Thoughtful Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Almost everyone likes to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, but some people just can’t seem to get enough of it! They’ll take it at any time of day, and can drink it either warm or over ice. These are coffee lovers, and everyone seems to know someone like that, who just seems to be interested in coffee more than the rest of us. But coffee lovers aren’t just sipping their favorite brew at home or in a cafe, they are also interested in how to prepare the perfect cup, what types of beans are the best, and how to get that perfect roast. There are a lot of resources and products out there for them to dabble with, but it can take some time to learn which are the best suited to their tastes. 

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We’ve put together this list of some of the most sought-after gifts that are sure to be on any coffee lovers’ list.

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker
This coffee maker is the choice of coffee lovers around the world.

Vendor: Wayfair 
Price: $39.11

Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles that can come with electronic coffee makers. Instead, coffee lovers from around the world appreciate the simplicity of the French press coffee maker-- as much for its style as well as the fact that it can brew a delicious cup of coffee. The coffee grounds are added to this maker and then covered with boiling water-- and then are allowed to steep, gathering a robust and full coffee flavor. If your coffee lover doesn’t have one of these makers yet, it should be first on their list!

Crux 14626 Coffee Grinder
This coffee grinder will give your coffee lover the freshest brew around.

Vendor: Macy’s 
Price: $29.99

In order to ensure you have the freshest cup of coffee, it’s important to grind the beans before you brew your cup. This coffee grinder will be able to help the coffee lover in your life to easily get freshly ground beans every time. The electric motor makes it easy to pour in the amount of beans you need, push a button and voila, your coffee is ready to be put into your favorite maker. With enough capacity to make 14 cups, you’ll never run out.

“But First Coffee” Framed Wall Art
A necessary addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen.

Vendor: Kohl’s 
Price: $114.99

This could be the motto of coffee lovers everywhere, and is sure to make them smile and nod in agreement. What coffee lover wouldn’t appreciate the simple truthfulness in this wall art-- that no matter what you’re day has in store for you, there’s always time to have a cup of coffee first. Its elegant black and white design ensure that it will fit into a variety of kitchen decors, and is sure to be a great conversation piece in any coffee lovers’ kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2 Way Coffee Maker
Whether you want a little, or a lot of coffee, this maker has you covered.

Vendor: Overstock 
Price: $99.00

Sometimes it feels like you need more than one cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, but other times just one quick cup is all you seem to have time for. Coffee lovers will never have to compromise again, as this coffee maker offers both in a functional and easy to use design. It’s also handy to have a large capacity coffee maker on hand when company shows up as well-- you’ll have a fresh pot brewed in no time!

Home Coffee Roasting, Revised, Updated Edition: Romance and Revival
Help a coffee lover learn to roast their own coffee at home.

Vendor: Barnes and Noble 
Price: $19.79

Most coffee lovers like to grind and brew their own coffee from the convenience of home. But did you know that you can also learn how to roast your own beans at home as well? This book would be a wonderful addition to a coffee lover’s library, and would help them not only learn something new, but deepen their appreciation of the coffee making process even further. This expanded edition is full of tips for beginners and experienced roasters alike, making it easy to learn to roast at home.

Bodum Schiuma Milk Frother
Add frothy milk to your favorite coffee drinks at home.

Vendor: Crate and Barrel 
Price: $15.00

Most coffee lovers like to stick with their favorite simple brews in the morning, but sometimes they want something a little more. If you know a coffee lover who also appreciates cappuccinos and lattes, they will definitely like a milk frother that can help them make those drinks in the comfort of home! It’s also a great way to add some fluff to all your favorite hot chocolate drinks as well.

Brentwood Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
Now coffee lovers can make their favorite espresso and cappuccino drinks at home.

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: $40.61

Stopping into your favorite cafe every time you want an espresso or cappuccino can really put a dent in your wallet. Why not save your money and invest in coffee maker that can make both! This espresso machine makes it easy to add your favorite grounds and steam the milk all in one simple process. Now making these speciality coffee drinks is something you can do at home, saving you money, as well as time in the morning!

Nova Deruta Canister
Keep coffee fresh in this container and add style to your kitchen.

Vendor: Sur la Table
Price: $119.95

Coffee, whether whole beans or grinds, should always be stored in an airtight container. That way, you’ll always have the freshest coffee possible each morning. This lovely container is a great option to keep your coffee easily on hand, and add a bit of elegance to your kitchen at the same time. Who said that storing your coffee can’t be functional and stylish at the same time?

All of these gifts would be a great option for any coffee lover-- some are functional, some are stylish, and some are even both! Regardless of what you choose, these options are sure please anyone who can’t seem to get enough coffee.