15 Best Gift Cards to Make Your Daughters Feel Special

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Having a daughter is one of the most beautiful things in the entire world. Not only do they light up your world with their beauty and grace, but they also are intelligent, creative, smart, and can blow your mind everyday with the things that they do. Daughters are a true blessing to the world and no one compares to your own daughter.

Giving your daughter a gift card can be something that will make her day, so here are the ten best gift cards to give her!

Gift cards make for some of the best gifts, especially for your daughter, but which one do you get? Here are some great gift cards to consider getting for your daughter!

  • Gift cards for fun and entertainment
  • Gift cards for clothing and makeup
  • Gift cards for restaurants

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Why not get to it then? Let’s talk about the best gift cards to get your daughter right away!

1. Fandango

Does your daughter love going to the movies? A gift card to get her to see the latest movies is essential!

Buy a Fandango gift card

 Buy Fandango Gift Cards

Movies are constantly coming out every single year where there are so many you need to see that it can be hard to keep up. If you have a daughter that you bond with by taking to the movies, then you should consider getting her a gift card for Fandango right away where she can buy tickets ahead of the movie she wants to see.

Fandango has a lot of movies, showtimes, and so much more in different places around the country that you can almost find something anywhere. Fandango is also accepted at a bunch of different movie theaters so you will most likely be able to find a lot around you that you can use this gift card at and more. 

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2. Xbox

Who says girls can’t play video games? Get her this gift card to play the latest games!

Buy an Xbox gift card

 Buy Xbox Gift Cards

The typical stereotype is that men are the only ones that play video games, but it’s just not as true anymore because a lot of women are taking over when it comes to playing video games. If you have a daughter who is obsessed with playing the latest video games and owns an Xbox, then you need to get her an Xbox gift card! 

Xbox gift cards make for the perfect gift for any avid video game player because they will have access to all of the best games that Xbox have to offer such as the newest ones, Xbox exclusive games, Xbox backwards compatible games, and so much more for hours upon hours of fun.

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3. Sephora

Is your daughter a makeup wizard? This may be the perfect gift card for her!

Buy a Sephora gift card

 Buy Sephora Gift Cards

Middle school or high school is the typical age to get into makeup and try to perfect all of the trends that follow along with it. A Sephora gift card may be the best gift card that you can get your daughter if she is someone who loves makeup!

Sephora is one of the best stores to go to for the best high-quality makeup, skin care products, and even hair care products and accessories. There are a lot of amazing brands that you can choose from such as Two Faced, Urban Decay, Fenty, Mario Badescu, and so much more that make some of the best products in the industry.

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4. PacSun

One of the best retail brands around nowadays for having clothes in the latest trends and more!

Buy a Pacsun gift card


A lot of young women love to stay up to date with the latest trends that are going around in the fashion world, so if this sounds like your daughter, we think that one of the best gift cards to get her is a PacSun gift card! PacSun has some of the best and most popular brands of clothing that are out now as well to really stay up to date with what there is to offer.

Getting a gift card for PacSun for your daughter is one of the best things that you can do just because they have so much to offer. PacSun has a ton of shirts, jeans, shorts, swimsuits, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry and so much more in brands such as Brandy Melville, Converse, Kendall & Kylie, Vans, The North Face, and so much more.

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5. Free People

Does your daughter love the bohemian fashion look? If she does, make sure to get her a gift card for this retailer!

 Free People

There are a ton of reasons to get your daughter a gift card for a clothing retailer, and one of the best places to get some of the cutest and the most in-style looks is Free People. Free People has some of the best bohemian styled clothes that you can get, and everything is super adorable too.

Free People has everything you’re looking for when you’re interested in getting a gift card for your daughter. If you get her a gift card for this retailer, she will love all of the shirts, jeans, dresses, accessories, swimsuits, and so much more that she can customize to her liking to look and feel her best.

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6. Bath & Body Works

Give your daughter the body care products she loves

Buy a Bath & Body Works gift card

 Buy Bath & Body Works Gift Cards

Your daughter deserves not only to look her best each and every day, but to also feel like the best version of herself. And when it comes to a little pampering and selfcare, no retailer does it quite like Bath & Body Works. 

Once your daughter steps through the doors of any Bath & Body Works location, she will be immediately enamored with intoxicating fragrances that are offered in an array of personal care products. Browse shelves lined with lotions, shower gels, candles, hand soaps, perfumes, hand sanitizer, room sprays, and so much more. Bath & Body Works even offers cute accessories and decorative products to make your home as charming as ever. 

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7. Nordstrom

Help your daughter dress like a queen

Buy a Nordstrom gift card

 Buy Nordstrom Gift Cards

One shopping trip to the luxury department store chain Nordstrom will have any daughter feeling like the royalty she is in your eyes. Nordstrom offers a range of high-end products from brands your favorite celebrities and influencers love. Shop for shoes, jewelry, apparel, makeup, home decor, bedding, bath, travel essentials, and more. 

The fashion catalog at Nordstrom is always changing with the seasons, and they offer plenty of sales to commemorate the fresh changes. Whether you are looking for something simple or want to browse the latest releases from luxury designer brands, Nordstrom has an abundance of exquisite products to get heads turning. 

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8. bareMinerals

Getting good makeup is a must for a lot of people, so why not treat your daughter to something she’ll love!

Makeup brands out there are all different in what ingredients they use, what they make, and so much more. We think that your daughter will love bareMinerals! bareMinerals is owned by Bare Escentuals and they offer the best makeup and skincare products.

