8 Pizza Gift Cards

Gift cards for restaurants and fast food chains make for some of the best gifts you can give to others. Takeout is something many of us crave, but justifying the costs can be a little difficult. A gift card for one of your favorite dining establishments gives you all the reason you need to spoil yourself and place an order for carryout or delivery. 

There are tons of gift cards for different restaurants out there, including plenty of choices for pizza parlors. Pizza is widely beloved by many and comes in a variety of styles, with no two pizza joints making the exact same recipe. With so many options out there when it comes to pizza retailers, it’s a good idea to get an impression of as many as you can so you know which shops make the best pizza. 

For your convenience, we over at Gift Card Granny have put together this comprehensive list of gift cards for a variety of pizza places found all across the country, and even in other countries. Since every pizza place is unique with different menus, offerings, and features, it would certainly be worth your time to do some research on which shops are right for your needs. 

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1. Mastercard 

Buy all the pizza you want and more

Buy a Mastercard gift card

A Mastercard gift card is not specifically designed as a way to pay for pizza, but just about any pizza joint you walk into these days will be able to accept Mastercard gift cards as a valid form of payment. Restaurants, fast food chains, and more generally choose to accept Mastercard gift cards, which make them extremely convenient gifts to give to pretty much anyone, including picky shoppers. 

If you give a gift card to a particular pizza shop, then your recipient will have to spend the gift card funds at that specific merchant. This severely limits the recipient’s options when it comes to buying pizza, and if you happen to choose a gift card for the wrong place then it’s game over. Giving a Mastercard gift card can prevent any unfortunate gifting scenario by ensuring that your recipient will be able to spend their funds on anything they want to from tons of different businesses. 

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2. Domino’s

Your ticket to a quick and tasty slice 

Buy a Domino’s gift card

When it comes to getting a good quality pizza for a decent price that you can always depend on for consistent flavor, Domino’s easily dominates the world of fast casual pizza chains. Domino’s customers have an assortment of pies, pastas, chicken, sides, and much more to choose from when shopping at any location. If you’re a big fan of toppings, you will be happy to note that Domino’s excels at leaving no inch of pizza uncovered with whatever topping you desire, from pepperoni and black olives to banana peppers and sausage. 

A good pizza that is reliable and tasty is something customers really appreciate. They do not all need to be impressed by baking techniques or super expensive ingredients, and a simple pizza chain like Domino’s happens to hit the mark of what many consumers want. 

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3. California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza and delicious dishes you won’t stop dreaming about

Buy a California Pizza Kitchen gift card

This casual dining restaurant chain is renowned for introducing and popularizing the BBQ chicken pizza. As the name suggests, California Pizza Kitchen specializes in California-style pizza and attracts customers with an array of tempting non-traditional toppings like barbecue sauce and smoked gouda. Some pizza options California Pizza Kitchen offers on their menu include Hawaiian with fresh pineapple and applewood smoked ham, Thai chicken with tasty peanut sauce and crisp bean sprouts, and carne asada pizza decked out in tender marinated steak, shaved poblano, and yellow onion. 

California Pizza Kitchen serves more than just pizza, too. Pair any pizza pie with a cocktail, mule, margarita, or glass of wine from their delicious beverage menu. Starters from California Pizza Kitchen include Mexican street corn, spinach artichoke dip, and shrimp tossed in sweet and spicy sauce. The rest of the menu is packed with plenty of other dining choices like salads, soups, pastas, chicken piccata, cedar plank salmon, and sweet dishes such as butter cake and key lime pie to finish off the meal. 

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4. Papa Johns

A pizza that is built to be better than the rest

Buy a Papa Johns gift card

A familiar name in the world of pizza, Papa Johns proudly stands apart from the typical pizza restaurant chain for their use of healthy high-quality ingredients, giving them a significant advantage over competing businesses. Fresh vegetables, exceptional sauce, and hand-tossed dough that never gets frozen all come together to form a pizza that raises the bar for industry standards. 

Papa Johns doesn’t sacrifice quality when it comes to their other menu items, either. Whether you want a filling Papa Bowl with creamy alfredo, grilled chicken, and crisp veggies or spicy Papa Bites stuffed with jalapenos and cheese, there is no shortage of flavor when it comes to the Papa Johns menu. Plus, with every order members place at a Papa Johns location, points will be collected and may be used towards purchases in the future. 

