Our Top Gift Cards for Parents

If you know a couple that are parents, you know that they’re always busy! Whether it’s taking the kids to school, day care, activities, sports, or even just to the park to play, it seems like they could always use more time. Depending on how old their kids are, the parents you know could also be dealing with potty training, teething, or still getting the diaper changing routine down. No matter how old their kids get, parents will always want to do the best they can for them.


If you know parents, or you’re a parent looking to treat yourself, you can’t go wrong with a gift card as a present. No matter if it’s their birthday, anniversary, or just because, parents will always appreciate the thought that goes into giving them a present. Gift cards are always welcome because they give the recipient the choice of when to use it. You can also be sure that the recipients are always going to get exactly what they want too!


Gift cards for parents are a great option, which is why we put together this list of our favorites including:


  • Gift cards for family time

  • Gift cards for date night

  • Gift cards to make parenting life a little easier


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Parents could always use a gift card to Kohl’s!

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If you know parents with growing kids, you know that they’ll need to replace their clothes often. Kids seem to grow when you’re not looking, and what fits one month, doesn’t fit six months from now. Here’s where a gift card to Kohl’s can come in handy. At Kohl’s they have everything parents need to keep their kids clothed. Whether they need new shorts, tennis shoes, tank tops, pants, or even a cute new sun dress, you’ll find everything under one roof.


Another great thing about Kohl’s is that they’re very reasonably priced, and it seems like they’re always running a sale. A bonus? While the parents are out picking up new items for the kids, they might even come across something they could use. Whether it’s a new sheet set, pillows, electronics, books, or even jewelry, you can get it at this convenient store.


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Parents can pick up whatever they might need with a handy Visa gift card


Sometimes nothing works quite like the gift of choice. You can do this easily with a Visa gift card for parents you know. Visa is accepted almost everywhere in the world, and parents can use it on whatever they need since it acts just like cash. If they need to fill the tank before the school run, would like to purchase groceries, or just want to take the team out for ice cream after the big game, they can do it all with a Visa gift card.


Visa gift cards also work online! If the parents need to make a purchase last minute or want to make sure they have exactly what they need without the trip to the store, a Visa card is the way to go.


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Carter’s gift cards allow parents to get anything they’ll need for the kids


Do you know parents who have a baby, toddler, or young kid? If so then they’ll definitely appreciate a gift card to Carter’s! This store has everything they’ll need to make sure their kids are decked out from head to toe. Whether it’s cute onesies for the tiny ones, little dresses for toddlers, or sandals perfect for outdoor fun in the summer, you’ll find all kinds of options at this family favorite store.


This is such a popular place to pick up all kinds of clothes for the kids because they even have fan apparel and character apparel! That’s right you can pick up t-shirts, PJs, and onesies that showcase your favorite character, major league, or collegiate sports school! Parents will appreciate this when it comes time to watch their favorite sport.


You can help parents keep their kiddos in the coolest attire with a gift card to Carter’s from Gift Card Granny


Get more experiences together as a family with a gift card from Groupon

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If you’re worried about giving more stuff as gifts that may or may not even be used, why not consider giving the gift of experiences instead? There’s one company that comes to mind when we discuss experiences, and that’s Groupon. This company strives to help people explore by taking them to new places or offering them new experiences. Groupons are available in most cities, and you can find exactly what you’d like to try out by searching their site.


Whether you’d like a good deal on a local pizza place, getting your oil changed, or even a trip to the ballpark to watch your hometown team, you find all kinds of amazing deals on Groupon. Everything that’s offered on the site is at a discount, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank to have a fun family activity day. If you see something you like, make sure to purchase it because the deals don’t last forever!


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Make memories that you can look back on with a gift card from Shutterfly

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If you know parents with kids, then chances are you’ve seen a lot of pictures of them. It seems like we always have our phones with us, which allows us to document the little moments that make life so much fun. The same is true for snapping photos of kids, parents always want to make sure they capture their kids at all stages of life. Don’t let those photos just sit on a phone though! The best way to make sure you’ll always come back to see them is when they’re in a photo album or a book. 


Shutterfly is one of the best companies out there when it comes to printing photos. You can choose to print a few of your digital photos, or enough to make up an entire album. You can also use images to create a calendar, a mug, or even a t-shirt! Talk about an easy way to personalize your things.


If you know parents who would love the chance to create a photo book of their kids, give the gift of Shutterfly from Gift Card Granny!


Check out a movie together with the whole family!

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There’s nothing more fun than getting out to the movies as a family. Even if you don’t have the chance to do it very often, it’s always a fun and unique experience. While it is nice to watch movies and shows on our own TVs, it’s also a nice change of pace to get out of the house and be blown away by the big screen. With a gift card to Fandango, you give the experience of getting lost in a movie for the whole family.


There are all kinds of fun movies coming out, and no one can say no to a Friday or Saturday night at the movies. You can pick up your tickets with the gift card online and then once you get to the theater, make sure to purchase popcorn, candy, or soft drinks! No matter what movie they choose, they’re in for a night of fun.


You can give parents you know the gift of a fun family movie experience with a Gift Card Granny gift card to Fandango!



Help out the pet parents by giving the gift of a Petco gift card!

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Know some pet parents that could use a little help with their fur babies? Or perhaps you know parents that are looking to pick up a pet for their kids? Either way, you can find all things pet-related at Petco. This store is your one stop shop for pet supplies, whether they need to pick up kitty litter, dog treats, fish food, or rabbit pellets, if they have a pet, chances are they’ll really appreciate a gift card to Petco. 


If you know someone who is looking to adopt a pet, Petco can help them out with that as well! They typically team up with a local shelter to showcase pets that are looking for homes. You can go and find your new best friend, and pick up all the pet supplies you need at the same time! It’s a great way to show a pet parent (including future pet parents) that you care.


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Amazon has everything parents could need, from clothes, food, shoes and more for kids

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When you really want to see a sigh of relief from a parent, you get them an Amazon gift card! These gift cards are always appreciated and a welcome sight when given as gifts. You can give them for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or to celebrate the birth of a child. Amazon makes it easy to order exactly what you’re looking for, and have it delivered to your door.


Parents are sure to love this gift because it means they can pick up extra diapers, formula, toys, or even a new sandbox to add to the backyard this summer! In addition to picking up must-have items for the kiddos, Amazon makes it easy for parents to pick up what they need too. Running low on your multivitamin supplement? Need to replace your yoga pants? Or perhaps you just need a good pair of flip flops. Amazon can help you out with all of that.


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not yet offer Amazon gift cards, but make sure to check back because we’re always adding new retailers!

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Let the parents take some time for themselves with a date night dinner


And finally, what list of gift cards for parents would be complete without an option for date night? That’s right, give parents an excuse to go out on their own and enjoy each other's company! One of the best ways to do this is with a gift card to a fancy restaurant like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Ruth’s Chris is synonymous with amazing steak dinners, sides, and fancy adult drinks. The ambiance is great for parents to really take a load off and relax for a night.


Whether they choose to go with a steak, or opt for their amazing seafood instead, Ruth’s Chris is always high on everyone’s list of date night spots.


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Show the parents in your life that you care with a thoughtful gift card!


Any parent would love to have the gift cards on this list. Give them the gift of choice with a gift card and earn yourself cash back while you do it with Gift Card Granny!