10 Gift Cards That Are Perfect for Your Next Fundraising Event

Putting together a fundraiser? We’ve got the gift card ideas to help you reach your goal! 

One of the most common ways to raise money for any fund, event, or item you are hoping to buy for an organization is to host a fundraiser. Whether you are looking for fundraising ideas for your kid’s school club to go on a field trip, you are a part of a charity organization, or any other reason you might have for wanting to host a fundraiser to raise money, there are a million ways to do it. 

But, one way to ensure people will actually want to participate in your fundraiser is to do something fun and different. This is where incorporating the use of gift cards can come in handy when planning your next fundraiser to ensure you can get everyone to participate and your club will make the most money for whatever need you may have for it! 

There are a few ways you can use gift cards to take your fundraising game to the next level. A common way of fundraising is auctioning off gift baskets that are usually donated by local companies. But, why not spice up these gift baskets with an added bonus? Adding a gift card to these gift baskets might make the basket a more desirable bidding option for those attending or participating in the fundraiser. Another way to incorporate gift cards into your fundraising process is just to simply auction off gift cards. People love gift cards because they are basically money that can be used at all of their favorite places. But how do you make money off of your fundraiser if you have to buy the gift cards to go with your prizes? Well, the simple answer is to use Gift Card Granny for all of your gift card needs. 

You may be wondering what Gift Card Granny is and how you can use it to help you save money when planning a fundraiser. Well, Gift Card Granny is a website online that can help you with all of your needs when it comes to buying gift cards. On Gift Card Granny’s site they have thousands of gift cards from different retailers that you can search and buy all on the site. But the best part about using Gift Card Granny to buy your gift cards is that you will actually save money with cash back on your gift card purchase when you buy through Gift Card Granny’s website directly. 

What this means for fundraising is that you can save money on the gift cards you buy so that you can make more money on your fundraising sale of them and the people bidding get some awesome gift cards. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

We’ve gathered 10 of the best gift cards we think would be perfect for your next fundraiser and have broken them up into categories to make it more convenient for you to search them! Here’s a quick list of the gift cards we’ll be looking at:

  • Gift Cards for Families 
  • Gift Cards for Date Night 
  • Gift Cards for “Me Time”
  • Gift Cards for Anyone and Everyone

* All of the gift cards discussed below are available on Gift Card Granny’s website as of the day this article is published. But don’t take too long before having a peek at them because these deals sell out fast. 

Gift Cards That Are Great for Families 

1. Carmike Cinemas 

A gift card for your next family movie night 

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Carmike Cinemas is the perfect gift card for any family who enjoys having movie nights together but are looking to go out for movie night this time instead of staying in. Coupled with a movie themed basket, this is a fun fundraiser prize idea! A Carmike CInemas gift card can also be used for snacks at the theater as well! 

Buy a Carmike Cinemas gift card

2. Dave and Busters 

A gift card to take dinner and game night to the next level 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

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A Dave and Busters gift card is the perfect gift card to put with a gift basket that centers on game night or family activities. Dave and Busters is a fun family activity to do together because they have games you can play to win prizes, and they also have an attached restaurant so the family can eat out before the fun begins! 

Buy a Dave & Buster’s gift card

3. Rainforest Cafe 

A new and fun dinner experience for the whole family to enjoy 

Buy a Rainforest Cafe gift card

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Rainforest Cafe is a unique dining experience that makes you feel like you’re in (as the name suggests) the rainforest. This is a fun gift card to raffle off because what family doesn’t want to take their kids to a fun restaurant for a dinner that they will remember for years to come? Not only is the restaurant itself pretty cool, but they also have a lot of food options so even the pickiest of eaters can find something here! 

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Gift Cards for Your Next Date Night 

1. The Cheesecake Factory 

Make dinner date night out a little fancy with a Cheesecake Factory gift card

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The Cheesecake Factory is a great gift card idea to put with any date night gift basket you might raffle off at any fundraiser. Besides being known for their amazing cheesecake, The Cheesecake Factory is a nice restaurant so any couple that bids on this gift basket can enjoy a nice and romantic dinner night out together! 

Grab a Cheesecake Factory gift card 

2. Rock Bottom Brewery 

Have a date night and sample some craft beer all at the same time 

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Any couple who enjoys sampling and trying new beers and seltzers is sure to love a Rock Bottom Brewery gift card. At Rock Bottom Brewery you can sample any and all of their craft beers, some made right in house. Rock Bottom Brewery is a great date night option for any couple who enjoys beer, good food, and want to try something different for their next date night! 

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3. Darden Restaurants 

A gift card for the couple who never seem to know where they want to eat 

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A Darden Restaurants gift card is always a great option for a fundraiser gift card because Darden Restaurants gift cards are very versatile. The cool thing about a Darden Restaurants gift card is that they can be used at any of the Darden Restaurants chain restaurants. This is a great gift card option because you don’t have to pick just one restaurant for your gift card, rather you can let the recipient choose! 

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Gift Cards for When You Need a Little “Me Time”

1. Spa Finder 

Nothing is more relaxing than a gift cad to your favorite spa to help you unwind 

Buy a Spafinder gift card

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If you are creating a spa gift basket or a gift basket that focuses on self care, then a Spa Finder gift card might just be the perfect addition to make! With a SpaFinder gift card the recipient can search and choose what spa to go to or can search and find spa services in their area to treat themselves to. 

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2. Barnes and Noble 

Treat yourself to a new and favorite book with a Barnes and Noble gift card 

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Another great addition to any self care basket is a Barnes and Noble gift card. Who doesn’t love curling up with a new book to relax for the evening? With a Barnes and Noble gift card the recipient can pick out their favorite book that they might have been wanting for a while now. 

Pair this gift card with a fuzzy blanket, some hot cocoa, and you have yourself the perfect gift basket any book lover will love! 

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Gift Cards for Anyone and Everyone 

1. Visa Gift Card 

The ultimate universal gift card that everyone will want

Buy a Visa gift card

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If you find yourself stuck on a gift card idea, a Visa gift card is always a safe option to go with and is always well-liked by anyone who receives it. The cool part about a Visa gift card is that is can be used like a normal credit card wherever Visa is accepted, so the recipient of the gift card can use it for pretty much anything! 

Head on over to Gift Card Granny’s website today and grab a Visa gift card because who can’t use or won’t want a gift card that they can use pretty much anywhere? 

2. DoorDash 

A gift card that is perfect for anyone who loves to order out for food 

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DoorDash is a service that is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. A DoorDash gift card is sure to be a gift raffle that people will bid like crazy over because who doesn’t love their food being delivered right to their door or wherever they may be? A DoorDash gift card is an easy gift card idea for any fundraiser that anyone would love to bid on!

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There you have it – our most popular gift cards for fundraising!

Coming up with a fundraising idea can be challenging, but it can also be a fun and rewarding process once you’ve finished it! Auctioning prizes that people can bid on is a great fundraising opportunity for any organization. But, figuring out what to auction off is half the trouble. With these gift cards as some of the fundraising prizes, your fundraiser is sure to be a success! 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Gift Card Granny now and buy the gift cards for your next fundraiser so you can save some money on your gift card purchase, which means more money toward your fundraiser! Or, if you don’t see a gift card on our list that you like, search Gift Card Granny’s other gift card options for one that works for you and your fundraiser!