If you’re looking to get your daughter the perfect gift card, then you need to get her one for bareMinerals right away! Known for clean beauty, bareMinerals creates everything from the perfect foundation for your skin tone, concealer, highlighter, lipsticks, and skin care products you’ll want to take advantage of.

While you won’t find a bareMinerals gift card on Gift Card Granny, you can find plenty of other awesome makeup retailers featured in our gift card catalog!

9. Chipotle

For many daughters who enjoy eating healthy, this may be one of the best gift cards to get!

Buy a Chipotle gift card

 Buy Chipotle Gift Cards

There are a ton of different gift cards to get for your daughter who loves to eat, especially when it comes to trying to eat healthier options. If you are interested, we think that you should get a gift card for Chipotle right away! Chipotle has a ton of incredible options and you can customize your order to your liking to really enjoy it.

At Chipotle, there are so many different options to choose from for both meat eaters and vegetarians. You can choose anything from burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, quesadillas, salads, and so much more and pick your protein, salsa, and all of the other toppings too to really customize your meal and make it how you like it.

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10. Panera Bread

A lot of women enjoy coming here for their soups, salads, sandwiches, and more!

Buy a Panera gift card

 Buy Panera Gift Cards

There is something about Panera Bread that gets a lot of people excited and if your daughter is one of those people, then you need to get her a Panera Bread gift card right away! Panera Bread has a ton of tasty options for breakfast and lunch with a bunch of customization options that she will need to take advantage of.

Panera Bread serves their best signature coffee every morning and you can also get some tasty lunch options too. You can choose from soup, salad, and sandwich combinations that your daughter will love so she will be full and satisfied with her meal.

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11. Carvel

Get her the best ice cream in the neighborhood

Buy a Carvel gift card


If your daughter has a sweet tooth that cannot be easily satisfied, then you will definitely get your money’s worth when you buy a Carvel gift card. This signature ice cream shop has gained its reputation for its tasty soft-serve and selection of novelty ice cream bars, which will make you reminisce over the past as you bite into a delicious frozen treat. 

Carvel locations can be found throughout the United States, from Florida all the way to California. While Carvel’s signature soft-serve flavors of chocolate and vanilla can be found at every location, there are a variety of other flavors unique to specific shops such as strawberry, coconut, and salted caramel cold brew. Carvel also offers scooped ice cream, sundaes, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, and more. 

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12. Applebee’s

Who doesn’t love some classic comfort food options and a tasty cocktail? Get a gift card here today!

Buy an Applebee’s gift card

 Buy Applebee's Gift Cards

Do you have a daughter who is 21 and over who loves to go to Applebee’s to get their signature cocktails that change every month, with either you or her friends for dinner? There are so many reasons to go to Applebee’s, so this is why we think that you need to get a gift card for Applebee’s for your daughter right away!

Applebee’s has a ton of incredibly amazing comfort food classics that you don’t want to miss out on, some of the best signature cocktails that they have to offer, and they are constantly doing specials on drinks, and even a half off appetizers special every single day so you can always get some tasty goodies.

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13. Lyft

She doesn’t need a car to get where she needs to go

Buy a Lyft gift card

 Buy Lyft Gift Cards

If your daughter doesn’t have her own car and you want peace of mind, don’t hesitate to pick up a Lyft gift card. No matter what time of day or night, no matter the place, Lyft offers rides around the clock for folks in need. 

Lyft is a great resource to have in places where public transit isn’t accessible. So long as there are drivers nearby, your daughter will always be able to get a ride to wherever she needs to go. It is great for both her and you, as you will not have to spend your days worrying over your daughter being stranded somewhere without transportation. 

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14. Crate & Barrel

A home that she can thrive in

Buy a Crate & Barrel gift card

 Buy Crate & Barrel Gift Cards

Does your daughter need new furniture for the awesome apartment she just got? Or perhaps she’s ahead of the game and just purchased her first home? Whether renting or owning, she is going to need reliable furniture that suits her tastes, and for that a visit to Crate & Barrel is a definite must. 

Crate & Barrel offers a diverse selection of stylish furniture for the modern home, alongside modest decor, kitchenware, and other home essentials. She can browse a range of stunning products including sectional sofas, dining tables, kitchen islands, cabinets, lighting fixtures, patio furniture, quilts, throw pillows, cookware, and so much more to make her dream home complete. 

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15. Mastercard Gift Card

This gift card is perfect for those indecisive daughters who aren’t sure what they want!

Buy a MasterCard gift card

Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

Trying to find the perfect gift card for your daughter can sometimes be a struggle because there are just so many good ones to check out. If you are interested in getting a gift card for your daughter, then you should consider getting a Mastercard gift card that she can use on whatever she is into at the time. 

Finding the perfect gift card for your daughter can be tough at times, but one of the best gift cards to get anyone is a Mastercard gift card! Mastercard gift cards can be used anywhere a Mastercard credit or debit card can be used. No matter how old your daughter is and what she likes, she can use it on something she loves!

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 Buy Gift Cards Online

Getting a gift card for your daughter is one of the best things you can do because it’s a simple way to show them your love! Image courtesy of All Pro Dad


Gift cards make for some of the best gifts for anyone, especially your daughter, so if you’re thinking about getting her an incredible gift card she can use on whatever she wants, make sure to choose these ten as soon as possible from Gift Card Granny!