The Best Gift Card for Travelers


For the high-spirited soul who wasn’t meant to settle for one location, these liberating gift card ideas will surely help them achieve their dreams of travel and exploration

Whether it’s the wide and endless expanse of open ocean, the captivating Gothic architecture that decorates European cities of old, or the wondrous snow-frosted mountaintops with peaks that touch the sun, there is nothing quite comparable to the sights and experiences of travel.


Any true traveler with a passion for exploring new places can tell you the thrill of the journey is parallel to none, but it does not come without its own set of concerns. From scheduling an overseas voyage to booking a hotel in Rome, travel requires a lot of effort and consideration to ensure a painless experience.


Even after you get the tickets and book the rooms, the next course of action is going to be ensuring you’re properly equipped for the venture. Traveling can be exhilarating and fun, but it can easily become dangerous if you don’t have the right tools, especially if your travels happen to include activities like camping and hiking. 


Never let your friend be left with the short end of the travel stick – be a considerate friend and help them get the supplies they need for an easy vacation with Gift Card Granny. Let’s discuss the best gift card ideas for travelers, such as the following:

  • Gift cards for commutes and lodging 

  • Gift cards for attire and luggage

  • Gift cards for enrichment and self-care 

Earn Cash Back on the Best Gift Cards for Travelers with Gift Card Granny

In case you’re new to the Gift Card Granny scene, allow me to catch you up to speed. We offer gift cards for thousands of local and national brands and make buying, customizing, and sending easier than ever. Choose gift cards to beloved retailers, load any desired amount, and send them straight to your favorite travelers through the mail or online. And the best part? You earn cash back just for doing it. 


If this sounds like your cup of tea, then keep on reading!

Southwest Airlines

Fly High and Start Saving 


One mark of the serious traveler is how many frequent flyer points they have managed to accumulate under various flight loyalty programs offered by different airlines, and Southwest airlines just so happens to have an amazing rewards program to make travel a breeze. 


When it comes to air travel, the cost of flights adds up quickly, so it’s best to save a little extra when you can. Southwest Airlines can help any traveler who’s conservative with their cash with their Rapid Rewards system, a loyalty program designed to make flying simple, affordable, and rewarding. 


By flying with Southwest Airlines or making purchases with affiliated partners, customers can effortlessly earn points that may be redeemed for future flights, car rentals, and other flight-related services. As the world’s largest low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines knows how to do savings right. 


Save big on air travel with a gift card to Southwest Airlines from Gift Card Granny. An invaluable gift to any serious traveler, you’ll be rewarded with sincere gratitude, loyal friendship, and cash back. 


Keep the Tank Full and Your Bank Account Happy

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Traveling isn’t cheap, and neither is gas. It’s pretty unfortunate that much travel requires the assistance of cars. Of course, you can skip out on paying for gas by using taxis and other ride services, but who wants to rely on someone else to be their personal chauffeur? 


Sometimes, it’s best to just bite the bullet and pay for your own gas. Or rely on a friend to do it for you. 


A Speedway gift card from Gift Card Granny is a gift of a million words. Any traveler who’s constantly balancing budgets and managing finances is bound to breathe a sigh of relief when they receive this gift. Gas is a heavy burden, and saving every little bit helps. Let Speedway be there to make travel a whole lot easier on both mind and wallet. 


Remember, the trip is just as important as the destination when traveling, so get comfortable and be prepared. Gas may be vital for moving, but snacks, drinks, and personal care items should always be kept on hand. Find all of this and more at any Speedway gas station and make travel a piece of cake.  


A Stylish Look for Any Journey

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Any travel should be accompanied by the appropriate attire, especially when faced with extreme weather conditions. You wouldn’t wear a pair of swim trunks on a Himalayan expedition, nor would you don a winter coat to traverse the arid desert; remember, travel is best enjoyed when proper preparations are put in place. 


Be practical and enhance any trip with clothing from Nordstrom. An American luxury department store chain, Nordstrom sells the finest clothing products fit for any weather. Live it up on the beach wearing one of their designer swimsuits, or experience the embrace of warm comfort in the softest jacket you’ve ever put on. They even have a large selection of activewear to make the physical demands of travel more bearable, allotting you more time for sight-seeing and aimless wandering. 


Don’t forget to check out all the other useful products Nordstrom keeps in stock. Clothes are certainly important when it comes to travel, but there’s plenty of other home accessories travel-related goods to peruse while you’re at it. Find anything from luggage and water bottles to cosmetics and candles and turn any trip into a haven of exploration and selfcare. 


At this time, Nordstrom is not one of the many retailers available on Gift Card Granny, but we’re always adding new options to our catalog to create an even better gift card shopping experience!   


Choose From Thousands of Locations Around the World

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Traveling is about more than just exploring new places and dealing with the repercussions of constant jet lag – it is a way of life, an unparalleled experience, a chance to develop connections with different regions and cultures from across the globe. 


