Gift Cards for Men: Essential Gift Cards for the Man in Your Life

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Is there a guy in your life that has a birthday coming up? Or perhaps you just want to show a man in your life how much you appreciate them. There’s no better way to do this than by gifting a gift card. A gift card is a thoughtful way to show you care, plus it allows the recipient to pick out exactly what they want!


You won’t have to fret over getting them something they don’t really want, or worse, something that will just sit on a shelf somewhere. With a gift card you’re getting them an experience, and who wouldn’t love that? This article is going to go over all the best gift cards for men. We’re going to break them down in to a few categories:


  • Techy gift cards for men

  • Gift cards for men: restaurants

  • Get outdoors with these gift cards for men

  • Get away from it all with a gift card!


Give thoughtfully with Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is your one stop show for all things gift cards. They have all your favorite brands, whether you’re looking for boutique shopping from Coach or Dooney & Burke, or want to enjoy a nice meal at Bonefish Grille or Outback Steakhouse. 


When you buy gift cards here, you can even earn cash back on your purchases! There aren’t many other sites that can guarantee that. On top of that you can even customize your gift card to make it extra special, for that special someone.


So without further ado, here are our favorite gift cards for the men in your life.





Expand your music playlists with a gift card to this music streaming source

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Spotify is one of the top streaming platforms where you can find music for all tastes. Whether you want to rock out to the classics, create your own fun playlist, or catch up on all the latest podcasts, you can do it all on Spotify.


The premium membership allows you to listen to their entire library of content without commercials, allowing you skip songs, or search out your favorites. You’ll even find specially curated playlists just for you based on your listening. It just doesn’t get more curated than this! Spotify is great for finding new and emerging artists from all around the world, so you’ll never run out of good music to listen to.


You can pick up a Spotify gift card at Gift Card Granny for any guy who just can’t seem to get enough of music. 


Everyone loves a gift card to Apple, especially that lucky man in your life!

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Giving the gift of an Apple gift card is sure to make any guy smile. You can use it to purchase music, movies, books and more. Our phones are an extension of ourselves, and they’re always with us. Why not give a gift that can make a direct impact on your guy’s day? This gift card also allows them to purchase any apps in the app store, which is great if there’s a game that they’ve always wanted to purchase, but just hadn’t had the time to do so.


If you want to pick up a coveted Apple gift card for your guy, why not earn cash back while you do it? Check out Gift Card Granny and pick up your Apple gift card today.

Game Stop

What guy wouldn’t want a gift card to pick up games or gaming systems?

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Is a man in your life a gamer? Do they have a favorite game that they just haven’t got around to purchasing yet? Or perhaps there’s an old favorite that they’d like a new copy of. Regardless of what games they’re into, a gift card to GameStop should be at the top of your list. GameStop has an extensive collection of games, so they’re sure to find one that they haven’t played yet. 


Not only can you purchase games at GameStop buy they also offer gaming systems, controllers, keyboards, headsets, and even apparel and collectibles. Don’t want to buy brand new? That’s not a problem here. GameStop also offers plenty of refurbished systems, games, and even phones.


Get the man in your life who just lives and breathes video games a gift card to GameStop from Gift Card Granny. 


One of the most popular streaming platforms, Hulu has all the shows you want

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We all know there are a lot of streaming platforms out there to choose from. Every time you turn around it feels like there’s another one that you don’t have. If your guy has FOMO from all the amazing content that’s available on Hulu, this is the perfect gift.


Hulu has all your favorite shows from the past, including comedy aces such as Brooklyn 99, Parks & Rec, What We Do in the Shadows and even vintage shows like Frasier and Cheers. But Hulu isn’t just about sitcoms, they’ve also got their own award-winning content such as The Great and a partnership with FX that allows them to stream the show the day after it appears live.


Oh and did we mention Hulu has live sports? You can also get a subscription level that includes their favorite sports team as well. So what are you waiting for?


Pick up a Hulu gift card from Gift Card Granny for your guy and earn some cash back while you’re at it. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

It’s the place to watch all the games, and enjoy all the wings

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