15 Online Gift Cards to Surprise Your Dad With This Father’s Day

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Coming up very soon is the one day of the year where we pay special attention to fathers and everything that they do for their kids and the loved ones around them. Fathers try their best to raise their kids in the best way that they can, along with helping their significant other around the house and so much more. There is a lot that dad’s do that we should take a step back to appreciate.

With so many different gift ideas to consider to get your dad this Father’s Day, here are our ten favorite online gift cards that every dad deserves!

Not sure what kind of gift card to get your dad? Here are some ideas of different gift cards to get him for Father’s Day:

  • Gift Cards for clothing and footwear
  • Gift Cards for video games
  • Gift Cards for food and dining

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With all of these great gift cards to get your dad or a father that you know, consider getting one of these ten gift cards for Father’s Day today!

1. L.L.Bean

The spirit of nature has never been closer to home

Buy an L.L.Bean gift card

If dad likes to get outside and experience all that nature has to offer, rain or shine, he’s going to need gear he can depend on. Fortunately retailers like L.L. Bean are around to deliver premium outdoor equipment and apparel suited for the needs of any enthusiast of outdoor recreation. 

Shop a range of outdoor equipment for activities like hunting, hiking, fishing, water sports, cycling, and winter sports. L.L. Bean offers plenty of fashionable apparel to keep you supported in all kinds of weather, from insulated jackets and windbreakers to swimwear and snow pants. They also stock footwear, bags, and other travel accessories to make sure you get the best outdoors experience possible. 

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2. DSW

Footwear brands you love for prices you can afford

Buy a DSW gift card

Dads really like to get their money’s worth out of a product, which means there’s a pretty good chance your dad’s shoes needed replacing, say, four years ago. While he may care less about another hole or a broken sole, you know he deserves better – he deserves a gift card to DSW. 

With plenty of practical designs and sleek styles lining the shelves, DSW does not lack when it comes to footwear. They’ve got tons of great options for men including loafers, Oxfords, sneakers, hiking shoes, boots, dress shoes, sandals, work shoes, slippers, and comfort shoes. DSW also sells some apparel items like jackets and tops, as well as accessories, handbags, and beauty products. 

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3. Carhartt

Does your dad have a manual labor job? Make sure he has the best clothing possible for the job!

There are a lot of blue-collared workers out there, and for many of those jobs, they need to have the best heavy duty clothing out there. Getting a gift card for Carhartt can be one of the best gift cards to get because they are an American company known for their clothing made for the working man or woman.

Carhartt has a little bit of everything when it comes to heavy duty clothing for your dad to enjoy and wear to work. From jackets, jeans, shirts, boots, and so much more, your dad will definitely love the clothing that he can easily order online and have delivered right to his door so he doesn’t have to leave the house.

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4. Patagonia

Does your dad love the great outdoors? If so, make sure to get him this gift card now!

There are so many amazing clothing gift cards to get for your dad, but if your dad loves exploring nature, then you need to get a gift card for Patagonia for your dad this coming Father’s Day! Patagonia is one of the best designers for outdoor clothing, and if your dad needs the warmest clothing for fall camping, and lots of other gear, make sure to get this gift card.

Patagonia is an amazing gift card to get your dad because he can shop and choose everything from jackets, vests, shirts, snow pants, socks, workwear, backpacks, duffel bags, fishing gear, wetsuits, and so much more. A Patagonia gift card may be one of the best gift cards to get for your dad for Father’s Day!

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5. Lowe’s 

Help dad get started on building his dream house with quality equipment

Buy a Lowe’s gift card

Home improvement and dads get along like two peas in a pod. If you’re looking for a good Father’s Day gift and know your old man has a habit for building and fixing stuff around the house, then a gift card to your neighborhood hardware retailer is just what you need. 

Lowe’s began as a small-town appliance store and now dominates the home improvement scene as one of the nation’s largest retailers of hardware, appliances, and additional equipment to transform your household into a remodeled paradise. Lowe’s carries plenty of home improvement necessities including drywall, cement, bathroom tile, kitchenware, electrical cables, air conditioners, lawn mowers, landscaping tools, outdoor furniture, dishwashers, area rugs, and much more. 

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6. Home Depot

Personal projects and home makeovers made simple 

Buy a Home Depot gift card

Sometimes you aren’t going to find everything you need all in one place, which is why it’s always handy to have a backup retailer to turn to. Home Depot has a reputation for being a top destination for folks looking for hardware, tools, appliances, building materials, and anything else you need to complete your personal project. 

Help dad out with his various DIY projects around the house including the bathroom, kitchen, yard maintenance, painting, home safety technology, cleaning, and more. Home Depot has plenty in terms of decor and furnishings as well; from elegant vases and decorative pillows to stylish loveseats and armoires, this retailer has it all. 

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7. RedBox

Sometimes the best company is an evening spent watching your favorite movies

Buy a RedBox gift card

If your dad is one for kicking back on the couch with a refreshing beverage in hand and an entertaining blockbuster playing out on the screen in front of him, then it only makes sense to get him a gift he can watch. A RedBox gift card can provide exactly that.

Streaming may be the preferred way of watching content nowadays, but nothing quite compares to the feeling of having a physical copy by way of DVD. RedBox kiosks make DVD rentals feel new again, and with dozens of titles in various genres, you’re bound to find something that piques your interest. Find RedBox kiosks in shopping centers and retail outlets near you. 

