Give the Gift of Love: Gift Cards for Pregnant Moms

Do you know someone who is excited about becoming a mom? If so, this is the perfect time to surprise your pregnant mom-to-be with a little something extra. Moms are ready to do so much for their children, and if you know someone who is anticipating the birth of a child, chances are she’s probably very excited. But what can you get a pregnant mom-to-be? A gift card of course! Gift cards are the perfect present to show someone you care, and there are plenty of great options out there when it comes to giving a gift to soon to be mothers.


Gift cards are always appreciated because they give the recipient the freedom to choose exactly the right item for them. They can also choose to use the gift card whenever they need to, making it super convenient to pick up whatever it is they decide to purchase.


If you’re looking for ideas for gift cards for pregnant moms, we’ve got lots of options she’ll be sure to love including:


  • Gift cards for children’s stores

  • Gift cards for self-care

  • Gift cards for retail therapy


Shop for all kinds of gift cards for pregnant moms at Gift Card Granny

If you’re wondering where you can pick up all these gift cards, you’ll want to make sure you visit Gift Card Granny. There are thousands of brands available, ensuring you’ll always be able to find a gift card for any occasion, whether that’s a birthday, anniversary, or other important celebration. Did you know that for each gift card you pick up you get the opportunity to earn cash back? That’s right, it’s like being paid to shop for friends, family, and even yourself!


If you don’t find your favorite brand on Gift Card Granny just yet, not to worry. Since we’re always including new retailers, you’ll want to make sure you check back often to see which ones we’ve added.

The Children’s Place

You can find all kinds of great items for children at this popular retail store


If you know a mom-to-be, chances are she’s already accumulating clothes and accessories for the baby. The Children’s Place is one of the most popular places for parents to find exactly what they need for their kids, when they need it. Whether that’s an adorable onesie, a new dress, matching top and bottoms, socks, hats, or even sleepwear, you’ll be able to find just what you need in all kinds of cute colors and patterns.


The Children’s Place also features lots of fun accessories, shoes, and even clothing in a variety of sizes as the baby grows. Children grow out of clothing very quickly, so a mom-to-be will really appreciate having a gift card to spend on baby attire right off the bat!


You can pick up a gift card to the Children’s Place at Gift Card Granny and start earning yourself cash back! 

Old Navy

There are plenty of affordable options for both mom and kids at Old Navy

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Another fantastic place to shop for baby clothes is Old Navy, so a pregnant mom would definitely appreciate a gift card to this store! Old Navy is known for having all kinds of great options for babies, all at affordable prices. Whether the new parents want to shop for some adorable onesies with matching hats, baby socks, fun sweaters, or little outfits for sleep, Old Navy will have them covered.


A pregnant mom will love a gift card to this store because not only can she pick up items for her newborn, but she can also get some things for herself! Whether she needs some new maternity clothes, or wants to pick up some items for post-pregnancy, Old Navy comes high on the list of favorite stores.


You can get a pregnant mom a gift card to Old Navy from Gift Card Granny and really let the savings begin with cash back!



Looking for a one of a kind gift for a pregnant mom-to-be? Etsy has all kinds of options. 

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If you’re looking to give a pregnant mom a one of a kind, or unique gift, why not pick her up a gift card to Etsy? Etsy is the online market platform that allows creators to sell products that you might not find in regular big box stores. No matter what she might be looking for, this place is sure to have more than a few eye-catching options. You can get hand-made items, vintage items, or even items from consignment. If she’s not looking to break the bank when stocking up on baby items, this could be a great gift card to give. And you’re supporting small business owners in the process!


Etsy has all kinds of items for the home too, so if the pregnant mom you know is still picking up items for the baby’s nursery, or needs to pick up baby shower stationary, Etsy is the crafty place to do both.


Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not yet offer gift cards to Etsy, but make sure you check back often because we’re always adding new brands.


Does someone you know need clothes for baby? Look no further than Carter’s.


If you’d like another popular option when it comes to baby apparel, you could also pick up a gift card to Carter’s for a pregnant mom-to-be. Carter’s has every style of clothing that would be just perfect for the new baby, but did you also know they carry all kinds of gear for babies too? That’s right, you can use this gift card to pick up cute clothes, diaper bags, toys, food containers, bathtime supplies, car seats, and more. So no matter what the new parents may need, they can be sure to use this gift card to find it.


