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FAQs about Cash Back Rewards

What are Cash Back Rewards?

Granny Cash Back Rewards allows you to purchase discounted gift cards from select retailers and earn cash back that can be redeemed for a cash payout or free gift cards.

How can I earn Cash Back Rewards?

Earn cash back on select Granny Direct gift cards, all purchases from Premium Partners, and for many other activities such as downloading our app or subscribing to our newsletter.

How do I redeem my Cash Back Rewards?

Once you have earned at least $5 cash back, you can get a cash payout or redeem it for free gift cards from hundreds of top brands.

Tips and tricks

  1. Order pick-up or delivery online. No need to place orders over the phone anymore! You can choose to order pick-up or delivery online at, it’s that easy!
  2. Sign up for Blaze Rewards. When you create an account with Blaze Pizza, you can earn points towards free pizzas and drinks!
  3. Consider Blaze Fundraising. Know a baseball, softball, or soccer team that needs a fundraising sponsor? Why not offer discounts on Blaze Pizza to your community! No one can say no to delicious, fresh pizza.

Answers to your questions about Blaze gift cards

Does Blaze Pizza have gift cards?

Do you love the taste of amazing pizza that’s made with all the freshest ingredients, delicious cheese, hand-made dough, and cooked in a woodfired oven all at lightning fast speeds? If you do, then it sounds like Blaze Pizza is for you!

Blaze Pizza knows that people can be very particular about their pies, which is why they offer both plastic and eGift card options.

How do I use Blaze Pizza gift cards?

It’s really easy to redeem your plastic or electronic gift card.

If you're at a Blaze restaurant, just hand the cashier your gift card or have them scan your phone. 

If ordering online, when you’re ready to check out, just enter your gift card number and PIN.

What's the balance on my Blaze Pizza gift card?

See how much you have to spend at Blaze pizza when you check your gift card balance using any of the following options. 

Is there Blaze Pizza in Canada?

There are Blaze Pizzas in Canada, however gift cards are only accepted at U.S. locations at this time.

Does my Blaze Pizza gift card have an expiration date?

It’s great to know that Blaze Pizza gift cards do not have an expiration date! That means you’ll have tons of time to redeem your gift cards. No matter if you crave a woodfired pizza pie today, or in five years, your gift card is still good at Blaze!

About Blaze

Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011 by the creative team behind the wildly popular Wetzel’s Pretzels. Blaze is all about using fresh, healthy ingredients to create a pizza you’re going to crave again and again. They also have the option to choose your own pizza, that way your pie is exactly the way you want it. In addition to using the best artisanal ingredients, their dough is all made from scratch, and every pizza is fired to perfection in their woodfire oven.

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