Best Gift Cards for Married Couples

The first year of marriage is often referred to as the best; it’s the honeymoon stage where your newfound love is meant to be celebrated, you’re beginning your new adventure together, and you’re about to embark on a life of love and happiness. The first year of marriage is also a time to try new things and to focus on each other. But why stop the celebration after just one year? 

Every year of marriage deserves to be celebrated, no matter how many years you have been married. Whether you’re a newly married couple or you just celebrated your 50th anniversary, marriage is a gift that should be celebrated at any stage. And what better way to celebrate your (or a loved one’s) marriage than with a gift card? Whether you yourself are married, or you know someone who is, gift cards make great gift ideas for any couple. Gift cards are a great gift idea for any married couple because it is a gift they can use together on anything they both love. And the best part? When you buy these gift cards from Gift Card Granny you can save some extra money with cash back. 

But what exactly is Gift Card Granny and how can you use it to get gift cards? Well, Gift Card Granny is an online website that allows you to search gift cards from thousands of retailers. On the Gift Card Granny site you find a gift card that will make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Not to mention, when you use Gift Card Granny to buy your gift cards, you can earn cash back that will help you save even more on your gift card purchase. What does this mean? This means that when you use Gift Card Granny to buy your gift cards, you can save some extra money on your gift card purchase for your favorite married couple. Or, save some money and keep the gift card for yourself. Whatever you decide to do with your gift cards or wherever you decide to buy them for, you can get more bang for your buck when you save money with cash back on your gift cards from Gift Card Granny. 

Now that you know how to use Gift Card Granny to save on gift cards, here are some of the types of gift cards you can expect to see featured in this article:

  • Gift cards for home furnishings and decor
  • Gift cards for food and groceries 
  • Gift cards for fun and leisure 

*Many of the gift cards mentioned below are available on Gift Card Granny at this time, but try not to wait too long before grabbing some of yourself because these deals are popular and can sell out fast! 

1. Sam’s Club

For all the couple’s grocery shopping needs and more

Buy a Sam’s Club gift card


A Sam’s Club gift card is a great gift card idea for married couples because what married couple doesn’t need to buy groceries? Not only that, but Sam’s Club has so much more for your favorite married couple, from basic grocery needs to fun outdoor activities and even furniture. 

Buy a Sam’s Club gift card from Gift Card Granny and save money with cash back. 

2. Pinkberry

For the couple who loves frozen yogurt

Buy a Pinkberry gift card


Pinkberry is a fun gift card idea for any couple who enjoys a sweet treat. Nothing says date night like a trip to their local Pinkberry to end the evening. Pinkberry has so many different flavors to choose from there’s something for everyone to like. 

Save with cash back when you buy a Pinkberry gift card from Gift Card Granny. 

3. Royal Caribbean International 

For the couples who love the cruise life  

Buy a Royal Caribbean gift card

Royal Caribbean International is the perfect gift card idea for the couple who love to travel. If you or a couple you know are big cruise takers, then what better gift to give than a gift card to go toward their next big adventure (or to keep for yourself and your next trip)? Royal Caribbean International has so many different trips to choose from too so there’s a destination for everyone! 

Buy a Royal Caribbean International gift card and get cash back on your purchase from Gift Card Granny. 

4. Wayfair 

For the couple who wants to decorate at a low cost 

Buy a Wayfair gift card

If you know a couple who is looking to redecorate, or just add a few new pieces to their home, then a Wayfair gift card is the way to go. Whether the couple is looking for completely new furniture at a low cost, or just wants some new smaller decor pieces, Wayfair has it all! 

You can save money when you buy a Wayfair gift card from Gift Card Granny. 

5. Bloomscape

For the couple who never turns down a new plant

Do you happen to know a couple with a powerful green thumb? Whether plants are a passion of theirs or a simple hobby, you can give any couple in your life a brand new plant to nurture together with Bloomscape. 

Plants from Bloomscape stand apart from plants kept in uncontrolled environments. Bloomscape plants are cared for by plant experts and stored in temperature regulated greenhouses. When the plants arrive at your doorstep, they are fresh, perfectly healthy, and ready to be cared for. Couples can choose from an array of different plant types to suit their lifestyle. 

Bloomscape gift cards are not available on Gift Card Granny at this time. 

6. Dunkin’

For the coffee-loving couple 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card


Dunkin’ is the perfect gift card idea for any couple who loves coffee. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love coffee? Well, even if one part of the couple you’re shopping for isn’t a fan of coffee, Dunkin’ also carries refreshers and other drink options. This is the perfect gift for any couple who might need a caffeine boost! 

Save money on your coffee with cash back from Gift Card Granny when you buy a Dunkin’ gift card

7. Red Lobster 

For the couples who love a good seafood dinner 

Buy a Red Lobster gift card


Red Lobster is a great place to go for some good seafood and a fun date night atmosphere. If you or a couple you’re shopping for are big seafood eaters (or just love some cheddar biscuits), then a Red Lobster gift card is a great way to go. Give your favorite couple an excuse to go out to eat! 

Buy a Red Lobster gift card from Gift Card Granny and save with cash back. 

8. Barnes & Noble

For the couple who loves to read together 

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card


Barnes and Noble has thousands of books and book merchandise to choose from, making it the perfect gift card purchase for any book lover. What’s more romantic than a couple who reads together? Get your favorite book loving couple a Barnes and Noble gift card and allow them to pick their favorite reads together. 