In addition to having all kinds of items for babies and children, Carter’s also has a helpful blog that is designed to help new parents get answers to their questions about having children. Talk about a great resource for a pregnant mom!


You can pick up a Carter’s gift card at Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back on your purchases!


Pottery Barn Kids

Give the gift of clothes and baby accessories to a pregnant mom, and she’ll be so happy you did!


Do you know a pregnant mom that still needs a few items to set up the nursery? Then a gift card to Pottery Barn Kids would make the perfect gift! This place has an awesome selection of cribs in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes. And if the new parents are also interested in getting a glider or rocking chair for the nursery, they also have plenty of options for those too. If there’s space in their nursery for dressers or a changing table, Pottery Barn delivers with plenty of great looking options for these types of furniture too. 


In addition to everything you might need to set up a nursery, Pottery Barn Kids also has essential baby gear like bags, strollers, backpacks, bouncers, play mats, baby monitors, and so much more. 



Sometimes mom needs a break for relaxation. A gift card to a spa is perfect!


Most moms-to-be are constantly thinking about how to prepare for the arrival of their newborn. But don’t they deserve some self-care time too? That’s where a gift card to SpaFinder comes in handy! SpaFind is super easy to use, all you need to do is plug in the location where you are and see which spas and salons pop up that accept gift cards! This means that a pregnant mom you know can use a spa close to home, or if she’s out on vacation, can choose to find a spa near there.


This is a great way for a mom-to-be to practice a little self-care and spend some time getting pampered. Whether she chooses to get a facial, mani/pedi, or a massage, this is the gift card she’ll really appreciate!


Make sure you pick up a SpaFinder gift card on Gift Card Granny to treat the pregnant mom you know to some time all to herself.


Mom-to-be’s need to have comfy shoes, so make sure you give her a gift to DSW!


Moms-to-be need to get used to walking for two, and in order to do that, they’re going to need the right kind of shoes. After all, you can’t be at your best when your feet are bothering you, so make sure you show her you’re thinking about her comfort when you give her a gift card to DSW. DSW has all her favorite brands and all the latest styles, so no matter what season it is, she’ll be sure to find something that catches her eye. Whether it’s a comfy pair of sandals for the beach, walking shoes to stay in shape, or even a much-needed pair of house slippers, you can be sure she’ll find just what she’s looking for at DSW.


DSW has all kinds of shoes for men, women, and kids, so as her child grows, she’ll be able to continue shopping there for all the latest kid’s styles!


If you want to make sure a pregnant mom you know has comfortable shoes while she goes about her day, make sure to get over to Gift Card Granny and get a DSW gift card!


The perfect place for a pregnant mom to find something to make her feel beautiful

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While mom is expecting, she’s always thinking about how she can prepare for the birth of her child. That means she’s worried about taking care of her nutrition, ensuring the nursery is ready, and getting all the newborn essentials. She may forget to take some time out for herself! If you know a mom-to-be like this, why not give her an Ulta Beauty gift card and let her treat herself. This is her one stop shop for all things makeup, skin care, hair, perfume, and nails, so she’s sure to find something that can make her feel like the queen she is. 


It’s important for all of us to feel beautiful and comfortable in our own appearance, and Ulta has all kinds of products that are sure to make her smile. Make sure you pick up a gift card to Ulta from Gift Card Granny today!

Candle Store

Let a pregnant mom indulge in a little aromatherapy with candles


Do you know a pregnant mom who just loves candles and aromatherapy? If she’s looking for an easy way to relax while she waits for the arrival of her baby, a gift card to a candle and aromatherapy store could be just what she’s looking for. Candles and scent diffusers have a unique ability to help us feel our best, whether that’s more relaxed, comfortable, or energized, giving the gift of scent is always appreciated.


Gift Card Granny offers gift cards to Yankee Candle, but if she has a local candle or scent store she loves, consider picking up a gift card from there!


Because sometimes retail therapy is a great way to unwind

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Sometimes you just need to go out and treat yourself to a new outfit, piece of jewelry, purse, shoes, or other lovely accessory. You can find all this and more at Macy’s. Whether she wants to check out their maternity collection, or pick up something after the baby arrives, Macy’s has been a go-to destination for moms everywhere. Give the gift of a stylish gift that allows her to choose what she wants!


A gift card to Macy’s from Gift Card Granny could be just what the mom-to-be is hoping for! 


If you know a pregnant mom, she would just love to receive any of the gift card options on this list. Whether you give a gift card for a baby shower, or just because, it will always be appreciated!