Gift Card Ideas for Clients: 10 Options to Say ‘Thank You’

Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated for their Business with These Tasteful Gift Card Ideas that Fit Right Into the Corporate Lifestyle

Business can be so much more than a simple transaction between two strangers. When you have the opportunity to develop an ongoing professional relationship with a client, you often feel inclined to personally ensure their satisfaction every single time. 

Why? Because you appreciate the consistency of their business and have grown familiar with the individual that they are. As humans, we thrive in social environments and possess an innate desire to get to know others, which can even influence our behavior in the workplace. 

There’s a lot of belief that interactions based around the sale of goods and services must always be a courteous and dignified affair, and that certain boundaries must be established between the client and the company to promote professionalism. While it is smart to have standards to fall back on to secure a consistent customer experience during the hours of operation, there is no harm in adding a touch of personality to the business interactions with regular clientele. 

One of the best ways to acknowledge the importance of a client’s business and incorporate a healthy dash of familiarity into the mix – without fear of overstepping those professional boundaries –  is with a gift card. If that sounds like an appropriate step you want your business to take, then continue reading to learn about all the gift card options conveniently available to you.

Here’s are some gift card ideas you can expect to see:

  • Gift cards for the household
  • Gift cards for accessories
  • Gift cards for leisure

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Now that you’re informed, let’s get on with the list.  

1. Custom Visa Card

Always A Reliable Choice.

Buy a Visa gift card 

Gift shopping is hard, even when it comes to gift cards.  To ensure your client can fully appreciate your gift without any shadow of a doubt, go with the option that isn’t bound to one retailer: a custom Visa gift card. Add a predesignated amount to the card and send it digitally (or through the mail) to whoever you need to, and you don’t even need to spare a second to doubt yourself. 

Plus, with Gift Card Granny, you can even customize your gift with your company's logo for the perfect personal touch! Visa eGifts are emailed instantly while Plastic Visas are mailed same-day with next day delivery options.

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2. Wayfair

A Dreamland of Functional Furniture

Buy a Wayfair gift card

Whether you commute to a company-owned office or have a dedicated space in your home reserved for working, having a functional place to get work done is a definite necessity for any modern-day professional. 

Give your workspace the attention it deserves with Wayfair. Since its start in 2002, Wayfair has grown to massive proportions in terms of e-commerce, and hosts a near-endless catalog of all things home. From lighting fixtures to cookware to accentuating wall decor, this online retailer has exactly what you need to take your household to the next level. 

Find furniture that will liven up your home office with designs that promote efficiency and style, perfectly suited to your particular tastes. If you know your client takes their work life seriously, then they will surely make use of the broad selection of products Wayfair has to offer.

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3. Blue Apron 

Flavor Delivered to Your Door

Buy a Blue Apron gift card

If you have any clients who would like to become better acquainted with the kitchen but don’t know where to start, then a meal subscription service is a smart way of introducing them to the world of cooking. 

Blue Apron makes navigating the kitchen easy by providing weekly meal kits that include the main ingredients you’ll be cooking with and clear instructions explaining how to properly make the dish. Choose a plan that is right for your household, and schedule up to four meals per week – a great solution for when you don’t have the time or energy for intensive cooking.  

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4. Fellow

A Little Something for All Your Brewing Needs

Buy a Fellow gift card

Caffeine makes the world go round, and any coffee lover would tell you they can’t go a morning without their coveted cup of joe. Why, go ahead and ask any number of your customers if they have a coffee addiction and maybe then you’ll understand the severity of the current caffeine epidemic. 

So what can you do when the demand for the bean juice is ever-growing? Arm yourself with the proper equipment, of course!

Fellow has an array of top tier coffee gear to elevate your brewing experience and help extract the decadent, subtle flavors that accentuate the taste of the brew. Channel your inner barista with equipment that rivals the standard products used in coffee shops and transform your office into your personal cafe. 

Never let a coffee run interfere with your busy work schedule, and be confident in the fact that you’ll never end up with the wrong order again. With Fellow, constant coffee satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our broad selection of gift cards offered at Gift Card Granny does not yet include Fellow, but stay on the lookout to see what gets added next!

