Shop for Gift Cards Without Fees

If you want to avoid paying fees when shopping for gift cards, you should know that there are many gift card options out there available to consumers that do not require a fee for card activation or maintenance. The basic retail gift cards you find at your local supermarket or department store for merchants you know and love are free from fees and only cost the value you decide to put on. These gift cards are a great resource to have when you want to limit your spending and avoid the unnecessary cost of added fees. 

While Visa and Mastercard gift cards may be tempting choices since they can be used at a variety of different businesses, unlike closed-loop retail gift cards, the quickest way to accrue gift card fees is by purchasing these types of gift cards. Customers who wish to purchase a Visa or Mastercard gift card must pay a fee that corresponds with the value of the gift card. The fee increases the higher the amount you decide to put on the gift card, and purchases of several of these types of gift cards can become very expensive very fast.

In order to help guide you away from gift cards with corresponding fees, we’ve gone ahead and put together this convenient list of retail gift cards completely free from any activation or usage-based fees. Aside from inactivity fees which may be charged after prolonged periods of dormancy, none of the gift cards you end up reading about below will charge you more than the value of the gift card upon purchase. 

Examples of fee-free gift cards featured in this list include:

  • Gift cards for vacations and travel 
  • Gift cards for dining and groceries
  • Gift cards for home essentials and toiletries 

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1. Kroger

Help out the practical shopper with this thoughtful card

Buy a Kroger gift card

You can help both yourself and others stay on top of their grocery needs without paying for fees with a Kroger gift card. Fresh, appealing produce and low prices are part of what makes Kroger such a popular shopping destination. Customers can find all manners of goods available at Kroger supermarkets including dairy and eggs, bread, canned foods, condiments, deli meat, seafood, frozen meals, beverages, and much more. Anyone with a Kroger gift card who is not in need of groceries can shop for other common household products like electronics, toys, cleaning supplies, home decor, bedding, beauty products, and personal care items. 

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2. Fanatics

Official sportswear of your favorite teams from every league

Buy a Fanatics gift card

A Fanatics gift card is the perfect fee-free gift for any sports fan who likes to show off their support. Fanatics sells an array of sports merchandise including collectibles, trading cards, jerseys, headwear, and more for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and other major organizations. Sports fans can feel confident knowing all merchandise available for sale at Fanatics is officially licensed, so there’s no risk of purchasing deceptive knock-off items. 

Fanatics is capable of providing an above average experience for on-demand apparel because of the control they have over e-commerce sites of various sports leagues and teams. With a massive consumer demand to cater to, Fanatics can successfully fulfill and ship out orders quickly because of how they operate. 

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3. Spafinder 

Unwind and forget about your problems for a change 

Buy a Spafinder gift card

You can give someone the gift of a refreshing session at a local spa without paying any extra fees with a Spafinder gift card. Spafinder has an expansive directory of spas and other wellness resources to connect customers with an array of locations providing massages, mani-pedis, facials, haircuts, exercise services, and much more. You may even discover participating wellness retreats and exotic getaways where you can do some soul-searching surrounded by beautiful scenery. 

There are bound to be plenty of spas, salons, and additional beauty services available to you in your neighborhood partnering with Spafinder right now. Go ahead and grab a Spafinder gift card from Gift Card Granny to start earning cash back on your purchases!

4. Lyft

Get where you need to be in no time 

Buy a Lyft gift card

Getting around when you don’t own a car and have no access to public transportation can be a huge pain. A gift card for Lyft can help anyone get where they need to go, when they need to go. With Lyft, customers can request rides for reasonable costs from trusted drivers who are committed to fast, safe service. Big cities and suburban shopping trips are no trouble when you have a reliable form of transportation with services from Lyft. Both short trips and longer trips are possible, and how much you end up paying will depend on how busy it is and the length of your ride. 

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5. Best Western

Providing a sanctuary of comfort on your getaway

Buy a Best Western gift card

A great gift card for those prepping for travel is one for Best Western. This powerhouse of a hotel franchise delivers excellence and winning hospitality to its guests in order to provide exceptional stays. Best Western has more than four thousand hotels and resorts located worldwide, all independently run and a little unique from each other. Each Best Western location is intimately tied with the destination it resides in, with even the lobby decor thoughtfully picked out. 