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5. Bertucci’s 

You will adore their brick oven pizza 

Buy a Bertucci’s gift card

Anyone with a preference for pizza and Italian food will get their money’s worth out of a Bertucci’s gift card. Bertucci’s offers handcrafted Italian dishes using only the best ingredients, and the tomato sauce Bertucci’s uses for their pizzas and pasta dishes are made from scratch daily with a blend of tomatoes and hand-cut herbs. Those with a passion for pizza and a liking for intimate settings will appreciate the comfortable, homely atmosphere in Bertucci’s restaurants. 

Though primarily located throughout the Northeast region of the U.S., you can find Bertucci’s as far south as Virginia. Pizza enthusiasts dying to try a pie like no other will love the taste of the brick oven pizza available at Bertucci’s. 

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6. Uno Chicago Grill

Try a Chicago staple right in your neighborhood 

Buy a Uno Chicago Grill gift card

Straight from the city of the deep-dish pizza itself, Uno Chicago Grill is famous for creating the legendary Chicago-style pizza as we know it today. Customers who live all over the country can get a bite of that iconic pizza at Uno Chicago Grill locations in several states outside of Illinois. There are around one hundred Uno Chicago Grill locations operating in twenty-one different states. If you’re lucky enough to be near one, you definitely won’t want to pass up on a chance to dine on their delicious deep-dish pizza. 

Even folks who aren’t crazy for pizza will enjoy stopping for a bite to eat at Uno Chicago Grill. In addition to their Chicago-style pizzas, their menu is packed with other flavorful options including burgers, ribs, pasta, seafood, and salads. And of course there’s no shame in topping off a great meal with decadent chocolate cake or a deep-dish brownie sundae from the dessert menu. 

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7. Chuck E. Cheese’s 

The ultimate way to celebrate while enjoying a slice of pizza 

Buy a Chuck E. Cheese’s gift card

If the pizza lover on your gift list happens to be a little kid or a parent to some energetic children, then there’s nothing wrong with surprising them with a gift card to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Though it does not solely operate as a pizza merchant, Chuck E. Cheese’s pairs their family entertainment chain alongside a delicious restaurant area where customers can recharge on pizza slices, wings, salads, desserts, and more. 

Chuck E. Cheese’s is an excellent destination to celebrate a birthday party, reward an accomplishment, or to simply spend time and make special memories with those you love more than anything. From fun and engaging arcade games and an interactive dance floor to awesome new prizes and an appetizing grown-up menu for the big kids at heart, Chuck E. Cheese’s has so much to offer families who are looking for an exciting time. 

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8. Blaze Pizza

Fast made-to-order pizza that always tastes good

Buy a Blaze Pizza gift card

Any pizza lover with a preference for personal-sized build-your-own pizzas will find plenty to enjoy when ordering from Blaze Pizza. Their personal-sized pizzas are generously portioned with thin crust, so you will almost always have leftovers to snack on later. Blaze Pizza offers a variety of toppings and choices for the customers, including the types of crust you would like on your pizza like normal thin crust, cauliflower crust, and keto crust. 

Customers can pick between different cheeses such as mozzarella, goat, parmesan, ricotta, and blue cheese; delicious meats like salami, ham, pepperoni, grilled chicken, spicy chorizo, and bacon; and lots of veggies including spinach, olives, artichokes, pineapples, bell peppers, mushrooms, basil, and cherry tomatoes. Altogether, these ingredients make for a perfectly wonderful pizza. 

The delicious taste of Blaze Pizza cannot be emphasized enough, but that’s not the only thing customers appreciate about the pizza chain. Customers are known to appreciate both the price to portion ratio and the fast, quality service provided inside of their establishments. Orders at Blaze Pizza are made within a few minutes after being received since they are cooked at high temperatures, and they still manage to taste amazing. 

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It’s hard to disappoint when you give a pizza gift card to somebody you know – these delicious pizza gift card options from Gift Card Granny are sure to be appreciated



Pizza just so happens to be one of the most popular foods in the country, and with so many pizza merchants cooking up remarkable pies in neighborhoods everywhere, it isn’t too hard to see why. There are tons of great gift cards for pizza shops you know and love featured on this list, but there are even more pizza restaurants and chains operating close to you as we speak. Even though we couldn’t fit them all on this list, don’t be afraid to branch out and try exciting new options near you!