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5. Hilton Hotels

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning 

Buy a Hilton Hotels gift card

There is almost nothing quite as refreshing as traveling, and it’s a shame the everyday concerns that life throws our way often prevent us from partaking in it. Instead of beholding breathtaking sights and natural wonders, we are subject to mundane suburban living and monotony.

That’s why it’s crucial to seize every opportunity to travel when you have the means to. Nourish your spirit and explore new places with the help of Hilton Hotels, a provider of full-service resorts and hotels located across the globe. And with the ever-rising costs of goods and services, Hilton Hotels makes for a much appreciated gift. 

Grab a Hilton Hotels gift card from Gift Card Granny for that client who you know could use a pick-me-up. Oh, and earn cash back too!

6. Harry & David

Nothing Bittersweet About It

Buy a Harry & David gift card

Usually when one is in search of an appropriate gift to give to a work colleague that is both professional and practical, food baskets somehow make their way onto the scene. Take it one step further, why don’t you – let them pick their own basket. 

With a gift card to Harry & David, you give your amazing clients the opportunity to peruse a variety of delicious, premium food assortments and gift baskets. From sweets like fruit and chocolate to the savoriness of charcuterie and cheese, Harry & David is sure to have a treat fit for anyone’s tongue. 

A Harry & David gift card is waiting for you on Gift Card Granny, and so is that cash back. 

7. Petco

Designed for Pet Parents

Buy a Petco gift card

This option is a bit less client-focused than the others, but if you know anyone who is a pet-lover with animals of their own, then you understand the lengths some people will go to for the well-being of their pets. They are family, after all!

That doesn’t mean care comes cheap, though. Chances are you have clients who struggle with balancing pet expenses and could use a breather, so take some of the strain off their wallets and send them over to Petco, your treat.

Focused on the health and wellness of pets, Petco has been in operation since 1965 and sells a variety of pet goods and offers a range of different services like grooming appointments and training lessons. Petco also has a devoted health section where you can receive veterinary checkups and collect prescriptions, making this retailer a convenient stop for all pet-related needs. 

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8. Red Lobster

Seafood Heaven on Earth

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

Not everyone is a fan of seafood, but chances are several of your clients don’t mind nautical dining every now and then.

Never disappoint with a dinner at Red Lobster. From the savory stuffed shells to the delightful lobster bisque, Red Lobster serves an exquisite array of seafood dishes to salivate over as you browse the menu. 

Relax in the ambiance of casual dining and enjoy a memorable night out with a loved one while the two of you share snow crab legs. Now doesn’t that sound romantic?

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9. Mansur Gavriel

Bask in Luxury

Buy a Mansur Gavriel gift card

You try not to play favorites when it comes to your business, but some clients are just too good for this world. It’s only fair you show them their worth with a fitting gift. 

Mansur Gavriel can help you achieve exactly that with their catalog of designer products made from quality leather. Find luxury handbags, durable shoes, and stylish wallets all designed in New York City. 

Sometimes you have to go big or risk becoming the white noise in someone else’s life, and Mansur Gavriel certainly leaves an impression a client won’t be forgetting anytime soon. 

Mansur Gavriel is not currently a retailer supported through Gift Card Granny, but watch out for any new brands that join our catalog in the future!

Buy a Mansur Gavriel gift card

10. Tea Drops

A Delicious Drop of Magic in a Cup

Buy a Tea Drops gift card

For every lover of coffee that exists, there is a tea connoisseur whose love serves as a rival – or something like that. 

OK, maybe that was a tad dramatic, but people who drink tea don’t mess around. Whether it's green, black, herbal, rooibos, oolong, or the many other types of tea that won’t fit into one paragraph, a steady drinker of tea will know the difference between a tasteful cup and a mouthful of burnt water. 

Tea Drops helps anyone get the perfect cup, every single time. With a simple drop of dried tea leaves packed with flavor and portioned appropriately, almost all the work of brewing is done for you. All you need to do is add the hot water and viola! 

Though Tea Drops has yet to join the list of retailers available at Gift Card Granny, remember to check our catalog for updates! 

Buy a Tea Drops gift card

Personalized gift cards always make for a thoughtful gift, no matter who is on the receiving end. 

There you have it – ten gift card ideas that allow you to say a genuine “thanks” to all of your loyal clients. 

Running a business and providing services can be real rough sometimes, and while there’s always going to be some stress that comes with the job, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the relationships you’ve built with your clients, old and new.