted. Isn’t that wonderful? 

2. Coffee mug

Coffee is loved by so many people across the world, and it only seems to get more popular as the days go by. If you need to shop for a gift card for a coffee lover in your life, you’ll find an abundance of options with coffee chains like Dunkin’Peet’s Coffee, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. There are even more delicious sips to be found in independent coffeehouses and cafes hidden in small towns all over the country, and probably in your neighborhood as well. 

Once you have your gift card to the coffee shop you know your recipient loves, make the moment all the more sweet by tucking the gift card into a nice coffee mug, maybe with a few coffee-related treats nestled around it. The mug can be purchased from the dollar store, from an online artist, or through any other means you wish. If your gift is for a certain holiday or special occasion like a birthday, you can choose to theme the mug according to the occasion. Holiday mugs for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or Easter are quite popular and fun ways to give gifts during the celebrations. 

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3. Travel luggage tags

Gift cards related to travel and exploring new places, whether they be new cities or entirely new countries, possess practically unlimited potential when it comes to having fun. From booking hotel rooms in urban hotspots or renting out cozy cottages in the countryside to reserving plane tickets and picking out new luggage, gift cards for travel can give users assistance in all aspects related to domestic and international travel. You can even give travel gift cards for exotic cruises and other exciting experiences abroad – the only limits are your imagination. 

When it comes to giving your travel gift card, make a bold impression by decorating your gift card as a luggage tag which you would normally attach to a suitcase. If that’s not enough of a statement for you, go even further and hide their gift card inside of a travel-friendly bag like a new carry-on or a backpack. Gifting a new travel bag alongside their gift card is a spectacular idea if you know their old luggage has seen better days, and it definitely stands out in a room more than a small luggage tag. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what kind of travel inspired presentation is right for your gift card recipient!

4. Candy-filled jar

This gifting method is great for when you have to think up a presentation idea that incorporates sweets and all manner of colorful treats. When buying a gift card for someone who is consistently craving sugary goodies, one of the best things you can do in terms of presentation is to place your gift card in a jar filled to the brim with your recipient’s favorite candy. It’s basically a gift that gets even better the more it is enjoyed and the hidden contents inside are revealed. 

What you choose to fill your jar or container with is up to you, but it is best to pick something that won’t make a huge mess or leave the gift card feeling super sticky. Hard candies and substances that won’t melt from heat are probably your best options. Just make sure that your gift recipient has a taste for whatever you choose!

5. Movie basket 

Who in their right mind would turn down a nice night out at the movies? It’s hard to imagine anyone disliking a trip to the movie theater, which is exactly why a gift card that appeals to movie buffs is often a great choice. There are many gift cards out there that moviegoers would love to receive, including gift cards for Fandango, AMC Theatres, and Cinemark. Depending on personal preferences and nearby movie theater locations, you’ll want to go with a gift card option that works for your recipient. 

You can make giving a gift card to a local movie theater chain super special by encasing it in a popcorn container or gift basket filled with staple movie theater treats. Fill your container with your gift recipient’s favorite candies and savory snacks that they often get when going out to the movies. You can also choose to wrap your gift card for a specific theme relating to a newly released movie, such as for popular brands like Marvel, Star Wars, or Disney. 

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6. Wine glass

Wine is hardly ever negatively received, especially when a gift card to a wine retailer gives your recipient the chance to choose their preferred bottle. Wine comes in so many varieties and hails from an array of different regions across the globe, which is why it’s better to let your recipient take charge of their own gift with a gift card. 

Delight the wine enthusiasts in your life by surprising them with a gift card for their favorite wine store in a stylish wine glass or similar accessory. You can choose to fill up the glass with sparkles and glitter filler balls to add even more charm to the presentation. Once it’s cleaned out, your recipient can use their new glass to enjoy the wine they purchased with the gift card funds.  

7. Beauty bag

When buying gift cards for makeup lovers, you have tons of suitable brands out there that anyone who likes to dabble with beauty products would be bound to love. Retailers like Sephora and Ulta come to mind, as well as beauty subscription services where products get delivered right to your front door like Birchbox. 

You can elevate the gift giving experience specifically for cosmetics and other beauty products users by gifting your gift card inside of a makeup bag, organizer, or toiletry bag. Storage is something every single makeup user needs, whether they wear a full face every day or are more of a casual enjoyer. A makeup bag or similar item gives your recipient a place to put the merchandise they are going to purchase with your gift card. 

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8. Crafting gear 

We all have the resident artist in the family or friend group. Perhaps you know many of them. In either case, it’s important to prepare yourself with adequate gifting methods to surprise your artsy friends with. Gift cards for arts and crafts stores like Michaels and Joann Fabric are excellent options to give to any folks you know who like to create, from paintings and sketches to sculptures and sewing. 

To make your gift card to a local craft store that much more special, why not consider pairing it with a gift related to their artistic preferences? A sketchbook, hot glue gun, spool of thread, or box of colored pencils could be just the right addition to your gift card to give it a uniquely personal touch. All you need to do in order to make this work is put in a little research concerning your gift recipient’s talents and hobbies so that you can pick out a befitting gift. 

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9. Potted plant

Make a classy impression on anyone you choose to give a gift card to by neatly tucking it inside of a nice houseplant or similar botanical. This unique idea is preferred for recipients who have a passion or general interest in plants, and it works well when it is paired alongside a gift card for a retailer specializing in the sale of plants. You may even choose to fit your gift card into an elegant bouquet or other flower arrangement. 

If you are considering a plant as a suitable companion gift for your gift card, you should choose something that is reasonably easy to care for and doesn’t require a lot of space. A small plant for the office, dinner table, or living room would work best as a spontaneous present and can fit neatly into your gift recipient’s household. 

10. Bookstore 

Is your gift card for a bookstore or a similar retailer that carries all the latest novel releases from best-selling authors? Pair your bookstore gift card for merchants like Barnes & Noble with something that will mean a lot to an avid reader, such as a nice notebook, writing utensils, or with a meaningful bookmark. 

It’s hard keeping track of which books your friends have and have not yet read, which is why a gift card for a bookstore can work out so much better than picking out a book yourself. And combining your gift card with a reading or writing accessory is simply the icing on the literary cake!

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