Best Gift Cards for Newlyweds They’re Sure to Love!

Do you know a couple that recently got married? Have you been meaning to send a gift to a newlywed couple in your life? If the answer is yes to either of these, we think that’s a great idea! When a couple gets married, they’re embarking on a new life together. After all the fun and excitement of the wedding has passed, they’re certainly going to need some help getting their new journey together off on the right foot.


If you’d really like to give a newlywed couple something they can definitely use, you’re going to want to go with a gift card. Gift cards are some of the most sought-after gifts around because they allow the recipient to pick out exactly what they want. It also gives them the freedom to redeem the gift card when it suits them best.


As the newlyweds start their lives together, chances are they’re going to need some things to help them out. This is why we thought it would be helpful to put a list together of the best places to get them a gift card for, including:


  • Gift cards for home decor and organization

  • Gift cards to restaurants

  • Gift cards to help them take a weekend away 

  • Gift cards for entertainment


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We’ve noted in each of our suggestions whether or not Gift Card Granny supports that retailer. If GCG does not, make sure you check back often, because we’re always adding new brands to our site.

The Home Depot

Give newlyweds the gift of helping them create the home of their dreams

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If the newlyweds you know have also just moved into a new house, they can definitely get a lot of use out of a Home Depot gift card. There are so many options that they can redeem it for. Whether they want to paint the rooms of their new place, add some appliances to their kitchen, or stock up on yard items like outdoor furniture, grills, plants, and outdoor rugs, they can do all those at the Home Depot. 


Even if they haven’t moved into a new house, a Home Depot gift card gives them the option to spruce up their current place. Whether there’s a particular project they’ve been meaning to start, or they’re still in the brainstorming phase, the Home Depot is sure to inspire lots of new ideas.


Give the newlyweds you know a gift card to Home Depot at Gift Card Granny and allow them to start a fun, new project together!

Pottery Barn

If they need to add to their home decor, you can’t go wrong with Pottery Barn

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In the lead up to their wedding, chances are the newlywed couple had to put all their home projects on pause. After all, planning and executing a fun, happy wedding are no small feats! But once it’s over, they’ll probably be looking for opportunities to start some fun home projects. And one of the most exciting kinds of projects is a revamp of your space. Whether they want a fresh look for multiple rooms, or really want to concentrate on just one, Pottery Barn is sure to have whatever they need.


They have stylish accessories for outdoor areas, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. But they also offer options for lighting, rugs, pillows, mirrors, and even creative ways to store you items. 


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A gift card to Wayfair means that the newlyweds can get all their new items delivered!


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If the newlyweds you know are like most of us, they’re always a little short on time—whether that’s because they’re hard at work, or enjoying a little relaxing down time. If they’re finding it hard to go into the store in order to start their home revamp project, why not get them a gift card to an all-online store like Wayfair? That way they can shop online whenever it’s convenient to them, either first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, or even late at night. 


Wayfair has everything they might need to decorate their new space, or give their current one a much-needed update. They can pick up rugs, furniture, pillows, appliances, storage items, bedding and bath, and even must-have items for pets. Let them shop on their own terms and have everything they need delivered.


Consider picking up a Wayfair gift card from Gift Card Granny for the newlyweds on your list! 

Best Western

Sometimes you just need to get away, and a gift card to Best Western is sure to help out


After the excitement of the wedding, many newlyweds want to just take some time off. If they’re not immediately going on a honeymoon, there’s still a way to get a little rest and relaxation in. Why not go on a short weekend trip to a city they’ve always wanted to see and spend the night in a hotel like Best Western? Best Westerns are in all the top cities that newlyweds would want to travel to including Las Vegas, San Antonio, Key West, New Orleans, Denver, and many more. If a week-long vacation isn’t in the cards, not a problem! There’s no rule against taking a shorter vacation to the spot of their choice.


Having a gift card to a Best Western may be just the push a newlywed couple might need to take some time away, and go explore a new city together.


You can pick up a Best Western gift card at Gift Card Granny and earn yourself some cash back as well! 


Give the gift of choice when it comes to a vacation and allow the newlyweds to pick a unique place to stay

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In addition to taking a weekend away to stay in a hotel, you might also want to consider giving the gift of an Airbnb. This is especially true if the newlyweds you know like to have access to an entire house or apartment, which allows them to cook their own meals. Airbnb is one of the easiest ways to book a little vacation away from home, and it operates in all kinds of cities across the country and around the world. You can choose how large or small you want your space to be, and interacting with the host is super easy, and all online.


No matter what their budget is for a little trip away from home, you’re sure to find something you like on Airbnb. Make sure you give the gift of travel to the newlyweds you know and get them a gift card to Airbnb from Gift Card Granny!

Red Lobster

Craving seafood? Red Lobster offers all your favorites along with new and exciting dishes

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Sometimes life gets a little hectic, even for newlyweds! Chances are they are both busy at work all day, and after work they probably like to spend time exercising or relaxing. This leaves little time to plan and cook meals! While meal planning is something that can be done ahead of time for the week, sometimes it just isn’t possible. Here’s where a gift card to a fantastic restaurant would come in handy!


If you know that the newlyweds just can’t seem to get enough seafood, why not give them a gift card to Red Lobster? Whether they love shrimp, crab, lobster, or fish, they can get it all at this popular place. In addition to all their favorite seafood dishes, they can also enjoy soups, salads, and those famous Old Bay Biscuits. Give them the night off from cooking and allow them to catch up with each other over a delicious meal.


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Yard House

If newlyweds you know are looking for a chill spot after a long day, Yard House is it

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Do the newlyweds you know have a local place they like to stop into after work? If not, consider getting them a gift card to the Yard House, which is sure to become their go-to spot. With all kinds of refreshing beers on draft as well as a delicious pub menu, the Yard House is an easy choice when it comes to fun and relaxing. They can start off ordering an appetizer like the fried calamari, sliders, Bavarian pretzel, nachos, or guac and chips. Then you’ve got to try one of their famous burgers, chicken sandwiches, fish sandwiches, or steak. 


If you have room for dessert, you’re in luck, because this place has some amazing chocolate fudge cake, cheesecake, and carrot cake. And don’t forget to try some of the nearly 100 brews they have on draft. Selections are always rotating, so you’ll want to stop by often.


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Cinemark Theatres

What’s better than a date night at the movies for the newlyweds?

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No matter if a dinner and movie was their first date, or it’s still their favorite way to have date night, you’ll never go wrong with a gift card to a movie theater like Cinemark Theatres. There’s just something special about going to the movies together that can make for such a fun evening. Whether the newlyweds you know are cinema buffs, or they only seem to get the movies once in a while, everyone can make time for a movie. With a gift card they get to choose which movie they see, and when they see it, making it such a welcomed and much-appreciated gift.


Give them the gift of enjoying a movie together when you pick up a gift card to Cinemark Theatres from Gift Card Granny!


The Craft Beer Club

A craft beer club is one of the best ways to sample all kinds of new beers


Do the newlyweds that you know like to try new things? Or perhaps do they already enjoy all kinds of craft beers? If the answer to these questions is yes, consider picking them up a gift card to the Craft Beer Club. This club hand picks the finest craft beers from around the country, and ships a sample straight to your door. You can choose to receive your beer monthly, bi-montly, or quarterly. This is the best way to sample the local, craft beer scene throughout the country!

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny doesn’t yet feature the Craft Beer Club, but keep checking back because we’re always adding new brands!


Newlyweds would appreciate any of the gift cards on this list!


Now you know what gift cards to give to the newlywed couple in your life! Whether you choose to go with a home store, a restaurant, or an entertainment option, you can’t go wrong.