10 Gift Cards For Honeymoons to Surprise Newlyweds on Their Trip

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Once every couple gets married, it is more than likely that sometime shortly after the wedding celebration that they will go on a honeymoon. Whether the newlywed couple is doing an island getaway, camping trip, or whatever they want to help form a better bond since being married, going on a honeymoon is essential for married couples. To help whisk the couple away on their getaway, get them one of these ten gift cards!


With so many gift cards to get for a couple to go away on vacation to celebrate their new marriage, make sure to get them one of these ten gift cards:

  • Gift Cards for Cruises

  • Gift Cards for Airlines

  • Gift Cards for Hotels

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Gift Card Granny has everything you need when it comes to gift cards for a couple on their honeymoon, so get one of these ten gift cards today!

Carnival Cruises

Who doesn’t want to go on a cruise for their honeymoon? Get a gift card for a cruise line!

Sometimes going on a cruise is all that you need whenever you want to get away and go on a honeymoon with your significant other. If you know someone who is going on a honeymoon and you want to surprise them with something special, make sure to get them a gift card for Carnival Cruises!


Carnival Cruises is a fun cruise line that is perfect for any couple whenever they’re going on a getaway. They have a lot of incredible features that any couple would love to take advantage of, and go to a lot of places such as Australia, Hawaii, Canada and New England, Bermuda, Europe, Alaska, Transatlantic, and so much more. 


Carnival Cruises is one of the best cruise lines out there, so get a gift card for a newlywed couple right away!

Celebrity Cruises

Another amazing cruise line based in Florida that any couple will love!

There’s nothing better than going on an award-winning luxury cruise to celebrate getting married and tying the knot with your loved one, so we think that for any couple going on a honeymoon, you need to get them a gift card for Celebrity Cruises right away! Celebrity Cruises is one of the best cruise lines in the country with so much to offer that a gift card for here will be perfect.


At Celebrity Cruises, you can go anywhere from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or even Alaska where you will get a comfortable room filled with everything you need, and lots of time to spend relaxing on the cruise ship, or at the destination of your choosing. Make sure to get this perfect gift card to enjoy a fun week away at sea as a great wedding trip.


A Celebrity Cruises gift card is one of the best gift cards to surprise a newly married couple for their big trip, so get them one today!

Princess Cruises

A gift card for an American cruise line is perfect for any gift, so make sure to get this one!

Going on a cruise is so much fun, and it’s definitely something that a lot of couples like to go on whenever they get married. If you are looking for a gift card for one of the best cruise lines in the United States to get for a new and happy married couple, then make sure to look no further than Princess Cruises!


Have you ever heard of Princess Cruises? If you haven’t, then you need to get a couple a gift card because of their incredible Mediterranean, Alaska, Hawaii, and Caribbean cruises that we know no one would want to miss out on—and they also have a lot of incredible features, including food, drinks, and more. 


Make sure to snag a gift card for Princess Cruises for two lovebirds going on their honeymoon right away!

Southwest Airlines

Enjoy a nice and relaxing flight using these airlines no matter where your destination is!

Do you know a recently married couple that is looking to book a flight to their honeymoon destination and you want to give them a gift to help them out on their trip? If so, then you should consider getting them a gift card for Southwest Airlines as soon as you can! Southwest Airlines is a popular airline in the United States that goes to a lot of cities and states in the south of the United States, and more.


Southwest Airlines has a lot of bonus features if you book a flight with them, such as the early bird check-in, being able to bundle your vacation and flight with them, renting a car, and even booking a hotel all while getting your flight ready. This is a popular airline that can take you to many different places, especially a honeymoon destination.


Make sure to get a Southwest Airlines gift card for a married couple to help them with their expenses for their honeymoon today!

American Airlines

Another very popular airline that is perfect to book a flight with for a honeymoon!

Still on the hunt for the best airlines to get for a couple so they are able to book their flight to their honeymoon destination? If so, then you should consider getting them a  gift card for American Airlines as soon as possible! American Airlines is a major airline based in the United States that is known for being one of the largest in the country.