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6. Office Depot

Build an office suited just for you without paying fees

Buy an Office Depot gift card

Buy supplies for work, school, and more with an Office Depot gift card. It’s important to stay prepared for anything that comes your way, whether they be responsibilities for your job or assignments for class – Office Depot carries the gear folks need to stay on top of their daily tasks. Products and services from Office Depot are optimal for keeping businesses organized and on task, and you can find anything from packing materials and desk accessories to document and photo printing services. 

An Office Depot gift card gives you access to a nice catalog of quality furniture suited for home offices. Chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, desks, tables, lamps, and more furnishings are available at Office Depot locations or online. 

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7. Walmart

Get the essentials at affordable prices 

Buy a Walmart gift card

If you’re in need of a well-rounded retail gift card option free from fees, then a Walmart gift card may be a nice fit for you. Though this gift card is still only limited to one merchant, Walmart is a giant retailer that sells a variety of products for everyday living. Some of the goods you’ll find for sale at your average Walmart include groceries, clothing, footwear, home decor, furnishings, toys, medicine, electronics, and pet supplies. What’s more, Walmart offers so many products for unbeatable price and is a generally affordable place for consumers to shop for all sorts of goods. 

A Walmart gift card is a pretty safe bet when it comes to giving gift cards. Though it’s certainly not the most impressive retailer around, Walmart’s massive inventory and collection of products makes it an ideal place for almost anyone to shop. Earn cash back on a Walmart gift card when you buy from Gift Card Granny!

8. AutoZone

Pay the right price for quality car parts and accessories 

Buy an AutoZone gift card

Gift cards for cars and related services can be extremely useful for anyone who drives. A lot of money goes into operating a car, from insurance and car payments to gas station stops, but that doesn’t even cover regular car maintenance and upkeep. If car problems arise or you simply need to spruce up your vehicle, an AutoZone gift card can give you access to the parts, accessories, and other products you need to keep things under control. 

Popular products available at AutoZone locations include car batteries, engine oil, alternators, oil filters, brake rotors, wiper blades, radiators, brake pads, spark plugs, and headlight bulbs. AutoZone also gives repair help with guides and instructions all customized to your specific vehicle. 

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9. Cinnabon 

Baked treats that are almost sinfully sweet 

Buy a Cinnabon gift card

Sweets are hardly ever a bad gift idea, so it only makes sense that a gift card to a chain like Cinnabon would be appreciated by anyone craving sugary, icing-coated goodness. This chain of baked goods stores can be found in an array of areas where pedestrians usually gather like shopping malls, rest stops, and airports. And when it comes to a sweet treat you can snack on during a shopping spree or while traveling out of state, Cinnabon has a menu packed with delicious cinnamon products that will leave your heart and stomach happy. From cinnamon rolls and churro sticks to blended beverages and iced coffee, customers can find so many sweet things at any Cinnabon location. 

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10. Hollister

Stay on top of the latest fashion trends 

Buy a Hollister gift card

Need to brighten up your dull wardrobe with some effortlessly cool clothing? A gift card to Hollister connects you with stylish finds for men, women, and teens. With beach-inspired ambiance, low lighting, and an alluring fragrance that is as enchanting as it is intoxicating, Hollister stores make quite the impression on their customers and provide a memorable shopping experience. 

Hollister is all about connecting customers with stylish clothing that presents a laid-back, chill vibe in a welcoming environment. Their clothing is good quality for the price point, and you won’t have to worry about any cheap fabrics falling apart a few months after you buy. Hollister carries a variety of jean styles including super skinny, curvy, baggy, boot, slim, athletic skinny, and mom jeans. They also have plenty of other clothing options as well to complete any closet such as dresses, jackets, swimwear, hoodies, sweatpants, leggings, polos, graphic tees, loungewear, and more. 

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With a little effort and websites like Gift Card Granny on your side, finding gift cards free from fees that are suited for your needs is a piece of cake. Browse plenty of amazing retail gift cards available as we speak at Gift Card Granny and earn cash back on all of your purchases, and don’t worry about paying any fees either.