Gift Cards for Veterans

Veterans have done and continue to do so much for us and at some point you might find yourself wanting to give back to them in some way. But how do you show your appreciation for their service when the gift they’ve given is priceless? Well, a gift card is a great way to start. Gift cards are great gift ideas because sometimes shopping for a person and getting them that perfect gift can be difficult, especially when you don’t know a lot about them. 

Gift cards can be used for a variety of things and as long as you know some basic information about the veteran you’re buying for, you can be sure that you’re getting them a gift they’ll love. And when you use Gift Card Granny for all of your gift card buying needs, you can not only be sure you’re getting the veteran in your life a special gift, but you can also be sure you got the best deal on it as well. 

But why use Gift Card Granny? Gift Card Granny is a website that has gift cards for purchase from thousands of different retailers, all at the touch of your fingers on your phone. When you use Gift Card Granny to search and buy these gift cards you can save money with cash back on all your gift card purchases through their site. 

Even if you don’t find a gift card on Gift Card Granny’s site that interests you, they are constantly updating and adding new retailers and gift cards to their site so you’re sure to find a gift card that is perfect to either keep for yourself or to give to someone special. But if you do find that special gift card that will make the perfect gift, you’ll save money when you buy it through Gift Card Granny when you earn cash back on your purchase. 

So now that you know where to get these gift cards and you know all the cool benefits of using Gift Card Granny, let’s get into the gift cards you should buy for the veteran in your life. In the article below you can expect to find the following:

  • Gift cards for dining out and at home
  • Gift cards for fun group activities
  • Gift cards for your travel and vacation needs

*Most of the gift cards mentioned below are available on Gift Card Granny at this time, but our catalog is always changing, so grab them before they’re gone!

1. Groupon 

A gift card for experiences 

Buy a Groupon gift card


Groupon is a great gift idea for any veteran in your life because it allows them to get deals on experiences they’ve always wanted to try. Groupon offers coupons and discounted prices for a wide variety of experiences so give a veteran in your life the chance to choose one they will enjoy. 

Give the gift of experiences and memories when you purchase a Groupon gift card on Gift Card Granny today.

2. Omaha Steaks 

A gift card for delicious and quality food 

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card

If the veteran in your life loves a good steak dinner, then an Omaha Steaks gift card is the perfect gift idea to show them how much you appreciate them. Treat them to a delicious steak dinner delivered right to their front door. An Omaha Steaks gift card allows them to choose their own steaks and other meals so they’re sure to love it. 

Buy an Omaha Steaks gift card on Gift Card Granny and save money on your purchase with cash back. 

3. Walmart 

A gift card for just about anything and everything 

Buy a Walmart gift card

Walmart is always a great gift idea because they carry just about anything and everything anyone could want or need. So whatever it is a veteran you know wants or needs, Walmart probably has it. Your veteran can use their gift card in stores or online so there’s twice the ways to shop! 

Save even more on your Walmart gift card when you get a Walmart gift card from Gift Card Granny today!

4. Joe’s Crab Shack 

A gift card for seafood lovers 

Buy a Joe’s Crab Shack gift card

If the veteran you’re shopping for loves a good seafood dinner then a Joe’s Crab Shack gift card is a great gift idea for them. Joe’s Crab Shack has a lot of different seafood dishes to choose from so if the veteran you’re shopping for is a big seafood lover then treat them to a delicious seafood dinner on you. 

Buy a Joe’s Crab Shack gift card for the veteran in your life who loves a good seafood meal. 

5. Cabela’s

A gift card for the veteran who loves the outdoors

Buy a Cabela’s gift card

Cabela’s has everything you could need for a wide range of outdoor activities. If the veteran in your life loves to be outside and loves to stay active, then a Cabela’s gift card is a good gift idea for them. With a Cabela’s gift card they can pick out exactly what they want or need for their next hobby or adventure. 

Buy a Cabela’s gift card for the outdoorsy veteran in your life and save money with cash back on your purchase with Gift Card Granny. 

6. Yankee Candle

A gift card to find that perfect, comforting scent 

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Candles have a way of making people feel at home and can make someone feel calm. A Yankee Candle gift card is a great gift idea for any veteran who might need some extra comfort in their home, or for any veteran who just loves candles. Yankee Candle has so many scents to choose from that they’re sure to find one they love.

Save money with cash back when you buy a Yankee Candle gift card for the veteran who enjoys a relaxing candle to end their night. 

7. Home Chef 

A gift card for the person who loves to cook 

Buy a Home Chef gift card

Home Chef is a fun gift card idea for any veteran who loves to cook but might not want to try and think of a recipe each and every night. Home Chef delivers all the ingredients you need to make dinner at home, all to your front door. So give the veteran in your life who loves to cook the gift of a meal made easy. 

Give the gift of a home cooked meal made easy and buy a Home Chef gift card today. 

8. Uncommon Goods

A special gift for a special person

If you’re in search of a truly unique gift to give any veteran in your life, why not surprise them with a gift from Uncommon Goods? 

Uncommon Goods is an online retailer filled with product listings from independent artists and creators. You can find amazing items for men, women, teenagers, and children in a broad range of categories, so you’re bound to find something for anyone you are shopping for. There’s cute household decor, jewelry, gift sets, apparel, candles, kitchenware, cocktail kits, and so much more available at Uncommon Goods. 

Gift Card Granny does not carry gift cards for Uncommon Goods at this time. 

9. Airbnb 

A gift card for the traveler in your life 

Buy an Airbnb gift card

Perhaps one of the best gifts you can give a veteran is the chance to get away for a little while. An Airbnb gift card can help do just that. Airbnb is a site that lists out homes all around the world for a cheaper price than hotels. The veteran in your life can find an airbnb just about anywhere so they can use their gift card to travel wherever they want. 