American Airlines has everything you need when it comes to booking a flight for your honeymoon. You can even get their American Airlines credit card and earn miles with what you spend. You can dine out and earn miles, and even add your bags on the app to check them in. 


An American Airlines gift card is perfect to get for any couple, so help them save a couple bucks on their flight with this sweet gift. 

Delta Airlines

A major airline in the United States that is one of the longest running operations in the country!

There are a lot of different airlines to check out in the United States whenever a couple is thinking about planning out their honeymoon after they get married. One of the most trusted airlines in the country is Delta, mainly because it is one of the longest running airlines in the United States, but also because it’s one that many people prefer.


Why not get a gift card for Delta Airlines as soon as you can for a newly married couple looking to book their trip for their honeymoon? That way they are able to get aboard a trusted airline that offers everything from domestic and international flights, cheap flights, online check-in, and so much more.


Why not get a Delta Airlines gift card for a couple that you love so you can have them enjoy their honeymoon with a trusted airline!


Trying to find the best hotel to stay on a honeymoon is essential, so why not look here!

With so many hotels to check out depending on where you’re going on your honeymoon, there is no better gift to get than a Hotels.com gift card. Hotels.com is the ultimate resource for some of the best hotels no matter where a couple is staying on their honeymoon—and it comes with a lot of different price options.


Trying to find the perfect hotel is essential for whenever you’re looking to go on vacation, or even on your honeymoon. With Hotels.com, you can find everything from hotels where you can save a ton of money every night, apartments, motels, and so much more no matter where you plan on going. 


Get a Hotels.com gift card for a loving couple that are looking to get away for their honeymoon this year!


Looking to rent an apartment or home at an affordable price? Make sure to check out this incredibly useful app!

What is better than finding a place to stay for your honeymoon? With affordable and convenient prices, we think that anyone going on their honeymoon will definitely be able to find something at Airbnb! You can choose from a lot of Airbnb’s such as apartments, houses, adorable little shacks, and so much more whenever you’re booking your trip.


What is amazing about Airbnb is that you can schedule to rent out a home or apartment at any time, and you can even find pet-friendly places, monthly or long term rentals, and so much more. 


Airbnb is one of the best places to get a vacation rental from, and it makes for the perfect gift card to get any couple for their honeymoon! 


You can never go wrong with a gift card for this popular hotel that many people stay at every year!

Trying to find the perfect gift card for a married couple that are going on their honeymoon soon is essential, but we think that we found the perfect one for them. There are a lot of different gift cards that you could get for someone, but one that we think is perfect for any couple going on their honeymoon is a Marriott gift card.


Now, why do we think that a Marriott gift card is perfect for any married couple? Every couple needs to find the perfect place to stay at while they’re away no matter where they are, and that’s where the Marriott shines. There are a ton of Marriott hotels around, and putting this towards a honeymoon can help to save a couple bucks too.


Why not get a gift card for the Marriott for a newlywed couple that will help them with their honeymoon expenses!

Mastercard Gift Card

A gift card that you can use on anything? There’s really nothing better than this!

There really is nothing better than to get a gift for a couple planning out their honeymoon that they can use for absolutely anything. If they wish to use it towards the expense of their honeymoon, or even put it towards something else, we think that one of the best gifts that you could get them is a Mastercard gift card!


Why should you get a Mastercard gift card for a couple on their honeymoon? There are a lot of reasons why you should, and one is that they can use it on their honeymoon expenses, whether it’s their flight, their hotel, food, and so much more. Whatever they decide to use it on, it can be a great and thoughtful gift for them.


Get a Mastercard gift card for a couple heading off to their honeymoon destination so they can use it on whatever!

Getting a gift card for a newlywed couple is an amazing way to show that you love and support them, and to even wish them luck in their marriage! Image courtesy of Bookmundi

Gift Card Granny has a lot of incredible gift cards that are perfect to get for anybody, especially a newly married couple looking to book their honeymoon ASAP. If you are considering getting a gift card for a loving couple you know, make sure to get a check out Gift Card Granny for all of your gift card resources!