6 Gift Card Ideas to Make Your Grandmother Smile

Grandma will always appreciate a thoughtful gift from someone she loves 

Gift cards are a spectacular gift for any occasion. They come from just about any company and can be spent at the receiver’s discretion. It can be risky getting a gift, especially in areas like clothing or decorations when they are so incredibly personal. That, coupled with the fact that shopping can be a gift in and of itself, means that gift cards are indispensable for times like these. 

Gift Card Granny offers eGift Cards for thousands of retailers, and we offer them at a discount! They can be shipped to your door or created online, taking the stress out of going from store to store looking for the gift card that you’re looking for. You don’t have to worry about gift cards getting lost or misplaced when they are online. One of the biggest problems with gift cards is when they are lost and then poof — the gift is gone. 

Gift Card Granny is an excellent site where you can shop for all of your gift cards. Not sure where to start? No worries! In this article, we are covering the top 6 gift card ideas for grandmothers, including: 

  • Gift cards for hobbies
  • Gift cards for food
  • Gift cards for experiences

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As a quick reminder, we’ve pointed out all of the retailers on this list that you can find on Gift Card Granny as of this writing. Gift Card Granny makes it easy to buy and send customized gift cards online and earn cash back while you do. Gift Card Granny carries thousands of local and national brands including Visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and gift cards for many of the awesome spots on this list.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s jump right into our list!

1. Barnes and Noble

A gift card for book-loving grandmas

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card 

Is your grandma an avid reader? Reading is always a fun activity, and a gift card to Barnes and Noble allows for an influx of some new books into the collection. A gift card lets them choose the books they want as well as opening the door for a shopping trip to their local B&N. Walking through the isles of a bookstore is an amazing time, and if your grandmother enjoys reading we can almost guarantee that she’d get some enjoyment out of a shopping trip as well! 

Do you like reading, too? If you do, you could offer to accompany her on the trip and, perhaps, get some books of your own! Barnes and Noble are one of the thousands of retailers you can find on Gift Card Granny. Start earning cash back when you pick up a Barnes and Noble gift card today.

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2. Michael’s Craft Stores

A gift to help keep your grandma active and engaged with her favorite hobby

Buy a Michael’s gift card

What does your grandma like to do with her time? In all likelihood, she has some serious time on her hands to spend however she likes, but getting supplies for hobbies can be a bit taxing! That’s where a gift card comes in. If she likes to puzzle, read, knit, cook, or anything else, a gift card to the place they most often go for hobby supplies can be a great way to show your appreciation. 

Buying a gift card for your grandma is a great way to incentivize her hobby work because it allows her to get the things that she is looking forward to as they continue with whatever project she is working on.

Buying a gift card for your grandparents is a great way to incentivize their hobby work because it allows them to get the things that they are looking forward to as they continue with whatever project they are working on. It can be hard to figure out what item they are looking for, as well as what sort of position they are in. A gift card solves both of those problems! It allows you to give the final decision on the exact pieces to them as well as let them decide when they want to get their next piece of the puzzle. 

Naturally, the company will differ depending on what hobby your grandma likes. That being said, once you know for what store the gift card is best suited, make sure to check out Gift Card Granny to check if they are one of our retailers!

Buy a Michael’s gift card

3. Virgin Experience

Just because she’s your grandmother doesn’t mean she’s done exploring the world

Buy a Virgin Experiences gift card

Virgin Experience is a company that gatherers up fun experiences, categorizes them, and allows people to purchase slots on events of all shapes and sizes. They could be boat rides, hot air balloon rides, scenic tours, guided lessons on all sorts of activities, and much more! Virgin Experience is the perfect company if you know your grandma has an interest in getting out and doing something new in the near future. 

It is all too easy to settle for a card that is from her favorite restaurant or bookstore. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that! That being said, keep something like this in mind. If you think she’s interested in going on a bit of an adventure then Virgin Experience is the way to go! 

