Fall in Love with these Gift Cards for an Anniversary

Consider picking up any of these fantastic gift cards for an anniversary!

On the anniversary of your wedding day, you and your spouse get to celebrate one more year together. You and your partner have been through good times and bad times, and have come out all the stronger together. When you find someone like that, you want to show them how much you appreciate all they do. This is why anniversary presents are such a great idea! You can choose to give your partner something special they’ll love, or you can choose to do something together as a couple. 

One of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary is with a gift card of course. Gift cards ensure that the recipient gets to decide when and where they’ll redeem it. It also gives them the freedom to pick out something they’ll absolutely love. No need to worry about picking up the wrong size, or wondering whether or not they’ll actually use your gift. 

When you give a gift card for an anniversary, you’re not only showing how much you care, but you’re allowing your partner to pick out something that they want and need. Remembering your wedding day is always a joyous occasion, so make sure you really make a splash this year and give the gift of a gift card!

We have gift cards perfect for anniversaries, such as:

  • Gift cards for restaurants
  • Gift cards for her anniversary
  • Gift cards for his anniversary

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In case you find a gift card that isn’t on the Gift Card Granny site, not to worry. We’re always adding to our list of retailers, so make sure you check back often!

1. Applebee’s

You’re going to love your meal, no matter what you choose on the menu!

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

 Buy Applebee's Gift Cards

If you and your partner want to celebrate your anniversary in a low key, casual way, you can’t go wrong with Applebee’s! This restaurant will quickly start to feel like a fun, neighborhood hang out, where you’re treated like family and everyone knows your name. This is a great way for you and your partner to celebrate another year together, and to look forward to many more. 

Their extensive menu has a little bit of something for everyone, so whether you choose to get appetizers like boneless wings, mozzarella sticks, or pretzel bites, or want something more substantial like their burgers, steaks, ribs, or pasta options, you’re sure to find something you like. Don’t forget to wash it down with one of their signature cocktails or rotating draft beers. 

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

2. P.F. Chang’s

Celebrate your anniversary with a dinner at this fantastic Asian restaurant

Buy a P.F. Chang’s gift card

Buy P.F. Changs Gift Cards 

Do you and your partner just love Asian food? Are you always looking to try out restaurants that offer a variety of Asian-inspired menu items? Then you’ve got to pick up a gift card to P.F. Chang’s for your anniversary! P.F. Chang’s is well known for having some of the most delicious Asian food on their menu, so whether you decide to go to the restaurant or order pick up, you can rest assured that it’s going to be great.

Choose from popular items like their lettuce wraps, edamame, calamari, or dynamite shrimp to start off your evening. Then you’ll need to decide which Asian entree is right for you! Whether it’s Chang’s spicy chicken, beef and broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, or lo mein, it’s all guaranteed to be delicious. Don’t forget that they also serve sushi rolls and dim sum if that’s more up your alley!

Buy a P.F. Chang’s gift card

3. Red Lobster

Love seafood? Then you can’t go wrong with a Red Lobster gift card for an anniversary

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

Buy Red Lobster Gift Cards 

Seafood lovers get it, which is why a gift card to Red Lobster is perfect for an anniversary! If you and your significant other just love seafood, this would be a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. Red Lobster offers solid choices when it comes to yummy menu items that are heavy on the seafood. Start off with their shrimp cocktail, lobster artichoke seafood dip, mussels, or seafood stuffed mushrooms. You can then move onto your main course, which could be surf and turf, lobster, baja shrimp bowl, salmon, trout, or their endless crab legs!

Make sure you come hungry, because there are so many options to try out on their extensive menu. Make sure you save room for their famous cheddar bay biscuits!

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

4. Southwest Airlines

Take some time off and get away on a fun vacation

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

 Buy Southwest Gift Cards

Do you and your partner just love to travel? Have a bucket list of places where you’d like to see? Then the perfect gift is a gift card for Southwest Airlines for your anniversary. Southwest travels to all the top places, so whether you want to see a big European city like Paris, Rome, or Madrid, or would rather go off the beaten path in South America, Southwest Airlines can take you there. Traveling is one of the best ways for you and your partner to celebrate and spend some time together. 

Once you get the travel bug, it’s hard to shake. So if there’s someplace you two have been waiting to see, now is the time with a gift card! You can head over to Gift Card Granny and pick up a gift card to Southwest Airlines and start earning yourself cash back.

