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How to Sell Your Gift Card on GiftCardGranny.com

Selling your unused, or partially used, gift cards on GiftCardGranny.com is a great way to bring in some extra cash while helping someone save on the items they need.

We work with several gift card resellers who will buy your card and sell it at a mark-up (but still below the remaining value on the card) to someone else. Visit our Sell page to see what each reseller is offering for your card at the moment.

Going through one of the trusted exchange sites is the best way to sell your card, but you can also sell it yourself by listing it on eBay. Gift Card Granny will usually find your eBay listing automatically and list your card for sale on our website.

These are the five steps you can take to see your gift card listed for sale on our GiftCardGranny.com:

  1. Create an Auction on eBay
    This is the only way to get your card on Gift Card Granny without going through a reseller like Cardpool or ABC GiftCards. We have a few extra requirements for all eBay sales, so before you list your card, read on.
  2. Create a Proper Title
    To meet Granny’s requirements, the title of your eBay listing must contain the phrase "gift card." In addition, the store name and total value of the card must also be in the listing title. Keeping it short and sweet is best. Something like, “$50 Kohl’s Gift Card” should get the job done.
  3. Listing Length
    We will only list eBay auctions that are less than 10 days old. This way we know the sellers are staying active and didn’t just list it and forget it.
  4. Buy it Now
    The Buy it Now feature is popular with many gift card sellers, but doesn’t always work out great for buyers. That’s why we require all cards sold with the Buy it Now option to be listed at a discount. For example, a card with a $50 value cannot be listed on Gift Card Granny if the Buy it Now price is also $50.
  5. Current Stores
    Finally, to get your card on our site, it must be for one of the stores we already have listings for. Luckily we feature hundreds of stores, so odds are your gift card qualifies.

ebay logoeBay Guidelines
Since cards must be listed on eBay, we want to help you better understand their policies for selling gift cards, too. Try out a few of these tips to get the most for your money.

  • Whatever you do, don't post the gift card account number. Some stores will let you use gift cards online only with this information. Thieves can quickly use the cards and the value will disappear before you know it.
  • Using the Buy it Now option encourages quick sales. Pick a price you think is fair and go with it. You can still keep an auction going. With supply and demand, you never know where the bidding will lead.
  • Due to eBay’s fraud-prevention policies, sellers are limited to one gift card listing at a time. This also means you can't have one listing with several different cards. Once your sale is complete, you're free to go ahead and list another.
  • While pictures may not seem essential to a gift card sale, they definitely are. Having clear pictures of both the front and back of the card will increase the number of buyers who view it. Many shoppers will pass right over listings that don’t include photos.
  • The ideal amount of time to list a gift card auction is seven days. This way you’ll always meet our requirements and you can get ideal timing for you listing.
  • After consulting with frequent eBay sellers, the consensus best time to list an item is Sunday evening. This way your auction is coming to a close on the weekend when more people are around the house and surfing the Internet.
  • Try to avoid having your auction end close to the same time as other auctions offering the same gift card. If possible, a day of separation between other auctions is a good idea.
  • Start the initial auction price for your gift card at a low amount. More bids on your card makes it appear as though it’s in high demand.
  • Be sure to offer free shipping for your auction. Since you can only list one gift card at a time, shipping costs are a couple stamps at most. This small detail can make your sale seem much more desirable.
  • As an individual selling a gift card, it’s best to have a no return policy. Clearly state this in your listing.
  • Making PayPal a payment option will increase the number of potential buyers for your card. This provides a secure way for customers to pay by credit card, speeds up the transaction process and eliminates concern about bad personal checks.
  • If the value on your gift card is more than $500, it can’t be sold on eBay. 
  • Before finalizing you listing, double check spelling and grammar. Also, make sure all of the information is accurate. This is doubly important if you don't have an established eBay history. These small details add a lot of credibility to your sale.
  • A good seller rating can be your best tool for having success on eBay. This is the first thing most buyers look at. Even though it's through a computer screen, customer service is critical.
  • If you’d like to know more about listing your gift cards on eBay, check out their Gift Card Policies, or contact their customer service department at 1-866-540-3229.