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Answers to your questions about Carmike Cinemas gift cards

Why do the links and contact information take me to AMC Theaters? I thought this was a Carmike Cinemas gift card?

AMC Theaters acquired and took over Carmike Cinemas in 2016. In 2017 all Carmike Cinemas were rebranded as AMC Theaters. Your Carmike Cinemas gift card will work at any AMC Theater and on the AMC website.

How do I check the balance of my Carmike Cinemas gift card?

You can check your Carmike Cinemas gift card from Gift Card Granny.

I want to replace my Carmike Cinemas gift card with an AMC Theater gift card. Is that possible?

Corporate orders of Carmike Cinemas gift cards are replaceable. Call AMC Customer Service at 1-800-255-0311 and speak to a representative. Individual gift cards are not replaceable, as they are still accepted at AMC Theaters nationwide.

Is my Carmike Cinemas card reloadable?

No, Carmike Cinemas gift cards are not reloadable. This is because the company has been acquired by AMC Theaters and fully rebranded under that name.

Can I use my Carmike Cinemas gift card to purchase an AMC Theaters gift card?


How do I use my Carmike Cinemas gift card?

Present your card physically or electronically to the cashier at the time of purchase. If your purchase is less than the gift card amount, the remainder will save for the next purchase. If the purchase is more than the gift card amount, you need to cover the rest with a debit card, credit card, or cash.

Does AMC Theaters replace Carmike Cinemas gift cards that are inactive, lost or stolen?

AMC Cinemas may replace your lost, stolen or inactive Carmike Cinemas gift card. Call 1-800-255-0311 to speak with customer service about the possibility of replacing your gift card.

About Carmike Cinemas

Carmike Cinemas is now AMC Theatres.

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