14 Gift Cards We Think Will Make the Perfect Gift for Any Bus Driver

Whether your kid is going back to school, or you’re just a frequent bus rider, we’ve got the gift cards to help you say thanks to all the bus drivers out there! 


Bus drivers have an important job; whether you or your child is in school and rides the bus, or you’re a frequent user of public transportation, bus drivers do a lot for us. With school back in session if you have a child riding the bus, bus drivers are becoming a more important part of our lives once again! Or, if you rely on public transportation to get to work every day then you know how much bus drivers play an important role in our daily routines. 


We are constantly thanking our teachers, our garbage men and women, and other people in our lives who do important roles and things for us. So why don’t we thank our bus drivers? With all that they do for us, it’s time we gave back! But what do you get your bus driver, especially if you don’t know them well? This is where gift cards come in handy and make the perfect gift. We’ve even made it easier and we’ve gathered 14 gift card ideas we think any bus driver would love! 


To make things even easier for you, we’ve put all the gift cards we’re going to discuss in a list so you can skip ahead to the one that catches your eye. Or, feel free to read through them all for one you might like! 


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1. Subway 

The perfect gift card for a quick lunch 

Get a Subway gift card



Bus drivers work long, hard days and they might not be able to take a long lunch break. With a Subway gift card they can build a sandwich they love, eat a hot meal, and not have to wait a long time in line either! Subway even has online ordering so all they have to do is pickup their order and go! 


Get a Subway gift card


2. Customized Mastercard 

A gift card for anyone and everyone 

Buy a MasterCard gift card


A Customized Mastercard is one of those gift card gift ideas that is perfect for anyone and everyone. So whether you know your bus driver well or you don’t know them much at all, they’ll love a Mastercard gift card! With a Customized Mastercard gift card they can use it almost anywhere that a Mastercard credit card is accepted. And, with the customizable option you can make their gift card unique! 


Head over to Gift Card Granny and create a Customized Mastercard to give any bus driver who works hard.  


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3. Dunkin’ Donuts 

Because who doesn’t love coffee and could use some in the mornings?


Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 


Bus drivers start their days early and their days are often long. As anyone with an early morning knows, coffee plays a large role in most people’s daily morning routines to help get their day started. So why not get your bus driver a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card to treat them to a coffee on you? Even if they don’t like coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts also has other drink options on their menu! 


Buy a Dunkin’ gift card 


4. Barnes and Noble 

A gift card for everyone who loves to read


Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 



Bus drivers often have a little bit of down time in between stops or shifts. What better way to pass the time than with a good book? But buying someone else a book can be tricky, especially if you don’t know them well or know what kind of books they like. With a Barnes and Noble gift card you can give them the option to choose their own next great book to help keep them occupied! 


Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 


5. RedBox 

Stay in for movie night with a RedBox gift card 


Buy a RedBox gift card



RedBox is a great gift idea for any bus driver because after a long day of driving around, they might not want to make the trip to the movies. With a RedBox gift card they can enjoy a relaxing movie night right from the comfort of their own home. RedBox is constantly updating with new movies too, so there’s always a movie to choose from that they’re sure to love and want to see! 


Buy a RedBox gift card 


6. Pizza Hut 

A gift card for pizza night (and every other night too)


Buy a Pizza Hut gift card



There are few people out there who don’t love pizza. It’s delicious, gets delivered to your home, and it tastes good heated up the next day (or cold, we’re not judging). A Pizza Hut gift card is the perfect gift card idea for anyone on your list, especially bus drivers! Nothing says thank you for all you do like a free pizza night. 


Buy a Pizza Hut gift card


7. Apple 

For everything from music, to new apps, to all things Apple

Buy an Apple gift card


If your bus driver is a fan of Apple products, then an Apple gift card is the gift card for them. With an Apple gift card they can use it at any Apple store or online to buy any of Apple’s products. So whether they’ve been wanting the new airpods or they’re saving up for a new phone, an Apple gift card can help. 


Buy an Apple gift card


8. DoorDash

Have your food delivered from anywhere right to your front door

Buy a DoorDash gift card  


DoorDash is a good gift card idea for any bus driver because after a day of driving around, they might not feel like cooking dinner or going out to eat. With a DoorDash gift card they can order food from almost anywhere and have it delivered right to them. This means they can enjoy a warm, freshly cooked meal without any of the work of cooking it themselves!  


Buy a DoorDash gift card 


9. Walmart 

A gift card perfect for that hard to shop for person on your list

Buy a Walmart gift card



Whether you know your bus driver well or you don’t know them that much, a Walmart gift card is always a great idea. Walmart has pretty much anything and everything you could want, from supplies needed for your favorite hobbies, to groceries for the week. Everyone can find something they love at Walmart, and the best part is that a gift card can be used in store or online so there’s even more ways to shop! 


Snag a Walmart gift card 


10. Uber 

A ride-sharing app for anyone who doesn’t want to (or can’t) drive themselves


Buy an Uber gift card 


Bus drivers spend all day driving other people around. Why not treat them to the experience of being driven around for a change? With an Uber gift card your bus driver can order a car to pick them up and take them anywhere they might need to go. Uber is a fun gift idea for any bus driver to give them a little break from always being behind the wheel. 


Buy an Uber gift card 


11. Cold Stone Creamery 

Because who doesn’t love a sweet treat?


Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card



After a long and hard day at work, sometimes the best thing is a nice cold and sweet treat. With a Cold Stone Creamery gift card they can choose their own toppings, the kind of ice cream they want, and watch them make their ice cream right in front of them. Cold Stone Creamery also has other dessert options available on their menu so if your bus driver doesn’t like ice cream, there’s something for everyone. 


Buy a Cold Stone Creamery gift card 


12. SpaFinder

A gift card for a relaxing day at the spa


Buy a Spafinder gift card


SpaFinder is an online site that can help you find discounted spa services at a selection of Spas near you. Treat your bus driver to a relaxing spa day with a SpaFinder gift card. And not only will they save on their spa treatment, but you’ll also save on your gift card purchase when you buy from Gift Card Granny. 


Buy a SpaFinder gift card 


13. Yogurtland

A yummy treat of frozen yogurt for all the hard working bus drivers out there


If you know that your bus driver doesn’t like ice cream, then a Yogurtland gift card might be the gift card for them. Yogurtland is a fun gift card because they can choose their frozen yogurt flavor and add in all the toppings they want! Yogurtland is a great gift card for the bus driver that has a sweet tooth but doesn’t like ice cream! 



14. Hallmark 

A gift card for the store that has a gift for anyone and everyone 



Hallmark might not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to find a gift card for your bus driver. But Hallmark is known for having gifts that are perfect for everyone, so why not one for your bus driver? With a Hallmark gift card they can choose their own gift so you know that they are sure to love it! 


If you need a gift for a bus driver but you aren’t sure what to get, go to Gift Card Granny and get a Hallmark gift card while saving money with cash back and you can be sure they’ll find a gift they love. 



Bus drivers do so much for us in our daily lives, it is time we gave back to them a little! With these gift card ideas you can find the perfect gift card for any bus driver on your list. And, when you use Gift Card Granny you’ll even save money on these gift cards with cash back on your purchase. So you can give the perfect gift and even save money while you’re at it!