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Does your dad love LEGOs? Make sure to get him the best gift card to have these sets sent right to his door!

Something that a lot of people love to do in their spare time is to build LEGO sets, and if your dad is one of those people, then you should consider getting him a LEGO gift card for his special day coming up. There are so many different kinds of LEGO sets that your dad can build, and if it’s a guilty pleasure of his, then you should consider getting him this.

With so many LEGO sets to choose from, your dad can choose Star Wars, LEGO City, Jurassic World, Transformers, MARVEL, and you can even get the famous The Starry Night painting as a LEGO set! Why not get your dad the perfect Father’s Day gift with this gift card!

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9. Xbox

Is your dad a gamer? Make sure to get him an Xbox gift card to play the latest games!

Buy an Xbox gift card

A lot of men nowadays are huge gamers no matter what console they are on. If you are looking to feed into your dad’s gaming addiction, make sure to get him an Xbox gift card right away for Father’s Day! An Xbox gift card is perfect because your dad can just shop online for games and more using this gift card.

If your dad is interested in some of the latest video games that are out, or are coming out soon, then you need to make sure to get him an Xbox gift card right away! Not only can your dad digitally get video games, but he can purchase physical copies as well—maybe even treating himself to the latest Xbox Series X console too.

Make sure to get a gift card for Xbox for your dad this Father’s Day to enjoy playing some of the best video games out there!

10. Playstation

Maybe your dad doesn’t own an Xbox, but is a Playstation type of guy instead!

Buy a Playstation gift card

There are so many different types of online gift cards to get your dad for Father’s Day and if your dad is really into gaming and swears up and down that Playstation is better than Xbox, then make sure to get him a Playstation gift card. He can get all of the latest and best Playstation exclusive games, and so much more too.

A Playstation gift card is always a great idea for any dad for Father’s Day and there’s so much that they can get with it too. From getting the best games for the Playstation, the new Playstation 5, controllers, and other accessories, this gift card may be exactly what your dad will love for Father’s Day!

Get a gift card for Playstation for your dad this coming Father’s Day to make for a gift he will love!

11. GameStop

Being both online and in-person, you can check out this place for some of the best new and used games!

Buy a GameStop gift card

If your dad loves looking around and getting older games that he loved years ago, along with getting the newest games that are coming out, then you need to get him a GameStop gift card! GameStop is a great gift card to get because if he doesn’t feel like going out in person to get a game, he can easily check out the website and see what they’ve got!

Why not get a GameStop gift card for your dad this Father’s Day because he can have the option to get a lot of the best new and used games, new and older consoles, collectibles, t-shirts, and so much more. 

GameStop gift card may be something that you should consider getting your dad this Father’s Day!

12. Uber Eats

If your dad doesn’t feel like going out to get food, consider getting him this gift card to stay in!

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Does your dad work from home, or is just someone that hates going out to get takeout? If so, then you should consider getting him an Uber Eats gift card right away! Uber Eats is a great gift card to get for anybody,  and we know that your dad will greatly appreciate it when he doesn’t want to go out and get food.

Getting an Uber Eats gift card can be one of the best gifts you can get your dad this Father’s day if he’s craving fast food, a good hoagie, and so much more, all without having to leave the house. Food being delivered to your house is perfect no matter what the occasion, so make sure to get him a gift card here.

An Uber Eats gift card is perfect for any occasion, so make sure to get one for your dad this Father’s Day!

13. DoorDash

Another great gift card for delivery!

Buy a DoorDash gift card

There are so many reasons why it can be difficult to run out of the house to get take out whenever you’re in the mood for something delicious. If your dad hates going out to pick up food, or he just doesn’t have the time if he’s working from home, then we really think that you should consider getting him a DoorDash gift card right away!

DoorDash is great because you can get pretty much anything with this gift card. From Chinese food, Italian, Thai, fast food, and so much more, we know that your dad will greatly appreciate a gift card as simple as this for whenever he’s hungry. 

gift card for DoorDash is the best one to get your dad this Father’s Day, so make sure to get it for him ASAP!

14. Domino’s

Does your dad love pizza? If so, then he needs to get some good pizza for delivery!

Buy a Domino’s gift card

Sometimes  pizza, chicken wings, and some parmesan bites are among the best comfort foods that you can get. If your dad loves those types of food, then you need to get him a Domino’s gift card right away.

Sometimes some pizza can hit the spot after a long day, so make sure to get your dad a Domino’s gift card for Father’s Day! Your dad can create his own type of pizza with his favorite toppings on it, specialty pizzas, or even some of the best appetizers you can find, a Domino’s gift card is always a great idea. 

Get a Domino’s gift card for your dad to get some amazing pizza, and so much more for Father’s Day!

15. Mastercard Gift Card

Sometimes a simple gift card for your dad to use on anything is perfect! 

Buy a Mastercard gift card

If you are still trying to figure out exactly what to get your dad for Father’s Day, we truly think that one of the best things you can get is a Mastercard gift card! There are so many reasons why these gift cards are the best and the main reason is that your dad can use it on virtually anything that he wants.

With a Mastercard gift card, your dad will be able to use it on pretty much anything he wants. Maybe your dad has been looking to get a new charcoal grill, he can add the gift card to that,or even if he just wants to add it to groceries, there are plenty of ways to use a Mastercard gift card.

Make sure to get your dad a Mastercard gift card this Father’s Day to use it on whatever he wants! 

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