Buy a Barnes and Noble gift card and start earning cash back with Gift Card Granny. 

9. Olive Garden 

For the couple who can’t resist a good soup and salad deal

Buy an Olive Garden gift card


Did someone say unlimited salad and breadsticks? Olive Garden is always a great gift card idea for any couple who loves to go out to eat, and who love breadsticks even more. An Olive garden gift card is a good way to send your favorite couple on a fun date night. 

Get cash back from Gift Card Granny and get your favorite breadsticks when you buy an Olive Garden gift card

10. Home Depot 

For the home improvement couple 

Buy a Home Depot gift card


Home Depot is a great gift card idea for any couple who might be in the process of remodeling their home, or for any couple who just loves a good DIY project. Home Depot has everything a couple might need for any home project, making it perfect for that couple who always seem to be changing something about their home. 

Buy a Home Depot gift card and save cash back on your next home renovation. 

11. Home Chef   

For the couple who want to cook dinner at home 

Buy a Home Chef gift card

Home Chef is a fun gift card idea for any couple who is always eating out but wants to do more cooking at home. Home Chef is a subscription service that sends you all the ingredients to make different dishes and meals. This is a fun gift for any couple to enjoy some bonding time creating dinner together. 

Be your own chef and save money with Gift Card Granny when you buy a Home Chef gift card

12. Pier 1

For the couple who loves to decorate and host parties 

Pier 1 is the perfect gift card for that couple who loves to host parties or is always looking and hopping on the next design trend. Pier 1 carries everything your favorite couple might need to be the hotspot for all your get togethers in the future. Or, if the married couple in your life just loves to decorate, Pier 1 has all their decorating essentials. 

You can’t find Pier 1 gift cards on Gift Card Granny at this time, but there are many other amazing gift cards for retailers who sell charming home decor available in our gift card catalog right now worth checking out!

13. Crate & Barrel

For the couple committed to modern home decor

Buy a Crate & Barrel gift card

If you know a couple with the budget for a total room makeover, don’t shy away from a Crate & Barrel gift card. It’s just the thing any couple needs to jumpstart their decorating project and stylize any room in the house. 

Crate & Barrel offers a nice selection of high quality furniture designed for the modern household. Some of the furniture options available at Crate & Barrel stores include kitchen islands, sectional sofas, bookcases, desks, media consoles, box springs, nightstands, and dining chairs. Crate & Barrel also sells bedding, bath products, decor, pillows, lighting, kitchen appliances, dinnerware, curtains, and more. 

Grab a Crate & Barrel gift card from Gift Card Granny for any couple you know and receive easy cash back!


For the couple who likes to indulge every now and then

Buy a gift card

What couple doesn’t enjoy sharing a glass of rich wine with each other? As long as the pair is a fan of the occasional drink, buying a bottle of wine for a married couple is a gesture of universal goodwill. And there’s no better way of going about that than by gifting them a gift card. is an online wine retailer that ships bottles of delicious wine right to your front porch. Discover top-rated wines, wines by the region, premium aged wine, and thousands of other interesting and unique bottles. sells red wine, white wine, champagne and sparkling, dessert and sherry, rosé wine, and even glassware and wine accessories. 

Check out Gift Card Granny to purchase a gift card!

15. Amazon

Support the shopping needs of any couple 

It’s important to consider both individuals when you are shopping for a couple. While you may know one person better than the other, you should still put in some effort when it comes to buying a gift that includes what they are interested in. An Amazon gift card can be a great pick when you are shopping for two. 

Amazon has a nearly infinite catalog of products to browse through and contemplate purchasing. For couples with different interests, an Amazon gift card is particularly useful because it allows each person to shop for items they like from the same retailer. She can shop for new bath bombs and body scrubs while he orders new hardware and tools to support his home improvement projects. It’s a win-win situation!

Gift Card Granny does not have Amazon gift cards at this time, but you can easily send an Amazon e-gift with GiftYa!

16. Mastercard 

For couples who like to shop everywhere 

Buy a Mastercard gift card

We will conclude this list of gift cards with one that can be used to make purchases at a variety of different stores and chains: a Mastercard gift card!

Mastercard gift cards are super versatile gift card options that are not limited to certain retailers or brands like many other gift cards are. Mastercard gift cards should be treated akin to cash and may be used to make payments anywhere that the Mastercard brand is accepted. 

Couples are certain to find lots of benefits when it comes to utilizing a Mastercard gift card, and you can create your own custom Mastercard gift card from Gift Card Granny right now!


The next time you’re invited to an anniversary party, a wedding, or an engagement party, use these 16 gift card ideas that are perfect for the married couples in your life. Or, if your own anniversary is coming up, you just want an excuse to go out with your loved one, or you just want a gift idea for a married couple in your life to make them feel good, these gift card ideas are always a great gift to give anyone on your list, especially married couples. And don’t forget to use Gift Card Granny for your gift card purchases so you can not only get amazing gift cards, but you can also save some extra money with cash back on your gift card purchases. 

If you see a gift card on this list that really catches your eye and you think would be a great gift idea, tell us about it in the comments below! Or, if you don’t see one on our list that you think should be added that married couples would love, leave us a comment too! We love hearing back from you! Then, head over to Gift Card Granny and check out our other gift card purchase options to see if there’s one you love. But don’t wait too long, because our gift card deals are popular and tend to sell out fast!