Ways to Score Movie Discounts

Updated 2/11/2019

You’re excited for the big blockbuster premiere this weekend. You really want to see it, but a couple of questions cross your mind. Can you fit a movie into your budget right now? Is it worth it to go on opening weekend when the theater is going to be super crowded? Before you make a decision whether to go out or stay in, here are some ways to score movie discounts.

Movie Theatre Rewards: Become A Rewards Member

With so many great movies being made and remade, you might find yourself heading to the theatre a lot more than you used to. If you’re an avid movie-goer, it might be worth your while to sign-up for a movie chain’s rewards program. Here is a quick list of some popular theaters and what they offer.

AMC Theatres Rewards

AMC Theaters have been around for over 90 years and we actually have them to thank for the introduction and production of the multiplex movie experience. When you’re an AMC Stubs member you get to enjoy the movies for just $5 every Tuesday. You also get additional perks like free popcorn refills, rewards, and other exclusive offers. What’s great about the Stubs member program is you can choose from the Insider, Premiere, and A-List membership tiers. Based on often you go to the movies, you can select the tier that works for you.

Regal Cinemas Rewards

With over 500 Regal Cinemas locations to choose from, you can get more out of your movie experience when you participate in their Regal Crown Club. This rewards program lets you earn credits for every $1 you spend on tickets and food items. When you’ve earned up enough credits, you get to pick how you redeem them. Cash the credits in for free concessions or movie tickets, movie gear and more! Visit a Regal Cinemas more than 6 times a year and become a part of the Crown Jewel bonus program where you earn bonus credits.

Cinemark Rewards

Cinemark Theaters are the third largest movie chain in the United States. Their subsidiaries include Century Theatres, CineArts, Tinseltown, and Rave Cinemas. With their Movie Club you can sign-up or gift a membership program. For $8.99 a month, you can enjoy benefits like a 20% discount off concessions that you can share with a friend, add-on tickets for just $8.99, and 1 free 2D movie ticket per month. What’s more you earn 1 credit for every month you’re a member. Credits don’t expire and roll over so you can use them when you want to.

Movie Theater Discounts: Checkout Current Promotions

Learn more about how you can score collectible items like glassware, novelty figures or movie posters. Enjoy BOGO movie ticket offers, enter for your chance to win sweet sweepstakes, or take advantage of special discounts when you visit your favorite movie theater’s promotions page. Each movie theater has their own limited-time promotions depending on what movies are hitting theaters. If you’re going to the movies any way, why not get a little something extra to remember your visit.

Additionally, you can also browse popular deal sites like Groupon or Living Social to see if they have any movie deals available. These sites may have promo codes or discounted rates available for attractions near you.

Going to the movies is always a fun time. Whether you’re with friends, family, or even by yourself, it’s a great way to unwind and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment. However, getting to the theatre isn’t always an option. Between work, school, family obligations, errands and more, sometimes you just want to view a movie in the comfort of your own home.

Movies at Home: Stream, Rent, or Download

Technology is a beautiful thing. If it happens that you can’t make it to the box office, there are plenty of streaming services and applications available. This means you can watch anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices. Go ahead and catch a great movie while sitting on your couch or waiting for a bus.

With featured Next Gen brands like Netflix and Hulu Plus, you can watch old favorites, discover new movies, or binge watch tv shows for as little as $8 a month. However, while you get the best of both worlds with these streaming services, you won’t be able to see brand new movies as they are only released in theatres. Also, movies and tv shows update regularly so if there’s something you’re interested in seeing, view it while you can.

Not only can you access movies and shows from streaming services, you can also rent or download them from digital distribution platforms like Google Play or the App Store. Through these platforms you can rent or download a movie, the first season of that hit tv show, and movie or tv bundles. Prices vary depending on what video resolution you want (HD vs SD) and how old the movie or show is.

Movie Gift Cards: Check out what Gift Card Granny has in Stock

No matter which way you prefer to view your movies, save some cash with the help of Gift Card Granny. With a Granny Direct egift card, you have the satisfaction of knowing your gift card is 100% guaranteed. Purchase an AMC or Regal Cinemas egift for you or a friend. You can also pick up an egift for Atom Tickets which is a movie ticketing service that lets you search across multiple theaters and showtimes. Or, you can stream or download movies from premium cable company apps like Starz.

Nowadays, there are plenty of options to get your movie fix. Whether you love comedies, action packed thrillers, or enjoy a good love story, you can watch what you want and save some money in the process. As they say in show business, that’s a wrap!