It’s an incredibly amazing adventure, but bear in mind that where you stay can drastically impact your overall travel experience. That’s why the intimate atmosphere of lodging offered by Airbnb should not be overlooked. 


With hotels, patrons are isolated in one gigantic, sterile-feeling labyrinth of a building that has no love or warmth in its walls. In stark contrast, Airbnb provides easy access for homestays and vacation rentals in various types of cozy lodging like cabins, beach houses, and unique homes. 


Travel is more than throwing together a suitcase of overnight necessities and taking the next train out of town; travel is the immersion of self into new communities, new cultures, new experiences. If you know a traveler who shares this philosophy, then an Airbnb gift card from Gift Card Granny is going to do wonders (and earn you cash back).   


Sustainable Luggage Meets Sleek Designs

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The growing number of environmental concerns across different regions of the world has caused an influx of eco-friendly companies to enter various business markets, travel included. And it’s no wonder why – those who know the value of travel also see the intrinsic beauty of nature. 


Paravel is a company that prioritizes the manufacturing of quality travel gear and an ethos of sustainability. They offer eco-friendly luggage, bags, and other carrying equipment. Offset the impact of traveling with Paravel’s carbon-neutral suitcase and duffel bags made from upcycled parts. 


Luggage from Paravel will delight any traveler who wants to lessen their impact on the environment. And with tons of stylish designs to choose from, Paravel has a bag fit for any personality. 


Gift Card Granny carries gift cards to thousands of retailers from all over, but Paravel is not one of them. It could be in the future, though! 


Who Said Spoiling Yourself was a Bad Thing?

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For some, travel means receiving the royal treatment no matter where you go. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel like your best self while experiencing new places, and the spa is the best place to get some much needed relaxation. 


But wait, being in an unfamiliar city can be daunting, and searching for the greatest spas online only leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Let Spafinder lessen the stress by providing a comprehensive list of participating spas in any location around the world. 


Find services for manicures, massages, mud baths, pedicures, therapeutic treatments, and a bunch of other things that exist only to make you feel good. So let go of the worry of being in a new city and mend your soul with a much-deserved pampering appointment.


Check out Gift Card Granny to spoil any traveler with a Spafinder gift card and earn some easy cash back.

Go Anywhere and Pay Less

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One of the first things any responsible traveler needs to consider when making travel arrangements is the lodging situation. And if you aren’t careful, booking rooms can turn into a very expensive problem. 


Take a load off with, where lodging and rentals are accessible and the prices are cheap. Get discounts just for booking through their website, and forget about the hassle of booking over the phone. 


A practical tool for any travel, give the gift of a gift card from Gift Card Granny and start earning cash back today. 


Travel with the Best, and Look Good Too

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Luggage is practically synonymous with travel, so it’s reasonable to assume the better the equipment, the better the trip. After all, the last thing someone on holiday wants to wake up to are damaged belongings from a faulty suitcase. 


Lucky for all lovers of travel, there’s Tumi. 


Founded in 1975 and based out of Edison, New Jersey, Tumi manufactures and markets high-end suitcases and other travel paraphernalia to make travel sleek and fashionable.   


If you know a traveler who's been using the same old ratty duffel bag for all their misadventures, then Tumi is going to be their new best friend. 


Unfortunately, Tumi is not one of the many retailers offered by Gift Card Granny at this time, but we’re always expanding our catalog.  

Fluent City

There’s No Greater Destination than the Land of Learning 

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Language is a beautiful thing. Hearing the captivating sound of foreign tongues and the melodic accents of new regions is wonderfully musical and a bit whimsical. Left impressed yet out of touch, what are you to do amidst the many languages you do not understand? 


Imagine if you weren’t so lost to begin with. Becoming fluent in a foreign language might just be the saving grace you need to take your travel experience to the next level and become fully immersed in new communities.


Though travel is undoubtedly fun, it can become stressful to anyone who isn’t properly equipped to deal with the responsibilities. Learning a new language isn’t required to enjoy spending time in a new country, but it does make navigating cultural barriers a whole lot easier, and that in turn can lessen anxiety levels. 


Why not give it a shot with Fluent City? This language-learning service provides foreign language training with a focus on building integral conversation skills, giving you the skills necessary to enhance any trip abroad and turn you into a cultured individual. 


Unfortunately, Fluent City is not available through Gift Card Granny quite yet. Stay up-to-date on our catalog to see what new brands are added next!


There’s much to love where travel is concerned, so long as you’ve properly prepared. 


Shopping for your friend who can’t stop fantasizing about their next holiday to Europe or tropical island getaway can be intensely pressuring and leave you feeling like the worst gift giver in the universe. But don’t let that pesky anxiety control you when you can come out on top with the help of Gift Card Granny.