9 Gifts for Any Music Lover

Some people just have a gift for music-- whether they excel at playing a musical instrument, or can sing any song in perfect pitch. But some music lovers aren’t interested in playing an instrument or singing, they just want to have access to any kind of music they like, and a lot of it. Music preference varies from person to person-- and everyone is entitled to their own favorites-- but every music lover can agree that music is an important part of their life.

Sometimes you just want to have music to sing in the car to or help you cancel out noises while working or studying, and sometimes you just want to sit down and listen to your favorite artists while relaxing at home. Whatever type of music lover is in your life, they would definitely appreciate the gifts on this list-- specifically designed with them in mind. But don’t pay full price for gift cards to any of these stores. Instead, make sure to check out Gift Card Granny. We offer a great selection of gift cards to many retailers featured in this guide.

Google Play Subscription
With so much music available on this music platform, even the pickiest music lover will be happy.

Vendor: Google Play 
Price: Various

A Google Play subscription is your one-stop-shop for all things music. There are different levels of subscriptions, so depending on your needs, you can pick a package that is right for the music lover in your life. There is a seemingly endless supply of music from all kinds of genres-- from rock, classical, rap, K-Pop and so much more. You can even create playlists for all kinds of occasions that are all stored under your account and easily accessible from any device. This just might be a music lover’s dream gift!

Periodic Table of Music Genres
An interesting way to artfully organize all the possible genres of music.

Vendor: Overstock 
Price: $57.49

Why not combine music and science to get a very interesting piece of conversation art for a music lover’s bedroom or living room? Each of the different types of musical genres are cleverly laid out in the style of the periodic table of elements, and sure to start many conversations. The vintage vibe that this art gives off is another reason any music lover would love to showcase this in their house or apartment.

Best Choice Products 61 Key Electronic Keyboard
Learn how to play the keyboard with this fantastic learning instrument.

Vendor: Walmart 
Price: $149.99

If you know someone who has always wanted to learn how to play the piano but never got around to it, consider picking them up this instructional keyboard. It can be pretty intimidating to try and learn a new instrument, and it can be expensive as well. This is an affordable option for many people who just don’t have space for a full piano or keyboard, and don’t have the time for private instruction. This teaching keyboard is equipped with different learning modes-- including light up keys-- perfect for beginners or intermediate players. It is also portable and adjustable, allowing you to practice anywhere!

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700
Hear your favorite music in uninterrupted comfort.

Vendor: Best Buy 
Price: $379.99

Sometimes everyone just needs a break from the outside world, which can be a pretty noisy place. These noise-canceling headphones are one of the best ways to sit back and enjoy your music, with uninterrupted clarity. The Bose system is known for being one of the best in the sound business, so if you’re serious about hearing your music in absolute clarity, these are a must! Headphones like this are also a great way to make sure your concentration isn’t broken when you need to get some serious work or studying done.

Picnic Time The Piano Cheese Board
Show off your love of music while cooking in the kitchen.

Vendor: Kohl’s 
Price: $59.99

This piano cutting board is the perfect addition to the kitchen of your favorite music lover. It comes complete with a corkscrew and two handy cheese utensils. These are all neatly tucked away until you’re ready to entertain with wine, cheese, and great musical conversation. In the meantime, this baby grand makes a fantastic cutting board that will allow you to cut fruits, meat, and vegetables with ease.

Crosley Record Storage Crate Wooden
Now any music lover can show off their vinyl collection in style.

Vendor: Walmart
Price: $29.95

Many music lovers appreciate the sound that comes from a vinyl record, and most prefer it to a digital sound. Vinyl records have made a comeback, and many are now available in stores that simply did not stock them before. Whether you have an extensive collection of LPs or are just beginning yours, this crate offers stylish and functional storage for your vinyl. It has the capacity to hold a lot of records but offers ease of access to quickly find just the record you’re looking for.

Gotcher Music Notation 19” Table Lamp
The perfect home accent lamp for the music lover in your life.

Vendor: Wayfair
Price: $51.99

This lamp could fit in just about anywhere and would be the perfect addition to any music lover’s bedroom, living room, dorm room, or apartment. It snugly fits on any desk and offers a nice bright light-- while also showing off your distinct musical style. The distinct black and red design will be sure to bring a pop of color to any decor.

Crosley CR8005D-WSK BN Exclusive Cruiser Deluxe Turntable
An eye-catching turntable is sure to please any music fan.

Vendor: Barnes and Noble 
Price: $89.95

What music lover wouldn’t jump at the chance to play all their favorite artists on vinyl records? Becoming a more popular means to play music, records are now available in many more stores than they were previously. What better way to celebrate your taste in music than with this unmistakable turntable? There’s no better way to listen to favorite bands or to get someone you know hooked on the sound of vinyl records. If tye-dye isn’t your thing, not to worry, it comes in a variety of colors as well.

Tilted Music Note Necklace Charm in 10 Gold
This beautiful charm would be a wonderful gift for any music lover.

Vendor: Piercing Pagoda
Price: $49.99

No need to get an expensive gift for your favorite music lover when a thoughtful piece of jewelry can do the trick. This adorable music note charm is available in 10K gold and would look perfect paired with a simple gold necklace. Show off your love of music in a subtle way with this charm-- it’s the perfect way to let everyone know where your passion lies.

Any of the gifts on this list will be sure to be a hit with the music lover in your life. Consider these options the next time you need a gift, but you also can never go wrong with a gift card.