The Best 12 Gift Cards to Give Your Girlfriend

Whoever said you need a special occasion to get your girlfriend an extra special gift? Why wait until Valentine’s Day or a special holiday to spoil the girl you love? You can show your love and appreciation for your girlfriend all year long! This doesn’t mean you have to go all out on a gift every week, but giving a small gift here and there to show her how much you care about her can go a long way. But what do you get her? If you’re wanting to get your girlfriend a gift but you’re not sure where to start or what kind of gift would be perfect, then get her a gift card. 

Gift cards are such great gift ideas because gift cards can be used pretty much anywhere and you can get them for almost any store. You can never go wrong with a gift card because gift cards are designed to be loved by everyone. Gift cards allow people to spend them on things they really want and are sure to love because they get to pick out their gift themselves. With a gift card to her favorite store, restaurant, or even coffee shop you can be sure she’ll love her gift and think of you each time she uses it. 

Of course, it’s extremely important to buy a gift card that your girlfriend will actually use. While cash can be spent just about anywhere, retail gift cards usually only work at specific locations or with certain brands, which means you cannot use them at just any retailer. So long as you know what your girlfriend likes and where she likes to do her shopping, you should not have a problem buying a gift card she will appreciate. 

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Now that we are all on the same page about the benefits of Gift Card Granny and what great gifts that gift cards can make, let’s get into the 12 best ones that we think you should buy your girlfriend. Here’s a list of a few of the types of gift cards you’ll encounter in this article:

  • Gift cards for eats and treats
  • Gift cards for department stores and fashion
  • Gift cards for beauty and home furnishings

Most of the gift cards we have included in this list are available for purchase on Gift Card Granny, but do not want too long to grab your favorite gift card since our catalog is always changing.

1. Dunkin’ 

For the coffee lover

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

Who doesn’t love coffee? If your girlfriend is a coffee lover and drinks it daily, then a Dunkin’ Donuts gift card might just be the perfect gift idea for her. She’ll think of you every time she grabs her morning coffee, and Dunkin’ Donuts has so much to offer that she’s sure to find something she likes even if she doesn't drink coffee!  

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2. Belk

Help her shop for what she needs

Buy a Belk gift card

If you have a girlfriend who appreciates department stores with great prices and stylish apparel as far as the eye can see, then you definitely should give a gift card to Belk some thought. 

The Belk department store chain has been a part of the retail world for over a hundred years, and there are currently almost three hundred locations in sixteen states. Belk offers its customers an array of items at great values, such as clothing for women, men, and kids, shoes, handbags, jewelry, beauty products, home furnishings, and more. Whether your girlfriend needs to do some selfcare via shopping for herself or is craving a home makeover, Belk is there to provide it all. 

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3. Vera Bradley 

A gift card for the cutest patterned totes


Vera Bradley is known for their colorful and fun patterns and designs. If your girlfriend is a fan of fun designs and different bags, then a Vera Bradley gift card is a perfect gift to give her to let her know you care and are thinking about her. With a gift card she can pick out her favorite piece so you can be sure she’ll love it. 

While you won’t find a Vera Bradley gift card on Gift Card Granny at this time, there are plenty of gift cards for other amazing retailers available now!

4. Sephora 

For your makeup loving girlfriend

Buy a Sephora gift card


Buying makeup for someone else can be hard; it’s not always easy to know their perfect shade or what they already own. A Sephora gift card takes away this stress. With a Sephora gift card your girlfriend can pick out exactly what she wants or needs so you know that she’s getting what she really wants. 

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5. Panera Bread

Because who doesn’t love Panera?

Buy a Panera Bread gift card

Panera Bread is one of those cafes that has something for everyone. A Panera Bread gift card is always a great gift idea because everyone loves a good mac and cheese, panini, or baked goods. Treat your girlfriend to a cute lunch date out to Panera Bread. The best part is the gift card can be used to order online too so you can take your lunch to go for a picnic. 

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6. Jamba Juice 

For the smoothie drinker and juice lover

Buy a Jamba Juice gift card


Who doesn’t love a good juice or smoothie? Jamba Juice is a fun gift card idea for any girlfriend who isn’t a huge fan of coffee but loves fruit drinks. Jamba Juice offers a wide variety of drinks on their menu so your girlfriend is sure to find something she loves! So whether she’s a huge health nut or just loves a good smoothie, Jamba Juice has something for her. 

Buy a Jamba Juice gift card and treat your girlfriend to a smoothie or juice on you. 

7. DSW

A new pair to make her smile

Buy a DSW gift card

Your girlfriend can pick out a stylish new pair of shoes with the help of a DSW gift card. DSW stocks the footwear brands you know and love all in one convenient place, giving you plenty of options to go with. Whether your girlfriend wants new boots or running shoes, DSW is certain to have a pair that fits her style. 