Buy a Southwest Airlines gift card

5. Kay Jewelers

There are all kinds of wonderful pieces of jewelry at this popular store

Buy a Kay Jewelers gift card

 Buy Gift Cards Online

Does your partner love jewelry? If so then a gift card to Kay Jewelers is a great idea! Some people just love to collect all kinds of different pieces of jewelry. Jewelry is a great way to show off your own personal flair and it compliments all kinds of outfits. Whether your partner is looking to grow their collection, or has had their eye on a certain piece for a while, Kay Jewelers is the place for them. 

Whether they want a necklace, bracelet, earrings, watches, or rings, you can find all kinds of stylish options at Kay. WIth all kinds of stones to choose from, and options in gold and silver settings, they’re sure to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Buy a Kay Jewelers gift card

6. QVC

QVC has anything you might need

Buy a QVC gift card

Buy Gift Cards Online 

If your significant other just loves getting deals on all kinds of items, then a gift card to QVC could be just what they want for their anniversary gift this year. QVC is well known as a television channel that has all kinds of amazing deals on items you use everyday, as well as specialty items like jewelry and evening attire. Did you also know that you can order their amazing products online as well? That’s right, so whether they want to pick up some shoes, handbags, loungewear, or kitchen essentials, they’ll always be able to do so.

On their site you can always check to see what products have aired, and what’s scheduled to air in the future. That way you can always be prepared to get those deals when they air on tv! No matter what you’re looking for, QVC is going to have a deal on it. 

Buy a QVC gift card

7. Nordstrom

Give the gift of fashion with a Nordstrom gift card

 Nordstrom Gift Cards

When you want to pick up something stylish, one name stands out from the rest and that’s Nordstrom. This department store has been around for years, and never fails to offer customers the best in fashion, no matter what their style is. At Nordstroms you can pick up an outfit for vacation, some trendy shoes, or an evening dress that would be perfect for an anniversary celebration! If your partner loves to shop for amazing finds, Nordstroms is a great gift idea.

In addition to clothing, you can also pick up makeup items, perfume, outerwear, and everything you need to make your home cozy and comfortable. No matter what your personal style is, you’re sure to find something you’ll love at this department store.

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny doesn’t yet have Nordstrom gift cards available, but make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands.

8. Cabela’s 

If your partner is into the outdoors, Cabela’s is where it’s at

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

Buy Cabela's Gift Cards 

If you have a partner that is into all things outdoors, then a gift card to Cabela’s could be just what they’re hoping for. If they’re into hunting, fishing, boating, or camping, they’ll find everything they might need at this helpful store. Whether it’s a new tent, a bow and arrow for bow season, or some new fishing poles, Cabela’s is sure to have just what they need. The items sold at this outdoor store are all quality items, and many from trusted name brands that are associated with outdoor activities. 

Get out and explore the great outdoors, and make sure you always have the right gear.

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

9. Fanatics

Sports fans always appreciate new apparel to show off their favorite team

Buy a Fanatics gift card 

Buy Fanatics Gift Cards 

Sports fans are always looking for new ways to support their team. Whether your partner is a fan of football, baseball, hockey, basketball, or soccer, chances are they’ll always appreciate some new team apparel. If they’d love to have a new jersey, sweatshirt, or tank top that shows off their favorite team, a gift card to Fanatics is a must! This store has everything a sports fan could want, including jerseys in all their favorite players, t-shirts, sweat pants, and hats. 

They also have all kinds of items that come with their team’s logo such as cups, blankets, flags, banners, and memorabilia. 

Buy a Fanatics gift card 

10. Groupon

Experience something new and exciting for your anniversary

Buy a Groupon gift card

 Buy Groupon Gift Cards

It’s always a great idea to go out and have a good time with your significant other. And what better way to celebrate your anniversary than with a gift card to Groupon? Groupon has all kinds of amazing deals and experiences available in your city. Whether you’ve been meaning to take that tour of the city, or want to go out and try a new restaurant, you can do it all with Groupon. You can rest assured you’re always getting a good deal too!

Buy a Groupon gift card

Anniversaries are a great way to celebrate your connection with your spouse. Consider picking up any one of these gift cards and have an anniversary to remember!