Give the veteran in your life the gift of travel and save money with Gift Card Granny when you buy an Airbnb gift card.

10. Lowe’s 

A gift card with the potential to create anything

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Veterans who like to stay busy by working on home projects and building with their hands are certain to appreciate a gift card to Lowe’s. All houses require steady maintenance and routine care to stay in good shape, and Lowe’s sells all the building supplies and home improvement products any veteran would need to ensure their home remains well cared for. Find tools, appliances, hardware, heating and cooling units, plumbing, window treatments, furniture, home decor, and more at your local Lowe’s. 

Grab a Lowe’s gift card from Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on your purchase!

11. Bravo Italian Kitchen  

A gift card for traditional Italian cuisine 

Bravo Italian Kitchen has a wide variety of Italian dishes on their menu that anyone who loves Italian cuisine will love. If the veteran you’re shopping for loves a good Italian meal and an enjoyable dinner experience, then a Bravo Italian Kitchen gift card is a great gift idea for them. Whether they want to share an evening out with family members or simply want Italian takeout for lunch, they’ll never be disappointed when they order from Bravo. 

Gift cards for Bravo Italian Kitchen are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time, but there are plenty of other gift cards for delicious restaurants to choose from right now!

12. Build-A-Bear  

A gift card that gives a comforting hug 

Buy a Build-A-Bear gift card


Veterans can often experience symptoms of PTSD after returning home. A Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card can be a great gift to them because they can use the gift card to build a comforting friend who can help them through this difficult time. A Build-A-Bear gift card can be used in store or online so they don’t even have to go to the store to make a friend. 

Give the gift of comfort and buy a Build-A-Bear Workshop gift card from Gift Card Granny today.

13. Spafinder

A gift card for relaxation

Buy a Spafinder gift card


A great gift idea to give a returning veteran is the gift of a relaxing experience. A Spafinder gift card is the perfect gift idea to do this. With a Spafinder gift card the veteran in your life will be able to search and choose from different spa experiences at a discounted price. So not only will you save money on the gift card through Gift Card granny, but they’ll save money on their spa services. 

Buy a Spafinder gift card for the ultimate gift of relaxation for the veteran in your life. 

14. American Airlines

A gift card for all your travels

If you want to help the veteran in your life do some traveling, whether it’s for a vacation or to visit friends and family, an American Airlines gift card is the perfect solution. With an American Airlines gift card your veteran can use it to purchase a ticket to fly anywhere they want or need to go. 

Unfortunately, Gift Card Granny does not carry American Airlines gift cards at this time, but be sure to check back in the future for new additions to our gift card catalog!

15. Mastercard 

A gift card for everywhere 

Buy a Mastercard gift card

When in doubt, a Mastercard gift card is always a great gift idea. Mastercard gift cards can be used just about anywhere that accepts Mastercard credit cards. This way you can be sure the veteran you’re shopping for can use their gift card for anything and everything they might want to use it for. 

Buy a Mastercard gift card to allow your veteran to spend it on whatever they want. 

16. Amazon

A gift that helps you shop for what you need, when you need

Perhaps the veteran you’re shopping for is rather picky when it comes to retailers and brands they like. If you want to get them a little of everything, you can never go wrong when you choose to shop with Amazon. 

This web-based retailer carries all types of products that you could possibly need, from clothing and accessories to pop culture merchandise and entertainment items. Get the latest releases of high tech gadgets to hit the market, shop for board games to share with friends, browse stylish coats just in time for winter, or fill your cart with nifty household appliances to make daily life more convenient for you. Any veteran who enjoys online shopping is certain to find what they are looking for when they use Amazon. 

You can snag an Amazon gift card from GiftYa and send any veteran you know a digital gift with a simple text message!

17. Uber

A gift card to help veterans get where they need to be

Buy an Uber gift card

Do you know a veteran who is no longer able to drive or would prefer to get rides from other people? Not having reliable transportation can make life difficult for anybody, but when you are a veteran suffering from health complications or are simply getting on in age, getting where you need to go becomes even more of a pain. 

An Uber gift card can help out veterans who are in need of transportation services they can request on a dime. Veterans do not need to worry about imposing last minute rides on friends or family, nor do they need to deal with bus schedules and other forms of public transit. Uber makes requesting rides when you need them simple and easy for users, and it is an entirely safe way to travel. 

Earn cash back when you buy an Uber gift card from Gift Card Granny!

18. Kroger

A gift card to keep your kitchen full

Buy a Kroger gift card

Helps veterans in your life get the supplies they need to tackle day to day life with a Kroger gift card. 

When it comes to filling your pantry with affordable, good quality groceries, Kroger has plenty to offer. Shop for supermarket staples like canned foods, frozen meals, seasonings, baking mixes, fresh produce, freshly baked bread, seafood, custom cakes, energy drinks, and a variety of alcoholic beverages to enjoy responsibly. Kroger also sells other household essentials such as personal care products, cosmetics, medicine, kitchenware, toys, apparel, pet supplies, electronics, and baby gear. 

Check out Gift Card Granny to earn cash back when you buy a Kroger gift card


Veterans do (and have done) so much for us. Getting them a gift to give back a little is a great way to let them know how much you appreciate them and their service. These fantastic gift card ideas are just a few of the gift cards you can find on Gift Card Granny’s site. If you don’t see one on this list that you think a veteran in your life would love and appreciate, then head over to Gift Card Granny and search for one you think they’ll love! But don’t wait too long before heading to the site because our deals are constantly changing and selling fast!