A gift card to Virgin Experience is the perfect gift for your grandmother because it allows her to pick exactly what she wants to do, where she wants to do it, and when to set the date. We do not recommend picking out something beforehand and fully planning out the trip for her, but you can definitely help her with the logistics once she’s settled on what she wants to do!

Unfortunately, Virgin Experience is not one of the retailers available at Gift Card Granny right this moment. You can, however, get a gift card for Virgin Experience right on their website!

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4. Darden Restaurants

A fun, free meal at your grandma’s favorite restaurant is always a great gift!

Buy a Darden Restaurant Group gift card

Getting your grandma a gift card to one of her favorite local spots is a great way to show your appreciation. With a gift card, your grandma can choose where, when, and with whom to celebrate her special day. If you’re not sure exactly what sort of restaurant she’s most fond of, just ask! While a surprise gift is always fun, we are certain she’d rather reduce the risk of getting a card to just an average restaurant nearby. 

The destination of your gift card will depend on where you are located. Something nice but close by is a great way to go. You can also check out the many food-related gift cards on Gift Card Granny to see if you can earn some cash back on your purchase! It’s a win-win.

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5. Whole Foods

Give the gift of a meal on your dime

Buy a Whole Foods gift card

Does your grandma like to cook? There are so many amazing recipes for meals, appetizers, desserts, and everything in between. If you get your grandma a gift card to Whole Foods, you can add some recipes you think she might like, especially if she’s always looking for new meals to cook. A new recipe could be exactly what the doctor ordered to revitalize her interest and enjoyment of cooking. 

If not, no worries. Whole Foods also has a ton of pre-made and ready-to-eat meals that are easy to grab, so even if she remains uninterested in cooking you can rest easy knowing that she will get good use out of your gift. 

Whole Foods is also great for delivery! Working through Amazon, the online shopping process is streamlined, and getting ingredients right to their door is another great way to use a Whole Foods gift card. Whole Foods is a great place to pick up ingredients for a special meal. If she likes to cook, start earning cash back when you pick up a Whole Foods gift card today.

Buy a Whole Foods gift card

6. Bed Bath and Beyond

A gift card for home supplies

Buy a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card

Bed Bath and Beyond has a huge selection of items for daily use or decoration around the house. Getting your grandma a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond is perfect if it is a store that she shops at with some regularity. Walking through a store with a gift card snug in your wallet is an excellent feeling. 

She might even splurge on something she really wants courtesy of your gift card! We recommend Bed Bath and Beyond as a safe choice for your grandmother, as it has a wide variety of products and she can shop in-store or online. Start earning cash back at Gift Card Granny when you pick up a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card today.

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Never underestimate the gift of time. Something as simple as spending time with your grandmother might be the best present of all. Image courtesy of Sixty and Me

We hope that these six ideas about gift cards for grandma are helpful! As with any of these topics, some of these gift cards might be an automatic no because you know her and what she’s looking for. Knowing what not to get goes a long way in terms of figuring out what to get, as starting from a blank slate is almost impossible with how many companies there are out there. 

For some of these gift cards, you can always get a few family members together and all contribute to a larger card. This allows your grandma to either use it multiple times, for instance, if you get a big card to a local restaurant she can get multiple meals there, or, for something like Virgin Experiences, it allows her to get an experience almost free (a lot of them are priced over $50). The best gift card is one where it takes just about all the price off of the item, leaving no tiny bit left that will never get used. 

Gift cards are a fantastic way to show your appreciation and a great gift. They allow the recipient to go out and try something new, whether it’s shopping at a clothing store, going out to eat, or trying something new. Gift cards allow them to take the initiative, and sometimes you get to come along for the ride. Gift cards are always valuable gifts, and we hope that you have found the perfect card for the occasion with the new knowledge you possess. 

Remember: many of the retailers on this list are available at Gift Card Granny, where you can earn cashback and rewards on all of your gift card purchases. 

From all of us here at Gift Card Granny, happy shopping!