Gifts for Halloween Lovers

Halloween is a fun time of year filled with tricks and treats. While some people couldn't care less about this holiday, many can't wait for October to roll around so they can start putting up spooky decorations, plan the perfect costume, and watch their favorite Halloween movies.

Whether someone is throwing a Halloween party, their birthday falls on or around the holiday, or you want to get them a gift just because, we compiled a list of spooktacular gift ideas for those who love Halloween. Keep reading for all the details!

1. Halloween Photo Accessories from Shutterfly

Keep memories alive with these cute photo accessories 

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If a friend or relative loves Halloween more than anyone else you know, send a fun reminder of their favorite holiday with by capturing a moment from a Halloween celebration of the past encased in a fun frame. Shutterfly has many spooky designs that perfectly accentuate any Halloween moment, from photos of spectacular costumes to time well spent with family and friends. 

Choose from themed holiday frames, Halloween cards, event invitations, blankets, pillows, ceramic mugs, tote bags, cups, notebooks, and household decor that can be put out every year. If your recipient is a lover of Halloween, then they are certain to appreciate any of the Halloween photo accessories available at Shutterfly. 

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2. Items from the Halloween Collection at Cheryl’s Cookies

Enjoy sweets all month long with delicious products from Cheryl’s Cookies

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The cute candy-oriented dishes and treat plates available at Cheryl’s Cookies are sure to be displayed and decorate the coffee table or kitchen countertop for years to come in any household. Browse adorable candy dish arrangements, cookie totes, sweet treat boxes, gift tins, themed holiday sets, and so much more when you shop for goodies at Cheryl’s Cookies. Even if the ceramic dishes and decorations are not what you are looking for, there are plenty of tasty treats to surprise your neighbors with, including, frosted cookies, cake pops, coffee, chocolate covered delicacies, charcuterie boards, caramel apples, and buttercream frosting cupcakes. 

Even after the candy and sweet treats are gone, your gift recipient can fill up their cute new Halloween dish with more goodies to keep the holiday spirit alive throughout all of October. 

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3. Walmart’s Halloween Decor Collection  

Because shopping during any season should always be simple

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Need a family friendly gift that will fit right in with any sensible household? Shop the many spooky decorative items available at your local Walmart. From door mats that help keep dirt off of your clean carpets to adorable pumpkin-themed ornaments and witchy novelties, Walmart has aisles of fun Halloween products to add some festive cheer to your abode this October. However you prefer to decorate your space, you are certain to find all manner of Halloween trinkets that will blend perfectly in with your sense of style. 

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4. DIY Halloween Crafts and Home Decor from Michaels 

Get ready for fun activities and enchanting decorations with help from Michaels

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One of the best things about Halloween is all the fun art projects that come with it. From carving pumpkins, to decorating the house, to creating a costume, there is plenty to choose from. If your recipient loves do-it-yourself projects, consider making them a Halloween DIY basket filled with various Halloween crafts from Michaels. There is no limit on the amount of creative projects you can get involved with this holiday season when you shop for all your art supplies at Michaels. 

Not sure the person you are shopping for is in the market for crafts from Michaels? Not to worry – Michaels also offers a dynamic display of Halloween decor, sundries, and other fun products to transform any household into a spooky castle that both children and adults will definitely delight from. 

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5. Pop Culture Halloween Gifts from Hot Topic 

Stay up to date on what’s cool when you shop at this gothic retailer

Whether they’re a fan of horror movies and tv shows, or they can’t get enough of classic Halloween favorites, Hot Topic has a wide variety of pop culture Halloween gifts. Shop apparel, accessories, décor and more. With so many options to choose from, you can find a gift no matter your budget.

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6. Body Care Products from Bath & Body Works

Products to keep your body nourished while you channel your sinister side

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Taking care of yourself is serious business, which is why you need the best of the best in terms of body care products. Look no further than Bath & Body Works during this spooky season. Whether it is foaming hand soaps, intoxicating fragrances, decorative candle holders, refreshing lotion, shower gel, body wash, restoring scrubs, or anything else you need to keep your mind and body feeling fine, you can find it all at Bath & Body Works. 

As for Halloween inspired products, Bath & Body Works doesn’t shy away from delivering on ghostly scents and ghoulish decor. From sweet and pungent to reserved and delicate, you have tons to choose from among the aromatic aisles of your local Bath & Body Works store. 

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7. Halloween Pet Supplies from PetSmart

Help your furry friends celebrate by your side with Halloween gear from PetSmart

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Pets are definitely part of the family, and while they might not understand it, they deserve to be included in the Halloween festivities in any way they can. Though candy is best reserved for the humans, your pets can enjoy the fun that comes alongside the Halloween celebrations with adorable costumes, accessories, toys, and similar products available during the season at PetSmart. You may even stumble across Halloween-themed treats that are safe for dogs and cats to consume, which means you can feel a little less guilty snacking on all your Halloween goodies this year. 

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8. Scary Good Deals at Groupon

Save big on the stuff that makes you feel good 

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Groupon is your best friend when it comes to finding great deals on group events, services, and goods. If you’re lucky enough, you may stumble upon discounted tickets for scary haunted houses, hayrides, and other attractions only offered during this time of year. But even if there are no local events that interest you and your family, Groupon is still home to amazing deals on Halloween products that you certainly won’t encounter in stores. From spooky yard props and decor to inflatable ghouls that are sure to give your neighbors a fright, you will find everything you need to celebrate Halloween this year at unbeatable prices at Groupon. 

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9. A Ride to Your Destination with Lyft 

Get safe transportation to Halloween fun when you ride with Lyft 

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Though not the most festive of gift choices, it is important to stay safe during the holiday season no matter who you are. The gift of a free ride on you can be extremely helpful for older teens and young adults who want to enjoy Halloween parties with their friends, but do not currently have transportation of their own. Lyft allows users to request local rides that are reliable and secure. 

This means that mom and dad can partake in their own fun without being on standby to provide a ride, nor will they have to spend time worrying about their kid being stuck anywhere with no way to get home. A Lyft gift card is also a great way to foster independence and trust between parents and their older children. 

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10. Misfortune Cookies from Uncommon Goods

Fans of dark humor will take delight in these tasty snacks

In need of a good chuckle packed with a little bit of bite? Take a look at these Misfortune Cookies available at Uncommon Goods. Packed inside of a sweet biscuit lives a wickedly funny fortune in the form of a humorous message or witty comment that is bound to leave your friends laughing over their own demise. While this isn’t the type of gift a young kid would probably appreciate, your adult companions are sure to get a hoot out of them. Plus, there’s even more surprises in store after you’re finished eating the treat – take a look inside your mouth and behold a grisly picture of temporarily blackened teeth!

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There are so many ways to share the Halloween fun this season with your loved ones. We hope this list gives you some ideas to kick off the festivities with a bang!