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8. Bloomingdales

Give the gift of all things fashion 

Bloomingdale’s is one of those stores that just seems to understand fashion and has just about everything you could need to complete your look. If your girlfriend is a big fashionista and loves all things clothes, beauty, and fashion, then a Bloomingdale's gift card is the way to go. The gift card can be used both in store and online so if she doesn't find something in store she's sure to find something on their site. 

Unfortunately, gift cards for Bloomingdale’s are currently unavailable on Gift Card Granny. Check back soon to see which great retailers join our catalog next! 

9. Athleta 

A gift card for the girlfriend who loves a good workout 

Buy an Athleta gift card


Athleta is a clothing brand that specializes in active wear that is both functional and stylish. If you and your girlfriend are always going on active dates like hiking or playing sports, then an Athleta gift card is sure to be a hit with her. Or, even if your girlfriend is game to just hangout at home, Athleta clothing is comfortable and stylish so she’s sure to love it. 

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10. Michaels 

For the crafty girlfriend 

Buy a Michaels gift card


Michaels is the craft store that has just about anything and everything any crafter could want or need, regardless of whatever their chosen art medium is. So whether your girlfriend crochets, paints, or sculps, Michaels has the supplies she needs. And if she doesn't find what she needs in stores, she can use her gift card online as well so you can be sure she’ll love whatever it is she gets. 

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11. Coach 

Who ever said you can have too many purses?

Coach is one of those high end fashion brands that almost every girl fantasizes about owning a piece from at some point in their lives. If this sounds like your girlfriend, then you also are probably aware how expensive these purses are. A Coach gift card can be a small way of supporting her fashion choices and helping her get the purse of her dreams. 

Gift Card Granny is not currently offering Coach gift cards, but check back in the future.

12. Cheesecake Factory 

A gift card for cheesecake lovers everywhere 

Buy a Cheesecake Factory gift card

A Cheesecake Factory gift card is a great gift idea if you and your girlfriend love cheesecake, good food, and you love to go out to eat for date night. Or, if you’re not a fan of eating out you can use the gift card to order Cheesecake Factory to go and spend date night at home indulging in cheesecake and watching movies. 

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13. Aerie 

Give the gift of a cute new wardrobe 

Buy an Aerie gift card

Aerie is a clothing brand that carries anything from underwear, to summer dresses, to loungewear. Aerie is known for their soft and quality made clothing, so a gift card is a great way to let your girlfriend pick out something nice from a brand that is well-known. Whether your girlfriend is into cute dresses, swimsuits, or loungewear, Aerie has something for her! 

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14. Victoria’s Secret

Apparel that takes your breath away

Buy a Victoria’s Secret gift card

Give your girlfriend a truly special gift with a gift card to Victoria’s Secret. Quality loungewear that looks and feels good can be hard to come by, but Victoria’s Secret always has something to make a lady feel like the best version of herself. Browse rows of beautiful bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, beauty products, and accessories at any Victoria’s Secret location. 

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15. Lane Bryant

Clothing that fits her just right 

Buy a Lane Bryant gift card

Has your girlfriend expressed concern over not being able to find cute and comfortable clothing and lingerie that fits her well? Help her change her outlook on the fashion world with one glance at all of the amazing products offered at Lane Bryant. 

Most of the mainstream attire you encounter in clothing stores cater towards smaller sized folks, but Lane Bryant ensures that plus size clothing is readily available to all the women who need it. From blouses and cardigans to bras and racy intimates, shoppers will have plenty of style to choose from for any occasion, professional or private. 

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16. Wayfair 

A gift card for the home decorator 

Buy a Wayfair gift card


Decorating can be a fun but expensive hobby. If your girlfriend is always redecorating, or has always wanted to but didn’t know where to start, then a Wayfair gift card is the perfect gift idea for her. Wayfair has tons of home decor and accessories to choose from on their site, all at a great price so you know you’re getting the best deal. A gift card also allows your girlfriend to pick out the pieces she really wants. 

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Whatever gift you decide to give your girlfriend, it doesn’t have to be a big and expensive one. Sometimes just receiving a small gift can mean so much to someone. So whether you’ve been together for weeks, months, or years, any one of these gift cards would make the perfect gift for your girlfriend for any occasion. So use this list the next time you’re looking for a gift idea for your girlfriend but you aren’t sure what to get her. Let us know in the comments below if you thought these 16 gift cards would make a great gift for your girlfriend or if you think we should add any to the list that we don’t already have! Then, head over to Gift Card Granny to snag these deals before they’re gone!