Gift Cards to Treat Your Mother to Something She Truly Deserves

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It’s almost that time of the year again, and here’s a hint, it’s a special day dedicated to your mom. If you are still unsure of what this day could be, well, it’s Mother’s Day and it’s the day to celebrate your mother and everything that she has done for you! Mother’s Day is a very important day to give back and say thanks to your mom for everything, so getting her something is essential.

No matter how much you may be struggling to figure out exactly what to get your mother for Mother’s Day, here are 15 gift cards that you can get her that we know she will love!

Not sure what kind of gift card to get your mother for Mother’s Day? Why not get them one of these ten essential gift cards that include:

  • Gift Cards for Restaurants
  • Gift Cards for Entertainment Purposes
  • Gift Cards for Clothes/Makeup

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Why don’t we jump right into the best gift cards to get your mom for Mother’s Day right away!

1. The Cheesecake Factory

Your mom deserves a slice of cheesecake this Mother’s Day!

Buy a Cheesecake Factory gift card

Are you trying to find the perfect restaurant to take your mother to for Mother’s Day and just not sure where to go? If so, then you need to stop and get a gift card for The Cheesecake Factory right away! The Cheesecake Factory is known for their amazing dinner options and their tasty slices of cheesecake to top the entire dinner off.

The Cheesecake Factory is the perfect place to take your mother to to celebrate Mother’s Day and a day all about mom. You can enjoy some of the best cheesecake ranging from the classic cheesecake flavor, chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, and so much more.

Make sure to get a gift card for The Cheesecake Factory for your mom as soon as you can!

2. Red Lobster

If your mom loves seafood, make sure to get her a gift card for this restaurant!

Buy a Red Lobster gift card

What is better than some seafood to celebrate your mom on Mother’s Day? If you’re stuck and not entirely sure what to get your mom for her special day, then you need to get her a gift card for Red Lobster right away! If your mom is a huge fan of seafood and wants to go out somewhere that isn’t too formal, then this place is definitely for her. 

There is nothing better than Red Lobster for lunch or dinner for your mom for Mother’s Day because you can enjoy some of the best seafood and steak entrees, and of course dive deep into those classic buttered crab rolls too.

Get a gift card for Red Lobster for your mother as a gift for Mother’s Day today!

3. Yogurtland 

Perfect for die hard fans of frozen yogurt, so make sure to get one for your mom!

Does your mom love sweets of any sort? If they do, then why not get your mom a gift card for Yogurtland today! Frozen yogurt is among one of many people’s favorite desserts, mainly because of how you can customize it, but also because of the many different flavors that you can choose from as well.

If you are considering getting a Yogurtland gift card, make sure to get one today so your mom can treat herself to a frozen dessert full of deliciousness. Whether she was vanilla or chocolate frozen yogurt, and if she’s a sprinkles fan, fruit topper, or even just a simple chocolate syrup kind-of-gal, make sure to snag her one of these gift cards right now!

Yogurtland gift cards are not currently available via Gift Card Granny, but check back soon!

4. Dunkin’ 

Help your mom satisfy her caffeine addiction with this beloved coffee retailer

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card

A mother’s relationship with her morning cup of coffee is something sacred, like a ritual that must not be disturbed for fear of serious repercussions. No son or daughter wants to see that side of their mother, and you never have to with a Dunkin’ gift card. 

From the super sweet to the bitter and bold, Dunkin’ offers a variety of ways to enjoy your daily cup of coffee. They have sweetened flavors like hazelnut and almond, sweet and thick sauces, signature lattes, caffeinated fruit drinks, strong cold brews, and much more – not to mention all of the breakfast foods they offer. 

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5. Harry & David

Gourmet gifts that mom is going to fall absolutely in love with 

Buy a Harry & David gift card

A gift basket for Mother’s Day is never a bad idea, especially when it’s from a company that cares about the quality and presentation of their products. Harry & David is a producer of gift baskets that specializes in gourmet foods and other premium products. Customers can choose between specific items or go with themed gift baskets for special occasions. 

Even if your mother isn’t one for much snacking, Harry & David still sells plenty of additional items for the kitchen pantry and household. Keep your shelves stocked with flavorful teas and coffees, baking mixes, soup, salsa, relish and chutneys, sweets, and so much more. 

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6. Barnes & Noble

If your mom is a bookworm, then you need to get this gift card for her ASAP!

Buy a Barnes & Noble gift card

Is your mom a big bookworm? If she is, then you need to stop what you’re doing and get your mom a Barnes & Noble gift card as soon as you possibly can! At Barnes & Noble, your mom will love the huge selection of books to choose from ranging in plenty of different genres as well.

From mysteries, horror, romance, sci-fi, and so much more, there are so many incredible genres of books to choose from at Barnes & Noble, and if your mom is into them, you can use the gift card towards comics, manga, and even collectibles too.

You need to get a Barnes & Noble gift card for your mom on her special day now!

7. Cinemark

Catch the latest movie with your mom with this amazing gift card!

Buy a Cinemark gift card

Does your mom love watching movies and is dying to go see this new movie that’s coming out soon? No matter what kind of movie it is, why don’t you treat your mom to a movie day or night and get her a Cinemark gift card right away!

Getting your movie-lover mom a Cinemark gift card may be the perfect gift card for her because not only can she use this gift card on the movie tickets, but she can also use it to cover popcorn, soda, or even nachos, an Icee, and so much more. 

Getting a Cinemark gift card may be the perfect gift card for your mom this Mother’s Day!

