Popular Gift Cards for Kids and Teens

Whether you need a gift for a birthday, holiday, graduation or achievement, finding one for a kid or teen can be difficult. With changing tastes and trending styles, it’s hard to keep up with what they’re into. Luckily, gift cards are always a safe bet. Available in plastic or eGift and in various denominations, you can give a child or teen the gift of choice. From their favorite restaurants to retailers, giving a gift card is a win-win for both you and the recipient.

Not sure which gift card to give? No worries! We have you covered with popular gift card picks for kids and teens. Keep reading for all the details.

Gift Cards for Kids

disney store gift card

1. Disney Store

Every kid loves a good Disney movie and goodness knows are there plenty to choose from. At the Disney Store, kids can choose an outfit accessory, toys and more featuring their favorite Disney characters.


2. Build A Bear

Do you remember being a kid and having a favorite teddy bear? You know, the one you carried around with you constantly. Well, you can give a child that same experience with Build-A-Bear. Kids can choose from a collection of stuffed animals or have fun creating their own. Kids can get special accessories and add cool features to their stuffed animal like heartbeat sounds and music.


3. Children's Place

No matter what age, people want to feel stylish right? At The Children’s Place, both boys and girls can find trending clothing, accessories, shoes and more. Whether they need a new winter coat or want a cute new headband, The Children’s Place will have it.


4. Michaels

Art is an important subject in a kid’s life. It allows kids to express themselves and encourages them to be creative and is good for their self-esteem. Michaels has a wide variety of art and craft supplies for all ages. From finger paints to magic sets, a Michaels gift card can help get them to explore a new activity or craft.


5. Claires'

Girls can’t get enough of the fashionable merchandise at Claire’s! From mermaid themed accessories to sequin pencil cases to getting their ears pierced, any girl is going to enjoy using a gift card at Claire’s.

Gift Card for Teens


1. GameStop

While this retailer is geared towards those who love video games, GameStop offers more than that. Teens can find electronics, toys and collectibles, apparel, and accessories. Whether they’re looking for the latest video game release or a knit beanie featuring their favorite movie characters, they’ll find it at GameStop.


2. AMC Theaters

Nothing beats going to a movie on a weekend with friends. Give the teen in your life the gift of a fun night out with an AMC Theater gift card. With it, he or she can use it towards the movie they want to see or for drinks and snacks at the concession stand.


3. Old Navy

It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends but teens can do so affordably at Old Navy. Old Navy offers clothes, accessories, shoes, and jewelry that are in-style and easy on the wallet. With a wide range of sizes and style options, teens can feel confident that they look good no matter what time of year.


4. Chipotle

This fast-casual Mexican restaurant is perfect for the teen on the go. Whether they’re catching a bite after swim practice, meeting up with friends for lunch, or they want to stop and eat something while out and about, the tacos, burritos, or salads at Chipotle are sure to fill them up.


5. App Store & iTunes

If they have an Apple device, they will love an App Store & iTunes gift card. Teens can use the gift card to download games, apps, music, tv shows, and movies. All of the media they love is available at their fingertips (and for less too with the help of your gift card).

Save yourself the hassle before spending money on a gift you’re not sure a kid or teen will like. Instead, play it smart and play it safe with a gift card.

Have you ever given a child or teen a gift card as a present? How was it received? Let us know in the comments below!