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Markdown Movie Monday

If you have the choice between seeing The Adjustment Bureau or Rango, definitely go for the latter. Although I haven't seen Rango, Johnny Depp holds a special place in my cinematic heart. The dude is just plain genius in everything from Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland. Plus The Adjustment Bureau fell flat like a room temperature Coke. Matt Damon, you're bordering on has-been lately. Your last several flicks have been dismal--don't go the way of Ashley Judd. Seek quality pictures, or at least come up with a new Bourne movie.

So it's a shame that Naughty Grammy chose the non-Depp movie for her birthday picture, but I was excited to use my movie tickets and have a getaway night at any rate. And she got her gorgeous spring bouquet from 1800Flowers for 30% off--cha-ching! There are two options I chose for saving money on movies, and many others for folks who live in larger areas.

Cinemark Movie Passes 20%
Our best theater in town is a Cinemark Hollywood Theatre, so the idea of getting discounted money to a venue we definitely frequent is awesome. But (and it's a big but) regular movie tickets cost around $6.50 for an evening show and $4.50 for a matinee. Although gift card resale sites post pictures of Cinemark gift cards, most of them only sell SuperSaver Movie Ticket Vouchers, and they are offered in packs of 4 or 8. So for $33.60 I can buy a 4-pack of tickets, which averages out to $8.40 a piece...or save several bucks and buy them at the theater. Keep in mind as well that the SuperSaver passes don't work on new movies for a couple of weeks. If you live in an area where tickets are outrageous it may be a better option for you.

Fandango eCard
Scoring a Fandango gift card has several perks, the most significant being your discount. At 30% off $100 gift card, the savings are huge. But most cards (which are emailed immediately rather than by snail mail) must be purchased in larger increments. Thankfully I found a $25 card after a bit of searching, since the kiddies keep us in most nights. In the past a deal breaker drawback of Fandango has been the service fee. It cost between $1-$2 more to purchase online than the box office just to buy the ticket on line and pick up at the theater. With the Fandango mobile app you can redeem your bucks and download the ticket barcode directly to a mobile device with no charge. The drawback here is that only certain theaters accept mobile tickets, and my local spot is not among the elite. Even with an extra buck or two tacked on to the movie price, I still save between 10-20% on every movie, depending upon what time I see it.

AMC Gift Card

As far as I can tell, an AMC gift card is the best way to save on the whole movie experience. One of the bummers about my Cinemark movie passes and Fandango is that I want popcorn--and I don't want to pay $1 per kernel for it! Neither of those options allows me to buy food at a discount. The AMC gift card, while not as lucrative in overall percentage (around 16%), is what the full-bodied moviegoer needs since it can be used for tickets and food. Concessions are the biggest moneymaker for theaters. At $4 for a large soda it's easy to see why.

Regal Cinema Gift Card
Regal Cinemas aren't quite numerous as AMC or Cinemark (depending on where you live) but an extra 10% off anything is decent enough. Like the AMC, you can grab grub and Slurpees for a solid discount. If only Regal would install real cafes with grownup dinner food I'd be a fan.

For our circumstances Fandango will be our discount of choice from here on. But I'm warning you, Matt Damon. Get your act together or no amount of discount will reel me in to another bum show. Off to Rango for some redemption!


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