8. Shutterfly

A gift that is guaranteed to make mom’s entire year brighter than ever

Buy a Shutterfly gift card

If there’s one thing moms are universally good at, it’s getting sentimental. It’s hard to blame them when you know they’re watching their pride and joy grow into a respectable adult, so why not show you care with a Shutterfly gift card? 

Shutterfly preserves the memories that are most precious to you through beautiful prints, photo books, personalized cards, decor, and more. There’s something special about having a physical memento of the important moment in your life, and Shutterfly can make sure they are never forgotten with personalized products to last a lifetime. 

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9. Yankee Candle

Being a candle fanatic seems to be a mom thing, so why not get her a gift card for it!

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

Do you have a mom that loves candles? There are so many reasons to get your mom a candle or two for mother’s day, but what if you don’t know what scent to get her? With so many to choose from, we think that you ought to get her a Yankee Candle gift card so she can have free reign to pick whatever kind of candle she loves.

Are you thinking about buying a gift card for Yankee Candle for your mom this mother’s day? If so, this is a great option because then she can pick which kind of candle she wants, what size, scent, and so much more. This can be the perfect gift card for every mother out there for Mother’s Day.

Get a gift card for Yankee Candle to make her house smell good with a brand new candle and more!

10. Sephora

Does your mom love staying up to date on the newest makeup trends? Get her a gift card here!

Buy a Sephora gift card

Is your mom hip, cool, and into some of the newest trends when it comes to makeup? If so, maybe your mom deserves a Sephora gift card this Mother’s Day! Sephora is the perfect store for any makeup fanatic, or someone who loves to take care of their skin using the industry’s best skincare products and more.

Get a Sephora gift card for your mom today where she can enjoy brands such as Rihanna’s Fenty, Calvin Klein, bareMinerals, Urban Decay, tarte, Wander Beauty, and so much more. Makeup, hair care, and skin care products are all perfect for mom this Mother’s Day!

Why not get your mom a Sephora gift card for Mother’s Day right away!

11. Kohl’s

A gift card to give your mom a shopping spree is something that she will appreciate!

Are you wondering what you can get your mom for Mother’s Day? Why not get your mom the shopping spree that she deserves and get her a Kohl’s gift card right now! Kohl’s is one of the best places that you can shop at because of all of the incredible deals you can get, and so much more.

A Kohl’s gift card is perfect for your mom because she has the whole store with plenty of amazing items in it to purchase. She has anything to choose from including clothes, shoes, cookware, home decorations, and so much more, so why not spoil her with this gift card.

Kohl’s gift cards are not currently available on Gift Card Granny, but be sure to check back for future updates to our catalog!

12. Spafinder

Even moms need rest, so make sure she gets the best experience in town

Buy a Spafinder gift card

Spoil your mother this year with a trip to the spa, courtesy of her favorite child. Most of us know just how expensive a day of luxurious pampering can be, but a gift card can help alleviate some of that financial pain and allow mom a moment’s respite, free of the constant pressures of adult life. 

Spafinder is an excellent choice for folks who don’t want to deal with the hassle of tracking down local spas. You can find hundreds of locations that have partnered with Spafinder all on one website, including salons, fitness and yoga studios, massage parlors, and anything else you want to spoil yourself with. 

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13. Pottery Barn

Give your mom the living room of her dreams with elegant furniture options

Buy a Pottery Barn gift card

Is your mom in need of a living room makeover? If so, then a gift card to Pottery Barn is the perfect remedy to any long overdue change in decor and furniture.

Pottery Barns sells furniture sets, decorations, rugs, lighting fixtures, bedding essentials, outdoor collections, pillows, and pretty much anything else a home would need. With a classic style that blends the refined with modern styles, mom is certain to find furniture pieces that will suit her tastes. 

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14. Vera Bradley

Let your mom get her dream bag that has a beautiful pattern to it for something different!

Is your mom dying for a new purse or wallet? If so, we think that one of the best gift cards to give her is one for Vera Bradley! Vera Bradley has been around since 1982 and has been creating beautiful bags, wallets, backpacks, and so much more since, and we’re sure that your mom will find one that she loves.

Vera Bradley is the perfect gift card to get your mom for Mother’s Day because of the incredible plaid patterns and more, along with the quality of all of the bags, wallets, and more.If you like one pattern, but want a different size bag, you have plenty of options to choose from as well that we think your mother will appreciate. 

Gift cards for Vera Bradley are not currently available on Gift Card Granny.

15. Mastercard Gift Card

Why not just get her a gift card that she can use on absolutely anything?

Buy a Mastercard gift card

Sometimes there’s just those Mother’s Days where you can just be stuck and not know what to get your mother, even when it comes to gift cards. If this is the case, then we think that you need to get your mom a Mastercard gift card for Mother’s Day right away! No matter where she’s at or for what reason, your mom can use this gift card on anything and everything.

A Mastercard gift card is the perfect gift to get your mom because she can use it towards groceries, a shopping spree, and so much more. We truly think this may be the best gift card for your mother no matter where she's at or where she wants to use it. 

Get a Mastercard gift card for your mom this Mother’s Day so she can use it on whatever she wants!

Gift cards are some of the best gifts that you can get anyone no matter what the occasion is. Image courtesy of Days of the Year


There are a lot of reasons to get your mother a gift card for her special day coming up. With so many gift cards to choose from, make sure you check Gift Card Granny for one of the best gift cards for your mom for Mother’s Day today!