How To Send Digital Gift Cards

Use these 7 steps to easily send an electronic gift card.

How To Send Electronic Gift Cards

1. Pick the brand of your choice.
The majority of stores have digital gift cards available for purchase but there are still a select few who only carry plastic. Have a backup brand in mind if the store you want doesn’t provide eGift cards.
select a Starbucks eGift card

2. Find a design and add a message.
Click a category to choose a design. You’ll then have the opportunity to add a name and personalized message.
Add A Message

3. Choose an amount and specify the recipient.  
Pick from a pre-populated amount or choose your own. Here you’ll also type in your name, email address and the recipient’s email address. It’s important that you have the recipient’s correct email address to ensure it gets delivered to the right person.
Choose An AmountGranny Tip:  Be cautious with this step. Oftentimes brands will automatically choose an amount for you if you don’t specify one. For example, Starbucks populates at $25.

4. Select a delivery date.
eGift cards allow you to deliver on the date of your choice. What’s so great about that? You’ll avoid the stress of having to send a plastic gift card in the mail. This is also helpful for all you last minute gift-givers.
deliver the eGift card

5. Review the details.
Double check the information you provided is correct. Review your eGift card graphic, recipient, amount, delivery date and message. Click the check out button if you’re ready to proceed with payment information.
eGift card details

6. Proceed with payment information.
Fill out your payment method starting with your personal contact information, card numbers and billing address.
payment details

7. Confirm your purchase.
From here you’ll review your order once more before proceeding with the purchase.

Viola! Your eGift card is scheduled for delivery!